Cured after 11 years

In the transcript the doctor mainly focuses on vitamin D and folate, but also recommends a supplement with saw palmetto and zinc to inhibit 5-AR, which is a surprise since that’s like taking finasteride.

But what the OP has done is completely different: use Proviron to boost DHT, then discontinue to somehow restore the whole system.

If it works I guess it doesn’t matter what the mechanism is.

But we don’t know if it will work in others; we have just one report.


Here’s a thread on another board about trying Proviron for PFS:

In the last post in the thread, a user says Vitamin B5 in megadoses can increase 5-alpha-reductase activity. Has anyone tried this?


I wasn’t inferring that what the doctor did has utility for us seeing as the patient does not have PFS. It is interesting however that this person felt better after inhibiting 5-alpha reductase, which is also reported in some people with our condition. But as you probably know this sort of approach also has a seemingly large chance of worsening allot of us and therefore I wouldn’t recommend trying to emulate anything from the case study. All I meant was the way the doctor approached the case, in terms of investigative work, should be commended as it seemed quite thorough.

Here’s another report of success treating PFS with Proviron:


Here is a thorough and informative post from another board, of someone who had success using topical DHT 2.5% in a liposome gel.

He writes: “ Now I can happily say that I no longer have any problem, strong erection all day and all night. Incredible!”

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Cross-referencing another thread reporting success with topical DHT:

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I’ve seen this one case where a doctor uses DUTCH to diagnose this non-PFS kid having high DHT.

I feel like DUTCH is a good test because you can test pretty much every hormone for under $500, and some company give results if a hormone is balanced by enzyme reduction. But if you ask any forum, they whine that it’s not as accurate as blood tests. That’s an opinion that’s still carried by word of mouth. Technology has improved, but I can’t back that.

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I don’t recall seeing a DHT level in my blood tests. Is DHT measured in conventional (non-DUTCH) testing?

The guy mentions he could feel improvements in the gooch area, and I feel like that’s the pelvic floor muscles restoring, or reactivating.

I’ve been researching pelvic floor after reading Ghost’s (PSSD leader) articles on pelvic floor and I think he’s on to something. I don’t think that pure blood flow is enough to keep a dick erect. It’s held up by floor muscles.

I finally started having the rhythmic contractions after initial ejaculations and I could feel it caused by 2 of the floor muscles like he mentioned.

I think it’s either hormone rebalancing and/or pelvic floor congestion, possibly caused by parasites-since one guy was cured by eradicating e histolytica.

Then it makes sense why diet, probiotics, gut, enemas, etc have made improvements.

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Redvirus, yes you can test DHT. You will likely have to twist an arm to have any doctor test it. Easiest way is to buy your own lab order.

Some countries don’t even offer it. I want to say Argentina is one because they mentioned that DHT was unavailable while doing case studies for 2 PFS patients.

Most countries in Europe have DHT as a prescription, but not in the U.S. You will have to order it from overseas.

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I believe finasteride’s reduction of androgens shrinks the prostate. And this is why it’s used (as Proscar) to treat BPH (enlarged prostate).

This paper from the 1990s shows finasteride shrunk the prostate in dogs:


It could reduce the size of the prostate. So could black tea, a DHT inhibitor as well. It would happen in everyone taking fin, including Trump. Besides, androgens can increase prostate size, and there’s even prostate peptides.

People recover from PFS and that’s what we should focus on.

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Interesting story. I think there is something to it although I find the experiment quite risky. I can imaging that after substituting DHT at that high levels, the own body completely shuts down androgen production. When suddenly stopping DHT substitution the body may be confronted with a severe lack of androgen which may explain why he felt “off”. After let’s say being at “zero” in androgenes levels the body may undo methylation to cope with this situation and return to normal levels of DHT and neurosteroide. But if that reboot won’t work probably you will feel constantly worse than before.

Btw to get your DHT tested you can just go to any lab. I did it in Germany, with 50 Euros it’s quite costly, so next time I will ask the endocrinologist to do it.

About the DHT gel stories, we should differentiate between cure (like this story) and treatment (which may just be for the time using the gel.

@pal how long are you now symptom-free? I think it’s also important to see if there is any relapse.


11 years of PFS and he never joined the community, he only registered yesterday and he comes up with an absurd theory … I don’t take it so much with him, but with those people who believe him! I think it’s a troll attempt! It doesn’t take a genius to understand it. Don’t do shit, please. My life is totally destroyed because I listened to a motherfucker on this forum talking about cycling the tribulus and now I can’t even get out of bed.


There are a lot of people that only read thebposts without posting.


Do as you like … I can’t force you. Know that what he proposes is absurd and extremely dangerous. I know PFS patients who have extremely high DHT levels and despite this, they are in our same situation.


I find it really sad people believe this


I haven’t registered on any forum for years too.
Not everyone feels the need to talk nonsense about baylor on daily basis.


Is like that guy that cured himself whit poop transplant? he copy paste his ridiculous cure regimen in all forums just for the lols

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Why are y’all talking about testing your DHT? It’s not as simple as just substituting DHt if you’re low. He did this to resensitize the receptor.