Amino Acids for Sexual Symptoms

Today I start a new experiment, using amino acids in an attempt to alleviate sexual symptoms.

I am not the most affected by sexual symptoms and the diet, exercise and amino acids I’m taking has helped a lot already. For this reason, I may not be the best test subject for this. However, considering I’ve had delayed erection response compared to normal, desensitization and lower than normal sex drive, I will be able to see increases and decreases in those three aspects. I also had by balls hurting for a year and a half, and it doesn’t seem to get better. Maybe those aminos will help with that, I don’t know.

So, here’s what I’m intending to try in addition to my current regime:

DLPA (D and L Phenylalanine) 500 mg or 1000 mg, same dose as the L-Tyrosine I take daily with 5-DHT.

The DLPA and Tyrosine should help regulate the Dopamine receptors and increase sex drive as well as motivation and decrease procrastination.

L-Valine 1000-2000 mg to attempt to increase sensibility as well as reduce stress and insomnia.

L-Carnitine Tartrate1000-2000 mg to increase Androgen Receptor and to help in metabolizing the high saturated fat diet I’m on. (which is excellent for the hormones and the nervous system)

L-Arginine, L-Ornithine, L-Citruline, to get more nitric oxyde aka better erection. (also to get rid of ammonia which may cause insomnia.)

Pine Pollen concentrate, disolved in DMSO and applied to the wrists. The idea here is to bypass the stomach acids and use smaller quantities. This one contains phyto-androgens and DHEA. I didn’t react too well to 100mg of DHEA but maybe in the form and quantity in the pine pollen, it’ll be fine.

So I started already, I’ll post my results everyday if it progresses fast enough, or everytime there’s a positive or negative change.

Also I haven’t worked out the quantities, time dosage etc… so it will take some adjustments.

Let’s get started…


Day 3: I see no particular results so far. But than again, I don’t have sex everyday to check on how I’m doing. Sleep wasn’t good yesterday so it appears I’ll have to take all those aminos for sex in the morning or early afternoon. It makes sense, they are probably stimulants more than they are depressants.

As for results, I’m not sure but I may have a somewhat lower sex drive. It remains to be seen. I’ll go on and keep you posted.

Update: Not too good. I’m taking too much at the same time and something’s off. It’s nuanced, not clearly defined, but it feel like something in the family of irritability or restlessness but without being aggressive.
It could be because I have lots of work, or it could be that either the androgen boosters are affecting me negatively (Carnitine, Pine Pollen) or it’s the brain aminos (DLPA, Valine)
In order to make a distinction and find out what it is, I’ve stopped the androgen ones and will keep them for later. For now, I’ll see how I feel with DLPA and Valine.
Plus, sex drive is down. I didn’t have sex for three days and that should be bothering me and it doesn’t.
So I’ll wait to see if sex drive comes back before taking pine pollen again. (It’s supposed to do the opposite isn’t it, it’s supposed to raise my testosterone and make me more horny)

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Day 5: I think I found why the decrease in sex drive. In order to get some sleep, I’m taking Silexan (Calm Aid, Lavender oil) and it boosts estrogen levels. I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place. I have to stop lavender oil and yet I’m now at 2.5 mg of clonazepam which is getting high for a single dose. Silexan and clonazepam are both acting on the GABA (A) receptors so they knock me out. I have to find something else in order to get my sleep. Not sleeping is worst than pfs, although most people think of the two as the same. If you have pfs AND you can’t sleep on top of it, you have two problem that multiply, not add up.

So My sex drive keeps decreasing. I decided to take pine pollen anyway, as L-Valine and DLPA seems to have mild effects and pine pollen have phyto androgen. I haven’t had sex since the beginning of the experiment which is certainly an indication of low sex drive.

I wish I had better news, but understanding the elements of the problem is as important as understanding the elements of the solution.

I’ll keep you posted.


Day 8: I’ve been having anxiety issues since before I started this experiment. It goes in hand with insomnia.
This is slowing down this experiment on sexual symptoms.

I thought it was Pregnenolone that was giving me anxiety, I stopped, and anxiety is still there. So I had to go back to when it started and check what changed in what i was doing. I think I found the culprit: heavy doses of antibiotics I’ve been on for two weeks for a bacterial infection and an injury to the hand. It has destroyed my guts flora, and there’s no doubt in my mind it influences moods just the same as neurotransmitters (we have the most serotonin in the guts (97% of all the body’s) and it’s the second place with the most neurons after the brain) I stopped the antibiotics and will start pro-biotics soon.

I now know Im reacting to soy and to lavender oil which are both increasing estrogen and are androgen antagonist. Ive had a drop in sex drive and difficulties with erection so I`m now taking the opposite direction: Pine pollen which contains phyto-androgen. Needless to say, I stopped lavender oil.

