Crash with Creatine

I mean, did your sleep improve after crashing with tribulus + creatine or stayed the same? Which tribulus brand are you using?

For now still the same before the experiment, the experiment is not done yet, it is too early to say any results. I bought the tribulus terrestris extract 625 my, in vitamin shoppe store.
I think that it going to be a good idea to prime with Tribulus for a few weeks before going back to creatine,
any way I have an appointment with Dr Khera in 10 days from now, I will ask him an advise

Keeping posting, I Continue improving, getting better on the sexual side libido increasing, sleep time no too much improved 6 hours only sometime 5:30 hrs, sometimes 7 hours but it is rare, never 8 hours.
Note: I didn’t jump yet on creatine, I am planing to jum back again on creatine next week aster my visit with Khera.

People advising you to take creatin are giving you bad advice. Stay away from it. It causes crashes and serious liver, libido and sleep insomnia that can be permanent for people with PFS. People on this board including myself were taking creatine ten years ago to try and help and it caused crashes for many.

Use the search tool on creatine in this form. Creatine tends to make everyone feel better for a short while only then to lead to a crash making people feel worse then before. It’s been tried by hundreds on here only to make a lot of people feel worse permanently, including me. Our livers and adrenals are in a vulnerable state and creatine is very taxing on those. Its one of the first things we tried in this community years ago. Its a proven failed strategy.


For how long you took creatine?

@westside, thanks very much for coming back with your longer term experience. It would be great if our community could keep in contact with more long standing members. By not keeping in touch with our history, I feel we’re extremely likely to repeat it.

As it’s been a while since you’ve posted, I don’t know if you’re aware of our survey and 23&Me projects that you might be interested in participating in.

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what exactly is the (permanent) side effect of taking creatine?

Water retention, dryer skin, dehydration, change to liver enzymes, urine output, altered homeostasis

everyone has water retention on creatine.

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In my personal experience, I had a crash after stoping taking creatine, I suspect it was due to that, but i’m not even sure myself.
You guys should warn more about this kind of stuff, mods should pin a thread which specifies what you should eat and what you shouldn’t.

So I’ll say this
The years post Fin up until my most recent severe fresh (Jan 2020) I was able to take creatine and be totally fine

However since my severe crash there are literally certain things I can not have and I believe creatine is one of them. And I’m talking around 8 years after stopping fin I had a terrible god awful crash abs my body’s literally changed.
I just can’t have certain things anymore

I believe my system was pretty strong to begin with and that’s why I bounced back after fin…For the most part…but as I’ve gotten older and because of fin obviously weaker I just can have certain things
Like dark chocolate is a huge NO NO…umm strawberries or any polyphenols.
Even ejaculating either too many times OR FOR SOME REASON TO CLOSE TO BED TIME.

Someone’s gonna have to try and explain that one to me. Because my last crash I did it before bed, woke up and was all kinds of fucked up.
This poison is truly no joke whatsoever abs anyone who contests that is a tried and true asshole of the highest order.

Anyway…I can’t do creatine at the moment

I want to add my experience to this thread so future people can avoid my mistake. 0.5g Creatine in a smoothie has so far led to one immediately sleepless night. Worsening of anhedonia, anxiety, depression, insomnia, and SEVERE Akathisia. Also, pretty much instant impotence.

I had recovered significantly over the course of many months and this has sent me back to almost the beginning it feels. I can only hope I can make the same progress again. This is just as devastating as my finasteride crash, maybe even more so as I was finally functional again and now it’s gone. It’s only been 3 days, so I hope I can improve quickly but hope is low.

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Creatine made me crash the first two times I took it. After starting TRT I tolerate it well now and it actually helps energy and depression immensely. I take 3g daily, no breaks

Seems like a bit of a risk to take.