Sexual sides going away almost completely

It took like 2 months for it to really start working. I dont know how much it helped with sexual side effects . I know creatine and working out helped with that. St johns wort definitely helped with mental sides tho was takimh 300 mg a day at first then dropped down to twice a day. 300 seemed to be a little to much for me but everyone is different !


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No problem you will feel better and get better i promise. Take it from my own experience. I had this really bad too. I thought i was done for . Almost ended my life on muyile occasions . Im glad I didn’t tho because it is possible to recover

My main side effects are lack of sexual sensation and sleeping 5 hours then waking up. I checked and it is that brand so I’ll see how it goes.

I tried the hypericin version (perika is Hyperforin I believe) but that made me wake up every hour.

I’ve always had sleep problems finestride made it worse tho. I was waking up every 3 hours. Last night i woke up once at 5 slowly getting better. Creatine actually helps with that tho . Look at the studies . Make your brain more capable of daily tasks with less sleep. You have to give it time to build up in your brain tho. And the sexual sides will subside .

I’m a bit more cautious re creative as the wider stories are less good (though v glad it helped you)

I honestly did feel like shit when I first started but I pushed trough it and kept pushing myself with the weights. Saw serious gains and eventually started to feel great. Maybe you just have to keep at it . Not sure tho , understand your concerns tho

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I will try SJW first as I’ve read more does work/doesn’t work or resolving side effects if it doesn’t . Appreciate it’s diff for everyone but best to try the stuff without flags first (for me)

I wish you the best of luck . If you have any questions about the st johns wort i will happily answer any of them .

I tried Creatine and after 2 doses I felt like complete shit, estrogen Oder went up a lot and basically crashed hard. Didn’t touch it again. Should I try it again and push through? What brand Creatine are u using?

Yea like i said i felt like shit when i first started also. And im not going to recommend you try it if its really makimg people crash that hard thats up to you. I just know it helped me like i said previously … maybe the body just needs time to adjust to it with pfs . I jusy took my 5mg dose as we speak about to hit the weights . I think it may only really be effective if you are exercising . I read that somewhere and I take creatine monohydrate sixstar brand. I was reading the fourms about creatine . Alot of people have bad experiences with it… just be careful. Someone also said people not effected by it are not producing dht anymore. I know i am. My male pattern baldness is still full force temples are receding crown is still thinning Dht causes that. I think some of these problems we Re having are somatic symptoms caused by over focusing. Not saying this whole yhing is but i think some of it could be . I notice the more I focus on a problem I have the worse it tends to be. If I worry about somthing I take it always seems to make me feel like shit. Idk just tossing that idea out there

I believe positive thinking is v v important but all my symptoms I had before ever looking on here (and some such as loss of pleasure in certain areas were real but I hadn’t actually noticed till I read on here about them as they are quite subtle), I’m sure it’s the same for the majority of people, it’s a very sudden change

Can’t believe the drug is still on the market tbh, an almost lifestyle supplement with permanent side effects shouldn’t be out there


Your correct i did too. Im just trying to say I think reading about it can make it worse … thats all. And another positive update . Ran the past 3 nights and i slept a full 8 to 10 hours each night. I can tell I still have alot of sleep to catch up on but it works . Idk if anyone here runs but you should try it if your having sleep problems.

do you have back pain after ejaculation? mine feel horrible and continous for few days

No i domt have any problems with back pain. Ia it like a burning sensation?

Not the most conclusive of evidence but there are some flags on St John’s Wort

Bro why you editing your positive posts? Did you crash?

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What happened to the first post in this thread?

He Pmed me why nothing serious. He’s still doing good but someone personal requested it down.

He was basically just saying how now he gets results working out now when he was previously in a state of no response to workout, and how he feels libido now etc. Qnd how girls check him out now.

He gave St John’s Wort Perika, Creatine, caffeine, nicotine, and daily training and cardio as the reasons

Thanks yeah I read it was surprised it’s gone