Protocol to beat this

Hey @Ozeph, thanks for the above. Quick question - what is your weight and height before you started the protocol? You are in your 40s correct? What fitness level were you at before the protocol?

I’m 50 years old, 1.79 meter (a little less than 6 feet), I weighted 80 kg (176 lbs) and I was in bad shape.

On an episode of cataplexy, I couldn’t climb a flight of stairs without holding to the rail. It would take time to reach the next floor and I would have to rest between floors (I live in a 3 floor house). I couldn’t stand up for long, I had to squat or sit on the floor, in the middle of a shopping mall. This happened almost everyday between my crash and the diet.

When not on a cataplexy episode, I could swim 1 lap (80 feet) and I would be out of breath, I could do 1 pull up with efforts, 10 set ups and it would hurt.

I started this diet on the 19th of August. That’s about 7 (very desperate) weeks after crashing. So I’ve started this protocol 4 months and 9 days ago.

I lost 2.5kg (5 lbs) on the first week of the diet. Mostly from losing water and “un-bloating”. I’m now 60 kg (132 lbs) and I have almost no fat (no place for estrogen to hide). I lost 25% of my weight, and increased my muscle mass at the same time (I dare not think what this 25% weight loss would look like if placed in a drum. What I lost I shouldn’t have had to begin with. It feels gross to think I was carrying all that around) . I grew a six pack, some pecs, square muscular shoulders and well cut biceps and I look like a thin marathon runner.

Last I checked, I could swim 50 lapses (1250 meter, 4000 feet) without more than 90 second rests in between sets of 10 or 20, I could do 100 set ups although I stopped, it’s too boring. (I do ab wheel roll outs instead. Much more complete, much harder and it really builds the upper torso. I can do 10-15 completely flat ones) and I can do 12 pull ups, lifting my knees to the bar as well.

All of this is not impressive of itself. People who train for real can do better than that. But for me, it’s a real victory over my disease. Plus, I’m just getting started.


So what about the improvements on the sexual side? It is weird that you never mentioned it. Can you go in details here please? Thanks.

Have you read the thread he linked to?

My bad, im in uni. Didn’t saw it.

You can read my profile on Ozeph: my story

And my thread on Amino Acids for Sexual Symptoms

I don’t think taking just a few aminos will restore it all. Sex is at the core of our being. we are a community of cells, living in an organised manner. Most of our cells are the descendants of the first cells that made up our body when we were kids. A cell will be born, live, reproduce and die and we won’t feel anything. But we are constantly renewed. Sex and reproduction is the path to immortality for this community of cell. (but not for us as individuals). It is so important that it supersede individual survival in many cases. It’s very complex and is affected by a whole lot of different things in our brain, hormones, chemistry, even our guts.
So to fix it, you must take a complete, overall approach in my opinion. I don’t think that the aminos described in Amino Acids for Sexual Symptoms can do the work all by itself. I think diet, exercise, extra protein, extra aminos for the brain and all I’m doing contributes to fix the whole body, including the sexual aspect. The idea is to give the body all the construction blocks it needs in abundance, be it aminos, minerals or vitamins; eliminate what intoxicate it and to exercise to accelerate the body’s metabolism and construct new cells.

But to answer the question, I didn’t have much sexual symptoms. My sex drive went down, but not completely. I could be satisfied with sex once a week (instead of minimum once a day as before, although 2 or 3 times a day was what I needed). It became harder to have erections and I could lose them more easily. But a little stimulation by my wife and I would get back in the game. I had lower sensitivity. It must have happened 4-5 times where I just could not finish. And my balls have been hurting for almost 2 years, since before I crashed.

At some point after my crash I ended up with zero sex drive. but not for long. I also don’t think I had night erections and because I never had zero sex drive in my life, but was exasperated by too much of it, it never came to my mind to masturbate to see if I could have an erection.

