Loss of Post-Finasteride Syndrome sufferer lashes_to_lashes


I am deeply saddened to write this post after confirmation of the suicide of my friend and propeciahelp member @lashes_to_lashes earlier this year. Matt was a member of other forums under the name ailaeshiz. Unlike many who suffer symptoms that are not as clearly visible, Matt’s first symptom of Post-Finasteride Syndrome was severe damage to his skin which he effectively documented and bravely shared in this imgur thread. This developed terribly after cessation of Finasteride. This has gained nearly 190,000 public views and 1249 comments expressing widespread shock at what Finasteride had done to him. Sadly his condition deteriorated severely and he suffered many systemic PFS symptoms beyond this.

Matt was a very talented illustrator. He had a sharp mind and was funny and witty. He thought analytically, was supportive and always wanted to help. He was a personal friend and he participated in a group of PFS sufferers, several of whom post here. I always enjoyed talking to him - you can see by his comments on in his imgur post that he never lost his sense of humour.

In the days leading to Matt’s passing, he had been taking supplementary resveratrol and had experienced a profound improvement in his condition, telling us he was experiencing “7 hours of good sleep, libido responding to visual and imaginary stimuli again” return of sexual function, and that he “went for a walk today didn’t feel like [he] was dying from exhaustion”. I expressed deep concern as this is notably antiandrogenic. Matt told us he was “a guinea pig. If I crash, I crash. And you guys will have a new data point”. This speaks to both the desperate state this condition can cause and the selfless way Matt looked at things. He privately told me he felt “great” but would mentally prepare himself in case, and keep us informed of how he was doing. Sadly, this was the last time any of us spoke to him and his memorial took place ten days later.

Considering this tragic outcome and Matt’s stated intention, it would be wrong not to share a word of caution once more regarding therapeutic attempts using antiandrogenic substances. As I’ve posted before sharp reduction of active ligand or inhibition of the AR have provided relief, but have considerably harmed PFS sufferers in some incidences. There are clearly phenotypical differences between sufferers and we react differently to many things, but this is not predictably safe. Please ensure you are aware of the potential risks if considering therapeutic strategies that involve substances with 5ar inhibiting or antiandrogenic properties.

This was an avoidable tragedy and amounts to another legal murder of a wonderful person that had so much more to offer the world. It is vital that together we make sure these senseless horrors cannot continue to happen via a cosmetic product. Nobody consented to this risk. In 2018, propecia, proscar and their generics are inexcusably being protected at the cost of human lives.

Please keep Matt in your thoughts and prayers, and continue to endeavour to do everything we can to support one another.

Love to you all

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Rest in peace, Matt. Our thoughts are with you.


Christ, sorry to hear about this. He sounded like a top guy who did not deserve what happened to him.


Extremely saddened to hear about Matt, a friend to Axolotl, I and several others. Around the time before he tried Resveratrol, he was just beginning to make sense of this novel condition. He remained optimistic despite what this drug had done to his life.

I am still shocked to hear that he took his own life when just several days before he was mentally doing OK, and even had several initial improvements on Resveratrol. Being a supportive group, you would think he would confer with us if he did indeed crash or at least ask for advice on what to do next. However, he did not. This goes to show there is simply no limits on what this condition can do to you. It also goes to show how little we know about what has taken place in our bodies to initiate the phenotypic changes.

With that being said, I caution anyone looking at these posts on this site or other sites regarding experimental treatments to tread lightly. Trying different things because one guy with low libido said it worked for him may not work for another guy who has symptoms that are like Axolotls, or Awors. In fact, it’s more likely it will make them worse due to the paradoxical nature of this condition.

Rest in peace Matt.


Another suicide case, were the sufferer added insult to injury by experimenting with dangerous drugs. As I said with the last case pls be careful with experimentation, it can f** you up even worse. In some cases it significantly worsens the condition!

I hope this sinks in for some guys reading this. Many suicide cases are a result of pilling on the drugs in an effort to cure PFS, which results in a total collapse and suicide. Stop fucking around with crazy drugs. It will kill you.



I’m really sad to hear this.
Another young man like Matt destroyed by a cosmetic drug (extremely safe accord to FDA and other national agencies for drug regulation).
What a shame of life!
This hell have to finish asap!

Rest in peace, Matt.


RIP Matt. :cry:


Matt was a good guy. He would interact with the post-Accutane community from time to time as ailaeshiz, offering advice and looking for information. He warned PAS patients with hair loss to stay away from finasteride.



I’m deeply saddened to hear about this :cold_sweat: he sounded like an extremely brave and amazing guy putting his journey public for everyone to see, I hope we can crack this once and for all, for Matt and all the others who didn’t deserve this. May he R.I.P.


Terrible news.

I’m sad for Matt, his family and those who knew him. He sounds like a great guy.


wow, I brosed this guy’s imgur album so many times, and I always thought the only problem he had was the reaction of his skin… Wonder what reservatol did to him to push him into such a terrible decision.

RIP fellow sufferer…


RIP Matt. It broke my heart scrolling through those pictures, seeing him go from happy and fulfilled to hollow and broken.


This news hurts me deeply and also makes me angry … I crossed the path of Matt who was also present on my small group in France. Of course I measure all the pain experienced by relatives, relatives and friends but I take this opportunity to tell you all that this tragic loss and totally unfair should push us to act, denounce even more! That’s what he did and I imagine he would have liked that together we would go further.


I just wanted to add my condolences.

Another tragic waste.

I’m so sorry Matt. My heart goes out to his family.

@axolotl - I don’t want to necessarily discuss private details here, but I would hope that his family know of propecia’s role in this and that this is reflected in official documentation of his death. This should not be massaged away as generalised depression or whatever. Matt has left clear evidence of why this happened.



Very sorry to hear Matt is gone.

Hopefully his death will not be in vain,


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Incredible. Just incredible. What a fucking poison is that fin? Fin was well tolerated. M. Aha.

Matt was a very brave man and even documenting his story. You need balls doing so. No one at or behind M. has these balls though not having pfs but inducing it.

If I ever hear a doc saying again fin is safe or good, I will tell him my opinion in a way he will shut up or I will force him to eat that crap right away and saying him afterwords it is all in your head you mofo in case he is suffering sides.

Matt, you helped this community by showing the evidence of that crap. This is being more man and being human than most of guys in this world.

Everybody should ask one more time for help before suiciding. I did. Twice.

Matt, RIP. You deserve getting peace. You cannot imagine what is going through my head. The red line is crossed.


l agree entirely, @Scotsman. As to your question: I am unsure as to their awareness, but I’ve now spoken with someone in a similar position who will reach out to offer condolences, understanding and of course let them know if they are unaware of what caused this tragedy. I’ve requested one of the moderators try and get appropriate contact details and will pass them on.


Rest In Peace…
we can understand your feeling and pain…
we have to gather our energy to resolve this problem.
Media have to know this tragedy.
But we are very minority and had no power.
we have to live until this tunnel’s end of the light.
one more… rest in peace matt…

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sometimes i think all pfs sufferers(the 1s who can) gather in front of mercks headquarter, if we stay on street it will draw attention.,otherwise we are dying in silence , Rest In Peace only God knows what he had been through , he fought unseen battles noone else can bear just a second


I was just talking about this to my friend. If a group of PFS sufferers picketed with very controversial signs in front of Merck’s headquarters in NJ, there is no denying that and I would think media attention would begin to draw.