Amino Acids for Sexual Symptoms


I’ve been taking valine and carnitin the last 3 days or so and this is the best I’ve felt in a really long time. I hope it stays. If I can feel even better with a low carb diet I’ll be very happy.

I feel lean, strong, confident and sex drive is through the food.

Coincidence? Who knows. I’m going to keep taking them and see what happens. Low carb diet is coming up next after I do a little more research


That’s great news !

I don’t know what doses you take, but if you feel too great to be true, I suggest you cut the dose a bit. It’s easy to overdo it and crash on the other side.

After cutting back a bit, you can always readjust later.

That being said, what you describe is similar to how I feel.


what dose carnitine and valine and at what times of day?


I’m taking L-Valine 2000mg and Carnitine Tartrate 1000mg around 2pm before exercise.

They can be taken anytime before 3pm to make sure they don’t interfere with sleep, and taking them before exercise is better although if you did exercise the previous day it’s also fine.

I suggest you start at 1/4 of that, if you feel Ok, then 1/2, and you you feel ok then the above dosage.

Stop or reduce at first sign of trouble. Don’t think feeling bad is Ok and it’s only your body adapting. That’s how people end up worst.


I’m taking about half those amounts but I’ve been bad about taking them late in the day. The first night I didn’t sleep well at all, but that seems to be better now. I will probably switch to taking them in the morning though.

We’ll see how things go. If I can maintain a lot of how I feel now I’ll be pretty happy.


I didn’t start at those amounts. I always start something in tiny doses. As most of us, it’s easy for me to upset something and feel worst. Better be cautious.


I took them this morning to try to get adjusted to that vs in the evening. Going to leave the dosages at half the recommended for now and see what happens.

The weirdest thing is my muscles are sore. It feels like I’ve been working out, but I haven’t. It’s odd, but it kind of feels good in a weird sort of way


Yes. Carnitine goes to the muscle. It is best when used in combination with weight lifting. It creates new androgen receptors as it creates more muscles.

Weight lifting increases 5a-reductase. This is why it’s an element of at least half success stories.

But whatever you do, take it slowly.


Isn’t one of the theories on here that we have an upregulation of androgen receptors? I would think we wouldn’t want to be creating more


There’s all kinds of theories it seems. I don’t have a clue which is correct (my knowledge of biology is quite limited so most of it is over my head anyways) but I think most can agree that working out and a low/no carb diet have helped more people than anything else. A few people have had luck with different amino acids as well, so I feel like the combination of the three is our best bet at this point


For sure, I will be trying these as well. What I meant to say was that I think one of the studies pointed at increased androgen receptors in genital skin so I guess it’s proven more than just a theory. I actually
majored in molecular biology and I still have a hard time making heads or tails of some of what I read on here. Anyways keep us updated if you see any big improvements and I’ll do the same.


Some people go the estrogen path by taking soy. Or they try things that will lower their androgens or their AR response. If it makes them feel better, good for them.

I went the androgen path. I’m taking pine pollen to raise testosterone and other androgens, I take Carnitine Tartrate to create more AR, hopefully healthy, un-repressed ones, I take L-Valine to increase sensibility and I do weight lifting to boost 5a-reductase levels and try to reboot allopregnanolone and the whole thing.

It’s certainly not the way for every one. that’s why I’m saying start slowly and reduce, tapper down or stop at first sign of trouble. Do it only if it makes you feel good.


Well, tonight was def not a good one. Very numb during sex, couldn’t get the job done. Tried stopping for a bit and then trying again (usually works) but still no go

Not sure if it’s from taking these in the morning, ie it’s been over 12 hours at this point or what. Going to skip tomorrow altogether and see what happens.

Sorry for the thread hijack!


It’s fine. This thread is not as formal as the one for neurological symptom where I post daily.

I would suggest you stop for 3-5 days and see what happens. If you’re better, don’t take those again.


Will do. I was fine last night so it’s pretty frustrating. Ah well.


It’s very hard to decide what path to take. I tend to feel better sexually with things that lower my androgens or the response but I feel better as far as fatigue and brain fog when I raise androgens.


Than lower androgens and take 5-HTP 100mg and Tyrosine 500mg in the morning. You’ll have the best of both world.

(And if it doesn’t feel good, stop !)


I still feel rather good other than the numbness. I’ve also been told the dark spots around one of my eyes had gone away recently. Another thread found a link to that a propecia users, though I can’t recall the correct name for it now.

Anyways. Going to give sex a break until Friday then see how I feel. It will be a tough test, lol


Day 35: I’ve added vitamin A 25000 Ui (which is a high dose, but that’s all I found here in Thailand).

Sex drive is going up, sensitivity and erections are back to normal.
I enjoy a somewhat lower sex drive. It was once a day 5 years ago, now twice a week. that seems more manageable)

My balls are not often hurting and the intensity is very low, barely perceivable. After crashing, they hurt everyday. I also felt like a needle prick in the scrotum when I was closed to reaching orgasm. That has disappeared. Other symptoms have disappeared: watery semen is gone, pre-sperm has come back, morning erections also.

The things I’m taking specifically for sexual symptoms:

Vitamin A 25000 UI (will go down to 10000 ui as soon as I get some)
Vitamin D 10000 UI
L- Carnitine 1000 mg (increase AR density)
L-Valine 2000 mg (Increase sensitivity)
DHEA 10mg (increase both testosterone and estrogen)
Pregnenolone 10mg (will test increasing to 20mg)
Pine pollen in DMSO, 1 pea size amount spread on forearms. (increase androgen)
Choline 500mg, betaine 400mg, this is to methylate and lower estrogen
Sometimes Arginine, Citrulline, Ornithine, 500mg each.

Instrumental to sex drive: L-Dopa 350/700 mg per day (still testing the dose)
Needs to be taken with 5-HTP 100/200 mg (still testing the dose)

Update: Just had sex with my wife, I masturbated 2 days ago, and I can confirm that vitamin A 25000 IU made a huge change in sensitivity. In both case I could finish in 3-4 minutes if I wanted to (which I did) or control it longer if I wanted. This didn’t happen in the last 6 months. In those 6 months, I couldn’t finish when I masturbated (so I stopped doing it) and sometimes when having sex it would take 30 minutes or even it would never happens.

I can connect vitamin A in large doses with increased sensitivity. Still be careful, too much vitamin A can be toxic. I will reduce to 10000 IU as soon as I find the pills (the 25000 IU are gel caps, so I can’t split them)


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