Amino Acids for Sexual Symptoms


I bought it from Bulk Supplements on


Can you please link me the page… I think that maybe its not avalable in Italy…
Thank you!



That’s what I have and where I got it as well


I love Bulk Supplements. They have all we need for cheap, in sizes that will last months if not years.


Thank you!


Is the vitamin A still giving you improvements?


Less. It may have been a spontaneous thing. I’ll have to wait maybe another 10 days to know for sure.


I found out through circumstantial events that it was not vitamin A alone, but the combination of Vitamin A, Pine Pollen (which increases testosterone), Choline and Betaine (which decreases estrogen)

All those together increases sex drive and sensitivity.

I just did the test. A week without any of the above except Vitamin A: low sex drive and sensitivity.

Introduced all of the above and sex drive and sensitivity is restored after one day.


So Vitamin-A does help but ony in conjunction with other ones?


That’s what it does to me.


Seems I missed the recent updates. I’m going to give the combo you mentioned a try for sexual sensitivity. What the hell, can’t hurt at this point right?


If I was you, I would concentrate on the neurological symptoms. Sex drive is derived from the brain anyway.


Good point, thanks.