Has PFS caused Herniated discs



I have had a bunch of tests going on, including some mri’s. One mri I got was of the lumbar spine, because some ed can apparently be caused by damage there, and it was worth confirming.

Well, results show I have about 4 bulging discs in just the lumbar spine, which are not normal at all for someone at the age of 22. I was perfectly healthy beforehand. I’m scared to think about what i’d find if ingot an mri on my full spine.
Has anyone else had their significant amount of bulging disks after finasteride?


I did a mri scan this winter but i didn’t have any pain on my back. It was my buttocks…

Turns out that i have a herniated disc. Doctor didn’t said anything significant. I have the cd which i never looked it on again on a pc. Probably many people in our generation start to develop small herniated discs because of the modern lifestyles. Im 20 btw. So young to experience this too. It should be unrelated to our condition unless you are really severe case… idk.


Hope its unrelated. I plan on taking the discs to a spinal specialist, to see if its possible to know approximately when these discs herniated, cause theyre all supposedly minor, but there at least four in just my lumbar area.
My fear is that our bodies no longer proccess dht or some other neurosteroid/hormone, even if they are still present in the body, and somehow this leads to spinal weakness.

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Thank you for sharing @Cman, do post if you have further findings. Yes, spinal issues have been often reported in PFS on investigation (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8), and in other patients experiencing the syndrome after use of antiandrogenic substances (9). Broader bone problems including low bone mineral density are well reported.

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i have herniated disc, never had any (back)problem before pfs … the pain comes and goes…its really annoying


Now im concerned too, make sure to ask your doctor to the date of the occurance of the bulging discs. And ask him that is there any possibility that low DHT/T can cause such a problem in bones?

Im following, wish you luck.

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Did you have any mri scans on your spine and back bones axolotl? I thought it must be unrelated to our condition until i saw your post… im concerned now… but it seems rare isn’t it? I have talked with many severly damaged people, they never mentioned it. Ah maybe they don’t realized the relation… hmm.


what did ur dr suggest u ? surgery or stretches ?


So only the neurologist who prescribed the lumbar mri saw it, and she said she’d prescribe physical therapy but reccomended I see a spinal specialist before I even consider surgery. That appointment is later in july