I believe tribulus has cured me!

Trump_1776, I will not disagree with you neither, and thank you for the comment, however, I didn’t notice any bad sides effect on Bupropion, the only thing that I remember was slurred speach, no big deal, also metallic taste and numb tongue if you chewed the pill, not big deal neither, and the side effects overweight the benefits of been 24/7 suicidal and not able to sleep due high anxiety.

Hi @Moonchild, good to hear you’re feeling better. Please do not continue to make psychosomatic diagnoses and assure members they can take medicines without concern. Please bear in mind the community guidelines that everyone posts by here, particularly this section:

Contributors should refrain from making declarative statements regarding the etiology of PFS without significant and specific evidence. Take care not to present your ideas and experiences as definitive medical advice or diagnosis. Instead, try to provide information of what has worked for you, or others on this site.

As examples, instead of using definitive statements about the condition that can appear as factual claims such as “PFS is this”, “This will work every time” or “Do this and it will cure you”, consider using language such as “I believe…”, “You could try…”, or “This has worked for me”.

Given that this isn’t the first time (or the first forum) you’ve experienced an improvement in your personal symptoms that you have viewed as a resolution of your personal issues, perhaps enjoy it, take a break and update those interested on your situation down the line. I see the moderators have had to temper some of the things you’ve been saying and I’d ask you keep it civil with other members who are not experiencing the exact same responses and situation as yourself.

Thanks and best.


What you guys exactly mean when say “libido” ? I should have ask this ages ago, how do you define “libido”? I mean if i spent most of my time on tinder or instagram looking into girls, does this mean i have high “libido” for example?

Libido to me is pretty much what it says on the tin, the desire to have sex.

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axolotl I am not making any pychosomatic diagnoses and I am not directly sending to anybody to take any supplement or drug, I just posted my experience and I just stated that " being 24/7 anxious will not help at all to recover from anything ", I just recommend to take Bupropion instead of Prozac or any other ssri antidepressant medication that can worse the PFS situation especially in the sexual side, and also said that side effect of bupropion overweight of being anxious and depressed all the time.

It is is true I have improved before as I said I been up and down, because seem that recovery is no linear, But if would make an graph and trace in points the up and down I clearly can see that the recovery is going up in the general chart and I mean (solid recovery in general).
I wish you all of you guys recover like me and get out of this nightmare forever.

I am going to take a break from this forum as you advise me and I will back after my appointment with Dr. Khera to report his opinion and advise.


There has been other discussion about bupropion/wellbutrin here. User did not appear to be too happy with it. I also tried bupropion a while back, and it did not do me good. A recent study done on mice found:

BUP had toxic effects on testicular function


The BUP group showed a decrease in […] testosterone levels (Control, 783.5 ± 154.2 ng dL−1; BUP, 201.4 ± 54.8 ng dL−1)

Hence I would be at least cautious in recommending bupropion to our patients, but as usual, YMMV


Bupropion maybe do testicular damage at dosage dependent and for how long you take it, everything is dosage dependent, even water can kill you if you drink too much.
Let me clear something " If wasn’t because I took bupropion maybe I wouldn’t be here today, maybe 7 food under" ( because I was about to kill my self at some point), I am glad that I didn’t own a gun those days.
In my opinion, there are 3 options:

1-Do not take anything to control anxiety and deal with it 24/7.
2-Take SSRi drugs and maybe you deepening ED and Libido.
3-Take different class drug that do not have sexual side example Bupropion, (Bupopion it is not just antidepressant it is also anti-anxiolytic), I don’t know another one that work better.

I am not a doctor to recommend but I did it base in my experience, I took it for 12 weeks and my testicles weren’t affected at all, my Total testosterone now is near to 500 actually increased because I was in the 300 before long ago, let put a point here (I am not saying that Bupropion increased my testosterone).

I am forcing anybody to take it, but definitively leave untreated depression an anxiety it is not a solution neither.


@awor and @axolotl, what are your thoughts as to the risk profile of Tribulus?

I’ve ordered some good quality tribulus and mucuna looking forward to trying this out. Regarding anti-depressants, I found one excellent one that I haven’t ever seen mentioned here: Amisulpride.

I found it 10x more effective than any other I ever took. So for those who don’t want to take SSRIs and for whom Welbutrin caused weird other sides that outweighed its benefits (what it did in my case), there is another that has worked for a fellow PFS/PAS victim.

