Reversing gyno and side effects with Creatine?

Began taking a compound, would rather not state it openly as it was acquired outside of normal doctor prescriptions. Please forgive me for this, i love all you guys. The compound worked great on my hair and I gradually increased from .125, .25, eventually into some hubris taking 1 to 1.5 or 2 mg or maybe more than that accidentally per day. This compound was in a liquid solution and it seemed towards the end of the bottle it became “sugary” at the bottom and I’m unsure if this caused uneven doses or accidental overdose. I’m not completely sure this wasn’t actually F and labeled otherwise. I think now it likely was not F and it seems it’s exit of my body is slow.

I had gotten side effects of erectile disfunction, loss of libido right away but I gave it a few months. Towards the middle I noticed no more hair loss which made me quite happy. I really liked my hair, it’s nice and even with concealer it wins me a lot of attention. Unfortunately I’m towards the end, maybe level 3-4 with diffuse thinning.

Eventually I noticed gynecomastia as it progressed to maybe a stack of 3 quarters under my nipples. The puffy nipples started showing under my shirt and my chest shape had changed slightly. Wasn’t too bad but I was worried and chose to stop completely the compound. I was worried I had accidentally overdosed as well. After more research, which I wish I had done before upping my doses, I knew that this compound had nearly 10% chance of gyneco in some prostate studies.

I had thoughts of taking anti-estrogen drugs but I am very wary to get more under the counter, possibly misdosed or scammingly dosed. Taking another powerful chemical with possible side effects. I read a study that Creatine actually increased DHT. I was also aware that at some level DHT counters estrogenics in the body and this was some aspect of my problem. I had stayed away from Creatine because of fear of hair loss so this was my first try.

Long story short, Gynecomastia down 70% after one week. Sexual activity is completely reversed or even better than before any drugs when on the Creatine. Hair loss as abrubtly begun (unfortunately). I had taken 2g the first day or two, 3 the next, 5 for one, then down to 2 and 1 for the rest as I saw about 5-10 hairs on my pillow, up from zero literally before Creatine while on and after stopping the compound for about two weeks.

I had experimented with dosing from morning and night, to the same amount but in smaller doses every six hours. I’m on my 8th day or so, on no Creatine today, i really want to minimize my hair loss. I’m done for now, unfortunately because the sexual renewal and then some on higher than 1g really, was quite an experience, but I want to keep as much hair as I can. I would recommend not taking extreme doses, take it easy and slow and compare effects and try to keep your sensed hormone levels near a natural level.

I had taken Six Star brand Creatine x3 Elite series tablets (16$ for 60 tablets, this was 5 months from expiration date on label) and have been excersizing moderately to intensely for about 15 - 30 minutes a day for the weeks before and while on creatine. Muscle gain, hunger and excersize pump seemed a bit increased as well. Seems to stay in me for about 48 hours gradually lessening. I would also recommend starting slowly on your doses, the bottle recommends 6g a day. I am on the smaller side, about 140pds at 5’5"ish. and at 5 g it was a bit too powerful and caused even more hair loss.

I had heard some renowned baseball player (Jose Conseco?) who admitted to steroids recommend people go cautiously and lightly on hormonal substances to avoid gynecomastia or side effects and that it wasn’t very common to him to hear about these side effects. I don’t plan to use steroids but this hormone anecdote I will keep in mind from this veteran athlete. I’d be very cautious of the anecdotes or ‘bro science’ on the net of people that are taking very high doses and having hormonal trouble.

Hopefully this info will help a lot of people. Use this knowledge wisely, help your fellow man and live a good life.

I tried creatine myself about a year ago. The result. Taking creatine was one of the worst decisions Ive made. (besides taking propecia in the first place that is). My body is extremely sensitive to outside stimulus, which is one of the reasons I think I was permanently effected by propecia in the first place. Our systems are already in a fragile state. Adding creatine which even for a fully healthy person is hard on ones body and liver is not smart. It did give me a positive boost for about 2 weeks but then I crashed and it started giving me side effects which I didn’t have before. Mental side effects like brain fog, caused constipation in poo pellets, severe insomnia and it stopped my body being able process alcohol. When I stopped taking it the brain fog went away but the other side have remained and its been over a year. Adding something that is hard on your already fragile body is not the right plan for long term health. At least that’s been my experience anyway. Take it for what you will.

