Crash with Creatine

I was good until I touch creatine, maybe I have to keep going with creatine until to see what happen. a crash is no a good feeling, but crash mean something mean that our body is readjusting I guess.

Creatine raises DHT right? I’ve thought about taking it for years to build mass. Maybe you’ll adjust like you said

Creatine has a history of crashing people. Some get on with it. Some do not. I don’t think that you should continue with it since it appears that you are not helped by it.

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What if epigenetic, continuing with it force the body to change re-adapt and respond to it ?

What if you continue on with taking creatine and make yourself permanently worse?

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You’ve already had one bad reaction, a second could be worse.

Recovered from the Crash, it last for only 2 days, this is crazy.
maybe rest for a 3 or 4 days and then stress my body with creatine again. some how the body are going to beging to respont to it, it is hard it is really bad and scary to deal with the crash, but we need to have the balls and try it again and again.
I believe that the body need a challenge to restart the response of AR.
My other theory is used a week AR inhibitor ( maybe chocolate ) to counter act the rise of DHT due creatine when the crash happen and then thoses UP and DOWNs of DHT myabe can restart the AR function again.

How much creatine did you take? And I don’t know if chocolate is weak, some brands are highly flavonol-rich and very potent. They contain the same shit that has caused suicides among sufferers. I still haven’t recovered at all from my insomnia and it’s been a month and a half since touching those cacao nibs.

I took 5g on and of for a week, then 5 g for 3 consecutive days, 4 day 10g then I crash very bad.

@westside 's story. He never recovered from his creatine crash. His life was in shambles as a result and he stopped posting in 2016.

The Bad
The crash happened may 5, on May 6 I posted here my crash, still crashed at the time I posted it but no so bad, On May 5 the crash was a very bad experience for me was so bad that I didn’t sleep for the whole night, severe anxiety and totally impotent again, suicide thinking came to my mind again, I do not mean that I wanted to suicide or planing to do it, but the thinking was there, I am telling you guys this to give you an idea how severe the crash was.

Yesterday May 7 in the afternoon my head was like want to explode (but no anxiety or stress), it was a very weird feeling it last for hours, by evening stated to improve, and at night was completely gone, I was very sleepy about 11:00 pm…

The Good thing
I recovered very fast, in fact I have really good sex with my wife last night (May 7), today ( May 8 ) I wake up more horny than ever, libido up and strong erection.

My Plan
l going to monitor the progression and I will going back to creatine again, why ? Because diet change epigenetic and it is demonstrated scientifically, I am going to try again and again until I break that epigenetic lock that is keeping us away from enjoying life.

I am going to wait for 4 days and try again creatine for 3 days and stop, give a break to the body again for a couple days and going back again to creatine.
Keep you posting.

My opinion none of us are consistent with any protocol + people put many variables within a protocol, in this way nobody knows what is what supplement is helping, what is damaging and what is no doing nothing to the recovery.

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Today may 8 @ 10:20 am, super horny, like never before ( Libido sky rocked ) way way up, I never feel like this since post finasteride. I want to have sex with my wife now, but she is now preparing for a test, so bad for me. This is incredible, Totally crazy…

I want you guys to add a few more details.

I was taking Tribulus also while taking creatine, I been on tribulus for 3 week, I increased suddenly the dosage in the last 3 or 4 days to 6 pills at day, 2 in the morning , 2 at noon and 2 before bed time.

The only change to my diet was dairy product a lot of cheese and milk, I minimized any product that can contain DHT blocker.

My previous dosage was 3 pill at day (I didn’t feel any difference while on tribulus), no even when I increased the dosage.

No other supplement I had been taking.

The surge of libido came very suddenly after the crash.

I am writing it with all the details as possible, to keep records to see if we can obtain a simple protocol that can work for everyone.

I believe that everything have to do with the crash…if that is the case, those who want to follow this protocol have to be willing to face the crash and have to be willing to face fear and terror…

Keep you posting during the day.

lol how can someone crash from creatine ?any case here ?


I was warned before and I didn’t believe it as you do, and I crash very quickly and very badly.

It is possible that those that are not crashing with creatine are not producing DHT any more, as a result creatine do not have any effect on them.
But those that have normal level of DHT and are stable somehow, when they rise DHT trough creatine caffeine or other substance they crash as a body reaction to DHT and not the substance itself.

Note I crashed before with coffee and also with sorghum in an intend to rise DHT.

Milando97 If you didn’t try creatine before and you are willing to face fear, I challenge you to try it 5 to 10 g at day / for a few days or a week

In the other hand people with PFS that had try substance that block DHT make feel better, for example: spinach, Zinc …and others… it make them feel better ( temporary relieve but with not improve, those substances keep you in the hole and don’t let you get out ) I think that it worse to try and it is time to start working all the way around.

I posted before what it is epigenetic and I recommend you guys to watch the video and maybe you would understand why I am telling you the above, the day that I watched the video was the day that I decide to take creatine.


I am thinking on water fasting with creatine.

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You recovered completely after the crash? Sleeping normally again? What symptoms did you have before starting the creatine? So the difference between you and people who have crashed with creatine was that you were pre-loading with tribulus first?

Yes it is true, I was taking tribulus for two weeks, and yes I sleep well last night.
I will do it again, I am even thinking to do water fasting with creatine…
I will make to force those fucking genes to wake up and work like for normal people

How bad was your sleep before starting this tribulus + creatine regimen? Keep us posted.

Was good 6 to 7 hours sometime more, just wake up to like I always been previous Finasteride.
But I remember that previous Finasteride I sleep more hours
When I crashed years ago with Finasteride I sleep like 3 hours and not able to sleep anymore.