I had sex with my wife yesterday and sensibility seems to have increased. I would attribute that to L-Valine, 2000 mg a day with the morning protein shake.

I`ll concentrate on insomnia and keep you posted when there are changes in sexual symptoms.

Update: I did start the probiotics and I’m feeling better. No anixiety today. Also, I had reduced Tyrosine in the last week, from 1000 mg to 500 mg. I started taking 1000 mg again and I feel better.

Pine pollen seems to do me good. I will also do an estrogen flush as per this video:

I have already cut soy, wheat and rice, and also chicken. I’ll watch out for plastics.

Choline is something I was already taking, I will add Betaine, vitamin A and K2. (I already take 11000 ui of vitamin D)

Day 10: Not much to complain about sex. Just a slight desensitization and my balls have been hurting for a year and a half. Both seems to be decreasing.

Pine pollen helps, and so is eliminating grain, soy and chicken.

I stopped L-Carnitine and L-Valine because I have serious problem with insomnia. It’s erratic. Some nights I’ll sleep good, some I won’t. I haven’t found the cause. I will start those again when I start weight lifting again. They go together with exercise.

Day 11: I found the cause of my insomnia and lack of muscle tone: Low Orexin levels. Check my thread on Amino Acid For neurological symptoms for more.

In my opinion, many of you guys (including me) are suffering from lack of Orexin and from problems with the vagus nerve which causes fatigue, food sensitivities, anxiety, gut problems, brain fog, and depersonalization. So check the link I sent, I consider this a major breakthrough in my experiments so far.

Day 12: Considering I found and fixed my anxiety issue, I resumed taking L-Valine, L-Carnitine, DLPA and Pine Pollen.

To this, I will add Betaine (and continue with Choline) to flush estrogen out, as well as take vitamin A, D and K2 to increase androgen receptors (Carnitine does this also).

I may take all BCAA instead of only L-Valine (Valine is a BCAA) as BCAA also help Orexin production, although my protein shakes gets me plenty of those.

I’ll keep you posted on the result of adding Betaine and vitamin A and K2. (I already take 1000 mg of Choline and 11000 ui of vitamin D)

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Day 15: Sex drive and sensitivity is coming back slowly. I don’t know what to attribut it to, but it has to be one of those:

L-Valine, 2000 mg / day.
L- Carnitin, 1000 mg / day.
Pine pollen, 5 gr per day.

I will soon add vitamin A and K2 to build more AR receptors.

I started taking 10 mg each of Pregnenolone (boost all hormones and neuro-transmitters) and DHEA (which boost both estrogen and testosterone) Both are dangerous. Treat it as an hormone and take very small doses. Stop at first sign of trouble. People have crashed and made themselves worst with these two. Hell, healthy people have ended up like us just with those ! (although very few. Most people can take it)

Update: Pregnenolone and DHEA both makes me feel discontent and angry. They increase my aggressiveness. I think I will just stick to eating cholesterol and let my body produce whatever Pregnenolone it needs from it, and from the Pregnenolone whatever DHEA it needs. This way, I’m not pushing it.

I will add Betaine to the Choline I’m taking to flush estrogen and have a better testosterone estrogen ratio.
Choline is good for the acetylcholine neurotransmitter complex which helps the vagus nerve, which in turns helps the Orexin complex.

Everything is related. This is why I believe we need an overall approach. If you touch just one aspect, you push the others out of balance. This is just my opinion.

So you’re only taking these now or are you still taking most of the stuff in your original post or what exactly?

The sexual sensitivity issue is by far my biggest issue… very frustrating. I have these 3 supplements on hand already but haven’t been consistent about taking them, but I will if you’re saying they have helped. There are so many different things that different people say have helped that it’s tough to stick with one thing long enough… or at least it is for me, lol

Have you ever tried lots of asparagus? Seems a few people had some improvements with that, for whatever reason, so I figured I would ask

Asparagus contains folate and vitamin A which are beneficial. But I haven’t tried it. (they’re yummy thought!)

Yes those have helped. But you have to exercise for them to work. I also don’t think they work all alone by themselves. I believe they have to be part of a greater approach.

I’m taking a whole bunch of things, I’m on a diet and I exercise. Check on port #17 on Protocol to beat this to have the complete list of what I’m taking/doing.

Be careful with the Vit K2 mate! It might give you clicking, dry and painful joints!

Thanks for the warning. If I get this situation, I will know what to remove.

I’m on a ketogenic diet, I take collagen and Glycine. All 3 are making so that my joints have stopped hurting or even clicking. Maybe I’ll be able to tolerate K2. If I don’t, my diet should fix the problem within a week of stopping K2.

IMO don’t do it, as I got those sides and I thought I will fix them fast, but that is not the case with me! Also the guy with the nickname Konflict in SolvePFS got severe joint issues because of this Vit K2! Think twice before you take anything!