All of this changed when I started the diet. The sexual symptoms improved a bit. Then I started protein shake. It got better. Then I started the individual amino acids, it got even better, and finally I started looking for aminos specifically for sexual symptoms.

Now sex drive is once every two days and getting better, erections are not a problem. I get hard when we undress for sex ! Sensitivity has increased but is not normal yet. Although after taking fin for 20 years, what do I compare it to ? When I was 21 and would come after having sex with a girl 3 minutes, or 5 years ago when I could come in 5 if I wanted or last 20 minutes if my wife was taking more time to finish. (I’m a gentleman, I let her come first.)
My balls are still hurting but it’s decreasing.

Altogether, I’m at 90% normal regarding sex. I still have more sex drive than my 34 year old wife.

Insomnia was the first symptom to appear 5 years ago, and it’s the most persistent one. But I’m going to beat it eventually. I’ll find a way.


Did you ever have the symptom where there’s no sensation during orgasm? Its one of my most worrying symptoms that has shown little improvement over the years. Whats weird is that it’s also way worse in the morning than at night but even then it’s never really satisfying. Has my worried that there’s some nerve damage or muscle wastage or something.

Surely if it was damage it would work or it wouldn’t? That there’s a variety of experiences would suggest that levels of something or other are making a difference to your experience.

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I have to wonder if many of the stories around getting into superb shape, and thus, making people feel better are simply a factor of them… getting into shape. Getting into top performance will make anyone feel better and will definitely have an effect on our sides. I was in pretty fantastic health (run a 6 minute mile, lift weights, no fat/toned, young 32 year old) before taking FIN and then after FIN sides hit, I went into workout overload (cdnuts protocol), working out 6 days a week and getting into peak performance, but it never reaaaaally budged anything for me long term.

This is NOT to take away from anyone getting into shape, or put down the shape they were in before. But every time I read how working out has really helped people, I have to wonder what baseline they we’re coming from. If they are coming from a general ‘out-of-shape’ starting point, then working out hard for a few months will make anyone feel as if they are getting better. But it isn’t really affecting the core mechanism of PFS, it’s simply make the vessel by which PFS travels in a little healthier, and by result, makes the person feel they are getting cured. I have to wonder if the androgen effects from working out are improving or destroying our actual PFS symptoms.

Just food for thought.

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Yes I did have ejaculation without orgasm. I’ve had very dim orgasm as well, asking myself why do I bother having sex at all if that’s what I get. It’s more obvious in the morning, so as a rule, I have sex only during afternoon or evening. Afternoon being better, because I’m fully awake and sensations are better.

It’s getting better. But first things first. I believe pfs is in part due to an autoimmune response. So that’s the first thing to address and ketogenic / carnivore diet are reputed to do exactly that (they fix leaky guts and ulcerated colon and get rid of food allergies which are causing auto immune response and inflammation).

Cereals (which contains phyto-estrogen and are notorious for food allergies) and sugar is to be eliminated (at least until you fixed your guts, and then you can only take a little. Like 20 gr a day). Fruits and vegetables also have to be eliminated. Plants can’t run from predators so they develop chemicals to protect themselves. Those chemicals makes them hard to digest, creates inflammation and makes us bloated. They also change the flora of the guts which greatly affects mood and the chemistry of the brain.

When I started the diet, I was on a 100% carnivore diet. The only non-meat product I would have was coconut oil, as it prevents colon cancer which is linked to eating too much red meat. Also with time, I eliminated most meat except beef. Chicken is fed with soya protein and will get your estrogen up. Pork is fine for lunch, but hard to digest so not good for dinner. When you go to sleep, you don’t want to be digesting anything. Fat fish are full of omegas, to which I’m reacting badly. Lean (white) fish is fine and easy to digest. makes a good evening meal.
As for vegetable, I only eat 2 or 3, for their properties. I treat them as food supplement. So I eat mostly kale because it’s a super-food and a powerhouse in vitamin and minerals. It’s about 5 times more nutritious than broccoli or spinach, which we all know to be nutritious. It’s also full of DIM, which I use to prevent the conversion of testosterone to estrogen but i won’t get too much it into as It’s controversial. Spirulina would be a good choice but I went for chlorella instead as it is the most powerful detoxifier. I drink fresh cabbage juice in the evening. It’s great for protecting the stomach and it helps me sleep better (I don’t know why)

