PFS resource pack: letter and study abstracts for your doctor


As is widely noted in medical literature, clinical awareness of PFS remains extremely poor. PFS patients will often find their doctors to be unfamiliar with the condition and may thus ascribe drug-induced health changes to assumed psychological problems.

If you are a new patient or seeing a new medical practitioner, it can be helpful to provide your doctor with an overview of the published scientific understanding of the condition and the findings of retrospective case-controlled studies.

To this end, we are providing a short document in PDF format that collects abstracts from a small number of key studies and literature reviews. This includes a short cover letter which you can edit, print and sign.

Click Here to download the resource pack for medical appointments

As PFS patients often arrive to us in a state of distress and impairment owing to the symptoms of PFS, we believe this to be a practical resource.

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– propeciahelp staff