Amino Acids for Sexual Symptoms


Yes, I understand.

What dose did you take ?

Pills are sold between 50 to 1000 mcg. The maximum safe dose for a healthy human is 45000 mcg.

If you take 2 mcg, for exemple, I don’t think anything will happen.

So if you want to help, please tell me what dose you took ?


Took 100mcg for 2 months, then got the clicking joints…


Thank you for the information.
Do you still have clicking joints ?

A ketogenic diet would fix it in 2 weeks.


Yep, more than one year later, clicking and dry joints… my knees are fucked and I have hard time when I am at work, I am like 90 yeara old chap now bro!


Wow. A ketogenic diet with lots of bone broth and saturated fat would fix that. But it would take a month or two.

Severe arthritis has been fixed 100% this way.

I fixed my hips and knees and there’s few parts of my body I can still crack. I used to have a habit of cracking my fingers. I lost it, they would only crack under lots of strength and it would hurt. So I stopped.

And by the way, I’m fifty years old.


I am confident that I can fix this mate, but not here in this big city, London. Here everything is dirty and full of chemicals, mostly the food. So any kind of diet here would be a waste of time I suppose… I am 36 years old. Cheers!


You could source the things that Ozeph is talking about in London quite easily.


Cheers! Don’t get me wrong, London is a beautiful city and the life could be good here, if you don’t have PFS :wink:


I’m saying that if you think the quality of food is an issue, you could definitely source the good stuff in London. Even Pret sell bone broth and you can get organic everything if you seek it out.

I don’t mean that to sound patronising, you just seemed to be saying that you could only get bad quality food in London.


Nothing comes for free. I’ve been testing different amino acids, vitamins and supplements for months now.

I had great improvement in many aspects of my life, including the sexual symptoms. My personality has improved, I feel more confident, have a good mood, anxiety and depression are a thing of the past (Although I don’t assume they won’t come back)

But with all those experiments, one aspect deteriorated and it’s getting my worst symptom.
The strength of a chain is equal to the strength of its weakest link. For me it’s insomnia.

As successful as my experiments may be, I will have to read all my logs and find out what happened, what did I changed and made my sleep worst.

All the notes of my experiments remains, it may give others some ideas on what to do or not to do, although all cases are different within a range of commonalities.

Update: Well, I just did read it all. What made my insomnia worst could have been lavender oil, it could have been the 400mg of Pregnenolone I had to decrease to zero (I now take 10mg), It could have been the heavy doses of antibiotics I’ve been on for 2 weeks, it could have been the introduction of all those pro-androgen aminos and supplements for sexual symptoms or it could be something I haven’t though of.

I will reduce by half all I’m taking for sexual symptoms and if I get a somewhat better night of sleep, I will cut to zero. What I’m taking is pro-androgen and if my body still has an auto-immune response to hyper active androgen receptor, it may also attack my Orexin producing neurons.
Sex is not so important for me, it just gives me 20 minutes a pleasure. Sleep is important. It’s the difference between 16 hours of feeling good or feeling bad during the day, and 8 hours of sound sleep or of nightmarish constant waking up and tossing during the night.


I get you mate! I know I can find good organic stuff here, but there is other factors to consider… I am Chef, often I am working double shifts closed in the kitchen, breathing the shit comming out of the friers and the grill all day long, also, here is full of wifi and cellular antenas everywhere… I don’t think this is healthy either, and on top of all that lets consider the pollution of the cars, and the lack of sunshine, it’s a million city, nothing healthy in this kind of places, believe me! Cheers!


I’ve not tried bone broth, but I hear it mentioned here a lot. There is only one Pret in my city, but I’ll check it out.


I resumed my Amino acids for sexual symptoms. What I was taking, L-Valine, L-Cartinitine and Pine Pollen does not seem to affect my sleep as long as I take them in the morning

By the way, I mixed 5 gr (1 scoop) of Pine Pollen with 1 oz of DMSO and I put a pea size on my forearm and rub both forearms together. this way, i get all the benefits of the Pine Pollen right through the skin without having to take massive doses, most of which being destroyed by the stomach acid. I once put a quarter tea spoon on my forearms and rubbed them. I had a really strong testosterone rush. So it does work, and at a much lower dose.

Two things affected mt sleep: the destruction of my guts flora, which I restored with probiotics, and taking 5-HTP too late, which may end up producing cortisol.

All physical symptoms are slowly disappearing. I no longer, or very rarely have dry skin, my balls hurt less and less often, sensitivity is coming back and it’s all improving.

Sleep is still the main issue, and I will take steps to check if it’s Orexin or Cortisol (or lack of either) which is causing the problem.

I’s a puzzle, but not an unsolvable one.