Anyway. I’m making this too long. L-Valine, L-Dopa, L-Carnitine (with muscle building) will help sensibility. But only if you stopped your auto immune response and the body’s level of inflammation. And I think you have to saturate your body with protein and saturated fat (which are the building material for cells, hormones and the nervous system)

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Yes, that contributes to a great extend. But my approach is to saturate the body with amino acids and saturated fat so it can build and repair what needs to be. But that won’t work if I sit in front of my computer all day.

I exercise not for the muscle of for swimming 50 lapses. I’m an intellectual. In the past, I though of those as trivial, boring and a waste of time. I’ve changed my mind about it though. Not only it makes the body feels better, but it increases the blood flow to the brain. You can actually raise your IQ and increase your focus by exercising. It’s great for the brain !

But the main reason I’m doing it is to increase my body’s metabolism. This way, not only it creates more natural growth hormone, but it makes greater use of all those aminos and saturated fat. It makes the body work more and faster, thus healing faster. Plus creating muscle also creates new, hopefully healthier androgen receptors.

Many aminos will only activate with exercise. Like L-Tyrosine. I jump on the trampoline after taking it, to build up a sweat and get my heart pumping.

After taking L-Carnitine, I do weight lifting. If I don’t make muscle, Carnitine will have no place to go and will be flushed.

This is my approach. I’m sharing what works for me. I’m not trying to impose my views on anyone. Plus I know for a fact that when pfs threw us off balance, we all ended up in a different, unique fucked up state of imbalance. What works for one may not for another. That’s no secret. But it’s also why I took an all on approach and decided to give my body everything it needs in large amounts (an to eliminate all that’s hurting it). Then it can sort out what needs to be used to fix what’s broken and to flush what’s not needed.


You sure you react bad to omega3? Iam supplementing 3g (EPA/DHA combined) and Iam wondering if I have a bad response to them because its likely.

Yes I am. I bought the bottle, took it 3 days, felt bad about it and stopped. Then I was better.

Some people like to do blood test and have a specialist tell them if they’re doing good or not. It has it’s virtues but it’s also costly and takes time.

I just take a supplement, wait a few days and see how I feel. I’ve discovered new ways of feeling weird I never felt before ! If a supplement makes me feel bad or weird in a bad way, it’s out. If I don’t feel any change I may keep it and if I feel better, I definitely do keep it. However, if it feels too good (as in too good to be true) I will reduce it because there’s a chance of overreaching the state of balance and falling on the other side.

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I’ve thought this quite a bit lately. I wonder how many of the “symptoms have improved” threads are simply people boosting their Sex Drive/mood/whatever issue they had, which would have happened due to what they were taking regardless of PFS.

i.e. maybe if they had never taken fin but they took all these amino acids worked out, etc. they would go from their normal 100% to 130%. Now, due to fin, their baseline is 50%, so maybe the same thing boosts people to 80% for the same reason it would have boosted them anyways

That isn’t to say it’s really “curing” PFS, but I guess if it feels better in the end, improvement is what really matters

Finally no classified protocols?


can you take the survey and help us out so we can find a protocol to beat it?


There should be a “My personal recovery protocol” section on this site

Where people break down exactly what they did to recover with brands and portions per day/week, morning or night

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Quite a number of names without survey completion ticks here.

Fill out the survey now and read about “protocols” later, please.


Oh boy! You are loading up excessively with too much chemicals man! Bear in mind, me and another guy got fucked from Vit K2, so be careful with it!


I stopped since then after hearing it crashed people.

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