It’s apparently not available in the US but is fairly popular in Europe for dysthymia, and is prescribed for that in low doses. That said, it does cause elevated prolactin, however that side effect can be mitigated through a combination of dosing it only every other day and by also taking Cabergoline.

Amisulpride is an antipsychotic so its in a different class to Buproprion et al. Prescribing is generally the domain of a psychiatrist.

Tribulus terrestris appears to have anti-androgenic activity, as do most substances that are “improving” people here. At least two studies have found

extracts of T. terrestris had anti-androgenic activity

I put “improving” into quotes, as not everyone reacts the same:

This is the problem with many proclaimed “cures”. While certain treatments seem to help some (resveratrol in the following case), they have killed others:

That is why the staff of this site repeatedly warn about over-zealous and universal claims of cures. Even our site policy forbids absolute claims (see post of @axolotl above) We don’t do this because we want to spoil the fun, but rather because we want to avoid people hurting themselves after blindly following supposedly good advice.


awor Tribulos for sure is not saw-palmetto, increase AR in the brain.

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I used Tribestan just like April guy said, finished the bottle with zero benefits. What should i do now? Maybe Betaine + Taurine + Cod oil can help me? Should i try that combo?
I don’t have acsess to choline and inositol here. :confused:

So I’ve been slowly introducing tribulus back into my supplements. I did a large dose cycle very quickly a few months back i think. But with all the stir up here i’m giving it another go.
I suspect that PFS is the result of the mutation to the aromatase enzyme after the discontinuation of propecia or other 5ari, and it subsequently effects the bodies breakdown of T to DHT. This is my guess, and I’m not a scientist.

Tribulus will raise androgen receptors, which is interesting- it would seem that just by that nature it works for PFS. Thus, testosterone is not raised to the point of raising estrogen due to its aromatization. Which by the way, I would assume is why some people feel bad om T raising supplements - the subsequent aromatization.

Tribulus, by starting slow, seems to allow testosterone to “work” without raising estrogen too much to the point of feeling emotional or fatigued.

Just my guess.

As for me, 2 pills a day of 1000mg trib with 85% proto has done the following (this is day 3)

  1. Increased oil
  2. Slightly increased armpit odor ( i no longer had to use deoderant :confused: )
  3. Sexual dreams, but morning wood is still lacking.
  4. Workout performance increase.
  5. Pimples on face (previously had none).

I am also taking 1000mg tyrosine and 500 mg l-phenylananine twice daily with the tribulus.

I will continue with this dosage for some time.

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just for your information, i stopped tribulus because its making things worse and penile numbness is coming back. Overexpression of AR is linked with numbness ?

Can someone explain why activity of active ingredients is dependant on the way its extracted ? Extraction method provide very different results. For example methanol extract is anti estrogenic and increase T. Isn’t it why everyone has a different outcomes with tribulus ?

We found that the water extracts of T. terrestris showed estrogenic activity at concentrations higher than 27 µg/mL (≥2.6-fold) and none of the extracts had androgenic activity (Figure 1). However, the water extracts of T. terrestris had anti-androgenic activity (Figure 2). In addition, the methanol and chloroform extracts of T. terrestris possessed anti-estrogenic activity.

Studies from other laboratories have previously indicated the endocrine disrupting potential of T. terrestris, particularly, the water, methanol, and ethanol extracts of T. terrestris . Hussain et al. (2009Hussain AA, Abbas AM, Heba HI, Amir HA. (2009). Study the biological activities of Tribulus terrestris extracts. WASET 57:433–5 [Google Scholar]) showed that methanol extracts of T. terrestris increased free serum testosterone levels in male mice

Typically, now, herbal extracts are created with microwaves. It’s cheaper, and is more effective than water or ethanol extracts.
However, most products don’t explain their extraction method.

But the purpose of triptorelin is to decrease testosterone levels… so how can it help to boost them .

High doses of triptorelin decrease testosterone levels (doses upwards of 10mg). On the other hand, extremely small doses stimulate the pituitary to release the hormones responsible for signaling for the production of more testosterone (these doses are around 100mcg, just like the OP dosed).

It is an anti-psychotic at high doses and has opposite effect with respect to D2 at low doses. It is probably considered the best drug for dysthymia currently in Europe. I recommend reading more about it as it might be the safest drug for us to take for that condition.