@Ozeph A guy in another thread suggested that maybe cortisol production is too low in our sleep and instead adrenaline is taking over which is why a lot of us awake very alerted during the night. Do you have any thoughts on this? I’ll say that I went out and had a lot of alcohol last night (I believe this causes an increase in cortisol?) and experienced more refreshing sleep than normal and a morning erection which never really happens. I did however still wake up in the middle of the night alert and very hungry.

Anyways just wanted to say I really appreciate your frequent and throrough updates and wishing you success in your endeavors.


I wanted to test this theory as well. It’s from Shellnyce right ?

I had a piece of cheese and some milk and honey an hour after taking my sleeping pill (to make sure they went through before mixing them with food) and right before turning the lights off to sleep.

I had an improved night of sleep. Still woke up in the morning, but it’s because of my phone beeping once.


Day 24: It seems to work. I can’t know for sure, but I think either L-Valine or the Pine Pollen is restoring sensitivity. I had sex two times today, finished two times within a six hours interval. No problem with erection, I can take it for granted as I used too. Sex drive is at 5 to 8 times a week, which is lower than before, but I’m fifty.

I guess I shouldn’t compare with when I was 28 (I had sex drive for 20-40 times a week. I was desperate. I seriously considered going to some African country and paying a black market doctor to remove one of my balls !)

Anyways. The regime I’m on seems to bear fruits.

On top of all the Amino Acid For neurological symptoms, I’m also taking:
L-Valine, 2000 mg / day.
L- Carnitin, 1000 mg / day.
Pine pollen in DMSO, 1 pea size a day., put on one of my forearms and then I spread it by rubbing both forearms together. they’re full of veins, so the androgenic ingredients in the Pine Pollen goes straight to my blood. (Warning, taking it this way in a lot more efficient. I once took 1/4 teaspoon of the mix and rubbed it on my forearms the same way and I had a testosterone rush along with aggressiveness. I find that a pea size is perfect for me.)

I will continue taking those supplements as long as my balls are hurting; they still do but less intensely and less frequently. I will reduce than stop when everything has come back to normal.

I will also post only if there’s a change. If suddenly some sexual symptoms come back, or to announce that ALL of them have finally disappeared.

I’ll be more active on the Amino Acid For neurological symptoms as I’m still fighting insomnia (although it’s also getting better)

Ha ha. I don’t know if I’m speaking too fast. Today, I had oatmeal for breakfast, a keto lunch, and a huge bowl of macaroni and cheese for dinner. I’m trying a carbohydrate reload to see what it does. So far so good, no anxiety or ill effects (except yummy. I love mac and cheese !)

I’ll be fasting and exercising for the next 20 hours and then back to keto / carnivore diet (Rib eye steaks, kale and lots of saturated fat. Always the same every meal. Much easier than pure ketogenic diet where you have to calculate shit)


Are you using plain L-Carnitin or L-Carnitin Tartrate or something else?

I have L-Valine, L-Carnitin Tartrate and Pine Pollen, but no DMSO. Guess I will give that a shot since the sexual sensitivity issue is really the only issue I have (or, at the very least, it’s the one I notice far more than anything else…)


L-Carnitine tartrate. I’m not sure that’s the one responsible for sensitivity. Nonetheless, I use it anyway. It creates new androgen receptors (so maybe it does improve sensitivity) and build up muscles.

I think it’s an overall approach, not just a one pill fix all type of thing.

I mixed 1 oz of this:

With one scoop of this:

It will last me for 2-3 month (instead of 1 scoop a day) and be more effective.


Thanks, I’ll give that a shot. I do agree, it’s probably the overall combo than any 1 particular thing. Now I just dread this no carb thing, lol


If you can’t get it straight on, try reducing gradually while increasing saturated fat and meat.

The results are amazing. Not only it heals diseases, but it raises you IQ (I shit you not sir !) and will make your body lean and full of muscle.

Check this guy: Totally better

He says:

“Hi Guys. So recovery…abstain from any sexual activity for prolonged period of time to try and somehow give your system a break. At some point get in the gym and force yourself to train (I know this might seem impossible but you have to) training must be circuit style/high intensity intervals on cross trainer etc (use caffeine preworkout). Need to eat clean (high protein low carb) and no smoking or drinking. I’ll be honest I started an Anavar cycle when these photos were taken, that’s why I look in great shape. I’m now using TRT (200mg test E) and SARMS (Ostarine and cardarine), similar effects (I think after the testicles have been fried by Propecia some sort of hormone replacement is the only solution) (I got this idea from another member who used pro hormones in a similar fashion and had success). Three years on I have no issues apart from PE (use dapoxetine and cialis) and long refactory period.”

He didn’t do high saturated fat, but he also didn’t recover from sexual symptoms. Hormones are made of cholesterol, so saturated is good for them as well as for the brain (which is 95% saturated fat)

I’ll post my pictures later. It’s almost the same.