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I ordered it already, but i will do the research before taking it. And if I do, I’ll take tiny doses to begin with.

Might not be worth it anyway. Vitamin A and D can do a similar job while being safer.

Vit K2 is na AI, the least we need now on top of PFS is another imbalance worsening our symptoms… Just be careful dude! Inhibiting the estrogen could be as severe as inhibiting 5AR! Cheers!


Day 31: Things are improving. Sexually, I’m 95% normal. Sex drive is a little low, at once every two days, but it suits me. I always though that needing sex more than once a day was annoying. Erections are back to normal, sensitivity is a little low but not that much and it’s improving very slowly. Orgasm are normal, and actually, with lower sensitivity, can sometime last for up to 20 seconds. That’s great ! I still hurt my balls but this is also very slowly decreasing.

I attribute those results to the whole protocol I’m doing, but also to the addition of L-Valine, L-Carnitine Tartrate and pine pollen. I don’t think someone can achieve this result by taking those three only.

Yesterday I thought Pregnenolone and DHEA both at 10 mg made me feel discontent and angry. That they increased my aggressiveness, but I now realize that what did that it taking too much pine pollen transdermally with DMSO instead of eating it. This way, the active ingredients don’t get destroyed by the stomach and reach the blood stream intact… It takes a lot less, but the trick is how much ? I poured 20 ml of DMSO in a jar, added 5 gr of pine pollen and ended up with something that has the color and texture of baby food. Yesterday I put what seems to be 1/4 tsp on my forearms, where all the veins are, and rubbed my two forearm together. It resulted in the feelings described above and is similar to when I was taking Testocaps 40 mg (testosterone). I conclude that 1/4 tps is too much, I will reduce by 75% (about one or two pea size amount).
I just took 10 mg of both Pregnenolone and DHEA on an empty stomach so I will wait a 6 hours before taking pine pollen / DMSO so I can distinguish if the testosterone rush comes from the previous or the former.

Update: Confirmed. It was too much pine pollen with DMSO. Pregnenolone and DHEA both at 10 mg is fine, I felt good, awake, focused, calm and in a good mood. 6 hours later I place a pea sized amount of pine pollen and DMSO on my forearms and rubbed both arms together. I got a testosterone rush, but not overwhelming. I had a fight with my wife (standard shit test: a power struggle: to see who’s the boss in the couple) and I was both assertive, but with calm and easily switching to humor while my wife was boiling. This is actually not an indication of testosterone, but of serotonin. However, with too much testosterone, when it’s out of balance, I get aggressive and can’t keep calm. (for the record, I won the fight and now my wife is super horny and more in love than if she had won. I told her I will keep fighting her and winning every time she wants to test me, and she will love me for it.)

I will add Betaine to the Choline I’m taking to flush estrogen.
Choline is good for the acetylcholine neurotransmitter complex which helps the vagus nerve, which in turns helps the Orexin complex. Choline stimulates the brain. It has to be taken in the morning.

My idea is not to completely deplete my estrogen but to improve testosterone / estrogen ratio. Estrogen is easy to get anyway. It’s everywhere in the food and in plastic and there’s a world wide estrogen epidemic. Males today have only 1/3 of the testosterone males had in the 1950 (due to the estrogen invasion of our food chain, soy being the cheapest protein to produce and given to livestock, and the wide spread use of plastics which contains estrogenic chemicals.) Soon, males will become infertile and by the way, this may be why fin was safer in 1998 than it is today. Men suffering from soy and plastic induced hypogonadism will certainly be much more prone to pfs.

Needless to say, I’m taking the testosterone / androgen receptors approach instead of inhibiting both. I want to have full sexual capacities, muscles, a deep voice, be full of body hair and be calm and assertive as I’m positively bossing people around (I am a company director and the head of a family after all, it’s my role to do so).
Also I think I don’t have to mention I don’t buy the politically correct beliefs of “toxic masculinity” or “patriarchy” and I think those who do will also be more subject to pfs. You cannot altogether hate your masculinity and have a healthy masculine hormonal system and sexual functions.

This is just my opinion.

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What dose were you taking and what does na AI means ?

  • an AI… misspell :slight_smile: Aromatase Inhibitor. It fucks your estrogen.

Thanks for the precision. And well said: Fuck estrogen. I don’t want man boops.

Anyway. I take the advise, thank you.

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Actually you can get man boobs if you got too high estrogen and low testosterone… But the estrogen is really important for the well-being of the man’s body. If you inhibit it you could get really bad problems with your joints amd hell knows what else on top of that. There is a few guys in SolvePFS that got worsened because of taking an AI thinking that would solve their PFS issues… Actually it happened the opposite way…