I have read of a lot of people getting increased libido from wellbutrin.

It is meant to be the safest of anti depression medication giving the least side effects.

Im tempted to give it a try

Anyone got any info on it?

Do a search for Wellbutrin.

As I begin to study to neurotransmitter issue,as a possible cause of my sexual dysfunctions,I have come across lots of positive feedback about Wellbutrin.
Check this link:


Thanks for that post. Really informative!

I’m pretty much sold on it! will endeavour to get a prescription for it in the next couple of weeks and ill let you know how it goes.

For the record my depression whilst on 5ar inhibitors has lifted since discontinuation as well as all other side effects. Only one remaining is low sex drive!

ill update when i have more info

You can’t get wellbutrin in the UK on prescription for anything other than a smoking cessation aid unfortunately mate. I wanted to try it myself. Any other ideas of how to get it? Invoice pharmacy have generic stuff.

That is a pain in the backside!

Thanks for letting me know!

I use a couple of online pharmacies that I know several people trust that I have tested with ed drugs (which you can guage when they work) but would have prefered to get something like this from my own G.P

May try inhouse pharmacy or another I can’t remember offhand!

Apparantly wellbutrin is Zyban the smoking cessation aid. Perhaps an open minded doctor may prescribe for cross purposes. I am fairly sure you can a prescription for Zyban in the uk!?!?


One interesting side I had on wellbutrin was my hair started falling out very noticablly while on it. WHen I stopped taking it, my hair stopped falling out. I took it pre propecia though.

Well Guys I’ve been on Wellbutrin over a month now.Initially at 150mg/day and sometimes up to 300mg/day for several days.Forget about all the hype over libido boosting.I had a couple of horny days here and there just like before I used it.All the hype over the internet had me believing that this was the cure.I’m seeing my psych tomorrow and will discuss how to taper off safely. :frowning:

Did your psych tell you that? I think the libido effect is rare and very minor from everything I’ve heard. I dont think any of us are going to take wellbutrin and regain our old sex drive. If you have depression it might help. I know generally you’re supposed to feel the effect in a “month” but mabye you need a little more time on it? PFS guys might react differently than the general population on the drug.

Yes I agree Wellbutrin is ineffective for our needs in terms of sexual function, however it has a great effect of weight loss (at least for me anyway).

Well remember it’s not the psych that suggested Wellbutrin.I bugged him for it based on my R&D on the internet.Anyways I’m off of it,and now we are talking about Ritalin as a possible libido booster.He is reluctant to give me a script for it though…

I’ve been on a generic version of Wellbutrin (150 2x a day) since June 4th, to help with the almost debilitating depression. Depression had increased midway into the isolation during this COVID crisis, and I had to seek relief.

After a couple of nights of trouble sleeping, I’m back to a solid 5 hours (better than before). For the last week, I’ve been waking every day since with a solid erection, which was a rarity, and never this consistent.

Orgasms still have next to no feeling, but muscle contractions seemed to have increased a bit, where it’s noticeable.

As a note, I also started a Keto diet a couple of days before Wellbutrin, and am down about a 1/3 of a pound a day, with about 15 more pounds to go.

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For what it’s worth, after being awake for 9 hours with no food (but I did take my Wellbutrin), I just got home and laid down for a bit, and sensed a spontaneous, but short lived, erection, which as we all know has become a rarity for us.

The only change I had was I took 50 mg of dhea last night, and am down 10lbs this month due to the keto diet and the appetite suppression affects of Wellbutrin, which, by the way, has given me extreme photosensitivity, and I now burn extremely quickly. Dermatologist recommended 50spf sunscreen and to stay covered. Small price to pay for not feeling so depressed, and I hope it lasts.

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So wellbutrim is helping you to beat depression? Can you explain more in detail?

Over the last few months, with this COVID isolation, my PFS depression had gotten worse and almost debilitating. I’ve started taking Wellbutrin (generic) since June 4th, and have been beginning to feel the emotional effects, and the side effect of reduced appetite, it’s still a bit early in the treatment, but even if it’s a placebo effect, I’m pleased.

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Great news that Wellbutrin is making some different.

Which effects specifically?

Emotionally, I’m feeling less lethargic and sleepy, and a bit more motivated, and less gloom and doom. The first week, I wasn’t sleeping at all, and now I’m able to get a solid 5-6 hours, and am waking up on my own. I’ll add I’m actually dreaming again, and getting nighttime erections consistently after the first week. It’s been only about 3 weeks, so I’m hoping these effects remain, and that more are to come.

As for side effects, I seem to have developed some photosensitivity, and was initially getting very red and painful on sun exposed skin, including my head’s bald spot, but with some sunscreen, that’s gone away.

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For what it’s worth, the nigh-time and morning erections are all gone, as are even the 5% orgasm sensation. Everything is back to zero, except the dreams, which have decreased, but I do sense the Wellbutrin is working for the depression, and I have some energy.