Same. Initial high/recovery, then worse crash. Forumsearch propeciahelp “creatine” for more info about this.

Studies have shown Creatine use in high doses causes DHT production, I tried it for that reason and it helped me feel a little better, I didn’t feel good from creatine, made my stomach sour.

Update :

Creatine worked great for all sexual side effects. It also initially reversed my gyn. Unfortunately after about 3 months I assume I “rebounded.” That is the build up of high levels T and DHT in my system transformed into estrogen type hormones. This caused my gyn to increase even more… :frowning:

The solution. Anti-e that starts with an L. Also will try one that starts with an Exe because it “suicidally inhibits” Est and causes no rebound. I would avoid SERM because they are known carcinogens and luckily avoided ever trying them. I can’t say how bad taking a SERM would be, as bad as smoking? I’d rather not take the risk, and so far, testing a week or two on L has greatly reduced my gyn. This came with some side effects but I’ve made the decision to live with it and try to live healthfully and in mind of the side effects and issues of taking these powerful anti-e drugs.

Hopefully the substance that starts with a D that I tried for my hair will be gone from my system in the next few months totally and my hormones will return towards base line.

All the best.

Hope this didn’t make anything worse for you all. :frowning: Much love and respect to you all. If your gyn is increasing from the hair drugs and/or the creatine, it seems the only solution are the anti-e’s or surgery. Even surgery is known to have cases where the gyn regrows, likely due to still having high levels of E. It’s probably best to work this out with the help of blood tests for hormones and a medical doctor, unfortunately, that was not possible for me. Good luck. Hope my research might still help you.

I’d be taking Tamo for a while and that seemed to be the best. The AI’s I think made the gynecomastia worse (estrogen rebound probably?) unfortunately in the long run. I think the creatine, which might have some growing properties to it, might have made it worse, and I noticed at times, it did irritate it and cause growth. LOL. It’s hard to tell, there’s not a whole lot of reading material about creatine in particular. Maybe it’s dose dependent and I took too much? I took large doses of creatine in the earlier year of trying to solve this, and eventually I noticed it did cause some gyneco growth I believe.

The Tamo really helped. I was hesitant because of the “carcinogens,” but Tamo reduced the size to now finally where it seems to be as small as it will get. I think finally after approximately 1 + 1/2 years the Dut is finally exiting my system. The side effects of the Dut + the AI and SERM estrogen blocking stuff was bothersome, but I feel confident to almost completely stop the Tamo, the final thing I took, by itself. Noticing better sexual function and less gyno growth (back to normal almost, I think) when completely sober. Probably going to get the gyneco surgery too, doing better professionally, but for now, the gyneco is not as bad as before.

Honestly, I hope an admin can change the name of this thread (and maybe delete the first two posts?), it’s really misleading given my experience. It was pretty short-sighted to declare that after only a few weeks. Hope I didn’t mess with anyone in their pursuit of healing from all of this, I know the emotional aspect (the gyn! lol, it’s actually slightly funny, not so bad in my case) can be tough and giving shoddy, half-thought advice could hurt you all. This is my post 1 + 1/2 - 2 year report post Dut. Best regards. If you have access to a doctor who you feel comfortable with, and it looks okay in your life, I’d definitely would have liked to take an MD’s advice too. Tamo from what I read might sometimes be prescribed short-term for this. It worked well… Be careful though, think it over, read and be diligent.

Might as well come back in a few months, I was worrying about how this (incorrect) info might spread, urgh, felt really guilty about it, but I will be back with an update. I’m happy that, I think, after this long time the Dut isn’t causing much effect in my body anymore.

To be more specific, my gyn was never severe, at worst maybe silver dollar size, a bit inflamed, puffing out, with some growth tissue, my chest shape had changed slightly, but embarrassing still. Now it’s down to about silver dollar size, better than before, acceptable, and not totally uncommon to see on average guys, though embarrassing still, but not noticeable if I wear thick t-shirts, some nice fitting button down shirts. Might get even smaller and even less embarrassing I think if I lose 10-15 pounds and try for a lean body-fat, or find a body-fat level that makes it look aesthetically best. I think only surgery will totally remove it, which I will try for when I get the cash together. Good luck to all of you dealing with this.

Hoping it stays like this and continues to improve as I stay totally pharm free.