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Hi guys, I’ve been visiting the site for a while but didn’t feel well enough to post. Recently the anxiety/extreme depression has seemingly cleared up, so I am posting on here. I started taking finasteride in April 2018. I didn’t realize it at the time, but my symptoms were coming on slowly probably from the time I started the drug. I remember thinking about 5-6 months on the drug that I was drinking a lot of coffee and maybe had a chronic fatigue syndrome. I had a gf at the time and was not having any performance issues, but had very little interest in masturbating during periods away from her. We ended up breaking up about 8 months on the drug.

During my time alone, things got significantly worse. Around 12 months on the drug I started getting very bad stomach pains that I could not figure out. I went to numerous gastro appointments with no help. Shortly after the stomach pains the brain fog started. Periodically I would get debilitating brain fog, but it didn’t seem to coincide with the stomach problems. I still was naive and didn’t even consider finasteride. My skin then went to shit on my face, penis and back of hands. It is like all are seethrough. I got the red spots at the tip of the penis that a lot of people on here complain about. With this, the prostate tingling began. I was getting tested for STDs with nothing coming up. I was urinating 16-20 times dome days, but urology said nothing was wrong with me. I still had no idea what was going on as each doctor (probably a total of 30 appointments in 4-5 month span told me it had nothing to do with finasteride). I eventually stopped taking the drug in November 2019, after my libido had disappeared and my ejaculate was barely anything/watery. After I stopped taking the drug none of my symptoms improved other than my urination calmed down…still not perfect. In February 2020, about 2-3 months off the drug the, the depression started. I could barely operate it was so bad. Luckily I was already seeing a therapist from a urologist thinking I was a hypochondriac. The therapist has been helpful just as someone to speak with. When the depression became unbearable we agreed to start Wellbutrin. I am not sure if it the Wellbrutrin or not but my anxiety/depression is significantly better today. Around the same time I started Wellbutrin, I started eating a strict paleo diet, 16 hour intermittent fasting every day(I only eat between 12-8 pm), stopped drinking alcohol/coffee.
So an update on my situation right now. I am 2 months on Wellbutrin, paleo/intermittent fasting (with no breaks). I have seen improvements in the past 2 months. I even had a wet dream the other night…as I get nocturnal erections frequently, but never close to one during the day. But I am still dealing with the below symptoms which are not much fun.
-No Libido
-Low energy (hard to get out of bed some days after 9 hours of sleep)
-bad skin (face, back of hands, red spots on penis)
-periodically tingling prostate (urination becomes more frequent when this is happening)

I guess if anyone can help that has dealt with these symptoms, that would be great…

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Hi @sean423 ,
1st I’m so sorry you too are going through this and thank you for sharing your story. I am glad to hear you have discovered some relief. I too have success with paleo/keto with periodically fasting and no AM eating. I add diet cranberry juice to my water daily too. I do want to share with you I have had success with daily workouts. I have to force myself some days, but routine is good.Cardio and weightlifting. It has increased my energy level as well as helped with brain fog. I do still have “ down” days, but they are not as frequent. The best thing I do for myself is swimming, I can stop a crash in the water and feel almost normal. I swim everyday. Even though you have been on this site for a while, I am glad you haven’t been trying to experiment with supplements and vitamins. Vitamins crashed me and I’ve certainly read of many trying this or that and hurting themselves. Share with us the changes you go through good or bad and we will do the same. Together we will persevere. God Bless

Welcome to our community and thank you for taking the time to share your story @sean423, sorry though I am to hear what you’ve been through.

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Thanks Akiyah…I should add that I do a low impact HIIT 5 days a week. I also take one visbiome product a day.

A probiotic is important and seems to be a link to our wellness. I eat Kim Chi and it makes a big difference, out gut health is key. Your workouts sound intense. The keto diet I attribute to my skin changing back for the better, it’s alot of fat in that diet. Your on such a good track, just stick with it, I’m 2.5 years post Fin poison.,I am glad to hear of a young person healing holistically. Do you still have bad days? Headaches?

At this point it is really just extreme fatigue, dry skin, dry mouth/eyes when I sleep, and zero libido. I haven’t really dealt with brain fog/anxiety/headaches in about a month.