Using steroids in the right combination has brought me back to 90% within a week (UPDATED)

Damn, My estradiol is 27pg/ml by default without AI’s, Test is usually 500-700 and yet my sack is dead.

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@Hemingway, This is very interesting, pls keep us updated on what you do and the effects. I myself also am thinking about DHT cream, I wonder if only the cream would do the trick without trt/hcg/aro :thinking: Found this place for DHT cream. Not sure if it’s the right percentage of dht we will need but it requires a doctors prescription it’s also alcohol based so I don’t think it can be applied to the genital region. But apparently this stuff is legit.

@Hemingway why do you think the dht cream never worked in your first attempt years ago?

@Sibelio think there’s any chance at all the dht cream applied to your stomach would have worked if you were on any test cyp?

Update: Have had MAJOR improvments in erection quality. Dick is getting harder and harder every time but its also getting more pumped and meatier. It’s slowly returning to its previous size

As it gets bigger the erections become weaker again until it catches up again a few days later and the cycle repeats itsealf. The dick is getting hard and pumped all the way down to the shaft and I’m noticing hardness near the root of the attatchment in the gooch area which I was really missing these last 4-5 years.

Dick function is not 100% but defitely making huge improvments.

One thing that is hindering my EQ is the testosterone. The dose is too high and I conver wayy to much estrogen and even using Aromasin its not nearly as effective as using a lower dose. Because I’ve been so busy I’ve skipped injections for 2-3 days and I alwasy have WAY better dick function on the 2 and 3rd days of no injection but libido starts going down

Which basically furthers strenghtens my theory that its DHT-E2 ratio thats very improtant for us. Somehow I believe I am not converting enough DHT to match the E2 increase. Topical DHT is the best out of everything I’ve used but even it cant overcome the elevated E2 from test. I get the best erections after not pinning test

If I was to reccomend a protoocol for someone who doesnt give a shit about hair anymore and just wasnts EQ fucntion back heres what I’d suggest

600mg Mast E per week
100mg Test E per week, split into 3-4 injections
Topical DHT
Aromasin- as needed

It’s amazing to me that all this time you guys havent figuired out this suppoused “crash” after starting TRT is the DHT-E2 ratio being thrown off in certain tissues, in my opinion. Even if your serum E2 is low or normal that isnt the best indicator because in certain organs/tissues the ratio can still be insufficient on the side of DHT

If you have symtomps of a crash at ~100mg Test per week then just keep blasting the DHTs. Masteron is suppousedly great but it’s not even a spec of dust compared to topical DHT for me

This might be my last major update. Hope it helps some of you. I recieved so much backlash, bannings, hatred comments in other threads trying to explain this. At the time I hadnt fully figuired this out yet but not it’s pretty clear to me what has happened.

I believe the only thing about pfs which might be permanent is the reduction of 5-ar or the elevation of aromatase activity in certain tissues. Asside from that I now beleive pfs is fully treatable, just keep increasing the DHT:E2 ratio, keep the test medium normalish, and use topical and or synthetic DHTs

I believe the crash is 100% because of E2 and not AR downregulation!

Im out


You recommend 100mg test E per week split into 3-4 injections? That sounds tedious, why not 1?

I like your theory though. I don’t think anyone has talked about DHT:E2 ratios before.

Has there been any Proviron only recoveries? Andractim?

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The testosterone shots need to be split in smaller doses due to the conversion to estrogen I’m assuming, I like this protocol and I would try it but I would ditch the AI personally since it gives me bad bone pain and those can also lead to similar symptoms to PFS

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I understand your frustrations with everything you’ve experienced. But you’ve also been having successes many of us are happy to see. Could you stick around and keep updating us on your progress?


Did you use it? What happened?

Thanks for the detailed post.

What is “EQ”? Equipoise? Estrogen Quotient?

What is the function of Masteron in this treatment?

Is Aromasin taken to lower E2 level?

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What brand of topical dht and where do you apply it?
How often?

EQ is erection quality

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Just wanted to elaborate on this

In men serum E2 is almost meaningless because 99.99% of the estrogen is converted from Testosterone intracellularly. The levels in the serum is just a weak indicator of e2 levels in the body but it is extremely limited in its ability.

You can have normal E2 levels or low E2 levels in the serum but in certain organs like the penis still be converting too high into estrogen which will kill your dick. With increasing E2 DHT need to go up to balance it. But again DHT is also possible to have different levels in certain tissues.

So by using a low dose of Test 70-100mg per week and a high dose of a DHT like a masteron you might be able make the DHT to E2 ratio optimal in the penis

But that might not be enough! Applying DHT topically allows for very high levels of DHT to reach the tissues in the penis.

So that’s my theory on why topical DHT worked way better than proviron and mast

I came off cycle and did pct but when I started using the DHT again my testicles shrunk and I started not getting as hard as I used to. It def shuts you down

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So what’s your plan now? Will you go back on TRT and use masteron and dht cream indefinitely? Ive seen some people “cruise” on low doses of masteron along with their trt.

Is DHT with prescription or is it some underground product that is not used medicinally? I couldn’t find it online. What’s it called? My TRT doc pretty much prescribes me anything I want. I’m in Europe.

EDIT: found it, it’s ANDRACTIM / Androstanolone and they don’t have a license to sell it here. Hmm. If I can’t have it I want it more now


Order online.

Already looked into it. It’s not like steroids that are on every other site. Looks like two sources of only. Russianstar and some other. Both seem to have a bad reputation. I could order raw dht from China and make it myself I guess but it seems like a lot of hassle without knowing if it could even work.

Did you apply DHT to the dick or is any area?

I tried the Russianstar DHT gel/cream. It seems to do something but im unsure if its DHT or something else in it. I didnt do a blood test to check DHT levels.

Proviron is a more guaranteed to be actual dht.