Video claims Finasteride side effects are "Psychological"

I think it might not be a bad idea to have a section citing study after study of adverse effects compartmentalized from Propecia, Accutane, and SSRIs.
Basically a go F yourself to Drs and critics that could easily be compiled, referenced and printed out.

For example is this a Psychological side effect of Accutane?

Isotretinoin increased carotid intima-media thickness in acne patients


If the neurotransmitters or receptors in your brain aren’t working it’s a form of brain damage. I have no emotions. Emotions come from the amygdala in your limbic system in your brain. Memory and sleep come from the hypothalamus. Libido comes from the brain as well. These things don’t come back for most people. At all. You don’t have to be shot in the head to have brain damage. Every neurologist I saw said it’s a form of brain damage.
Same with the genital numbness. Dr. Goldstein did QST and my nerves are responding 2.5 times slower. He called it nerve damage. It’s a form of nerve damage whether it comes from the brain or it’s the actual nerves. And it doesn’t come back for most people either.
You are right that it’s a complex issue that also involves damage to the endocrine system and immune system. But since blood work is normal for most people it’s likely a receptor issue possibly coming from the AR. That’s why we get physical symptoms like muscle wastage and penile shrinkage.
It’s all likely just different genes switched on and off throughout the body. Damage everywhere but saying we have a form of brain damage isn’t wrong.


Yes you are wrong. People that had no emotions recovered and people that had shrinkage/numbness recovered as well. Dont state facts here when you don’t know.

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What am I wrong about? And what percentage of people do you think recovered from those things?

You’re wrong saying it is brain damage when you don’t know what it is. No one does. And i dont know what percentage. I do know people that have gotten better dont come on these forums. You just seem to be stating things as fact when no one knows any absolutes about this condition

How do you know people got better if they don’t come on the forums? How do you know they haven’t killed themselves? I think you are just believing what you want to believe.

Lol there are a ton of posts where on here where people have gotten over anhedonia and numb penis. Also on the pfs podcast. I think you just dont want to look around. Per usual on this dumbass site, people are hellbent on believe the worst.

It’s always better to think positive. Placebo and nocebo are quite powerful

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There’s not “tons” of posts. In comparison to the number of sufferers it’s pretty small actually. And quite a few of them, like CDNuts, are flat out frauds. And nobody Dr. Healy is following has recovered significantly from PSSD, PFS, or PAS. As a patient of his I can tell you Dr. Goldstein isn’t having great success treating it. Talk to me in a couple of years and tell me what you think. Actually nevermind I won’t be around. And it won’t be because I’m recovered either.

With no emotions there is no positive or negative. Only logical.

Please refrain from posting in such a disrespectful tone about this site. The very first reply you received in your member thread advised you that people often improve with time so it is not the “usual” that members believe the worst

You’re not the first to mischaracterise the whole website as overly fatalistic and you likely won’t be the last. It peeves me to see it because it simply isn’t true. We recently had someone return to make a thread protesting “healing is possible” (implying it’s somehow forbidden to say so on this site) while stating on another website that propeciahelp makes it seem as if this is all “100% permanent for everybody” and that mods ban people who post that they’ve recovered because this is all a front to collect money from people for the Foundation. What follows is literally the first reply they received on this site:

Some more replies to his member story

That this forum is a universally negative “cesspool” is a myth.


Lol so how do you know cd nuts is a fraud? The guy posted here for 5 years about his symptoms and then got better and people think hes a fraud. Does that make sense to you? A guy posting for 5 years just to try and scam people after 5 years?

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Lol you can’t be that naive/ dumb. Look around. You scroll through one thread it’s literally NOTHING but negativity. Saying that is a myth is just flat out lunacy. Add that to the long list of other problems with this site. People like you are either in denial or just straight up lie about the tone of this site. It’s negative, full of sad, miserable people trying to spread misery. Most people would agree. So either stop lying or snap out of this rediculous thought that this place isnt negative.

This site doesn’t exist to channel positive affirmations toward every crank with a recovery protocol, nor does it exist as a platform to insult those with what is an inherently miserable condition for the severely affected. In all honesty, this has been the only negative, ill spirited, comment Posted today. Take it elsewhere.


Good riddance.

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Lol wtf was that guys problem? I don’t get it why was he attacking us exactly?

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Expect to see more of that sort of thing. We are on the right track. Some people will try to discredit us as a result.


There are people who got worsen by using CD nuts herbs and shit. As you know PFS is different for everyone, there are people with sexual sides only, others got mental sides only etc. Even the blood tests are different, some got high T, others low T, high E2, low E2, low DHT, high DHT etc. Even if CDnuts is not fraud, his protocol could be dangerous for some people, so what is the point pushing it to everyone here? Use your logic for a bit please!


If you don’t like this forum, don’t come.


Same as ever:

No difference between this and asymptomatic finasteride users denying PFS is happening at all. In fact, I find it a lot more sinister as they should have a shred of empathy given they have experienced some effects even if very different.

@Tzinkman clearly took the time to post what is actually being said, and just got more name calling. People take a lot of time to support each other. Those who are so “positive” they need to spin some weird narrative and disparage others they know nothing about can do so elsewhere.

Thanks as always to those being kind to each other.