Cured after 11 years

It’s sad that people still have such primitive and arrogantly simplistic notions as to think that PFS is low serum DHT levels (i.e., what proviron increases). Even in the face of that if they would do the most basic search at all they would see that people have been getting blood tests showing that our blood DHT levels are basically fine, as well as that countless people here have tried simply taking DHT for over a decade (without benefit).

What this guy did was different from simply taking proviron to feel better on the erroneous basis of that we have low DHT. He basically did the opposite. He took a ton of Proviron in order to SUPPRESS his endogenous DHT. He clearly states Proviron made him feel like shit. It was only after STOPPING it that he felt better.


Yes, take the protocol with a grain of salt. We understand very little about the mechanistic. But it is possible that approach worked. It doesn’t mean it works for others.


I like this idea. I have a feeling that a bunch of people here will just take some proviron and not feel better, so give up and then go start taking herbs or something next, though. Then two years later another thread will pop up with a bunch of guys thinking they have just discovered that the cure would be taking some proviron (because “PFS is low DHT”) and same exact utterly pointless repeat happens again, completely missing the point.


Attacking someone’s integrity prevents open dialogue. Other people will see this and be reluctant to post their perspectives.

Everyone is of course entitled to their own perspective on their own experience; but on an anonymous forum I think you do not have knowledge or reasons to dismiss this post.


Not saying that the post is not legit, but if you think that this protocol can be applied to everyone here, apparently you don’t have knowledge of how PFS can surprise you.

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I’m sorry you fell for last year’s sudden discovery of Tribulus craze. There were many posts early in that thread with warning that Tribulus had been damaging to many previously and that it had a long record of not working, including from the admins That kind of thing happening is why I think we should generally switch from the endless Google witch doctoring of the last 10 years to being overwhelmingly focused on facilitating the performance of scientific research on our condition.

That said, I don’t think that calling people who have recovered liars and scams is productive either. We have to control our emotions or else this whole community will just come across as a bunch of hypochondriacs, conspiracy theorists, and nut jobs.

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There is a huge difference between what this guy did and what countless others have tried and failed with in the past. Probably thousands of guys have tried applying andractim or taking proviron because they thought they had low DHT and simply raising it would be the cure. That is not what this guy was trying to do at all.


Isn’t this protocol just inducing another crash? When we stopped taking propecia, dht started being produced and flooded our systems overloading receptors and causing a down regulation of said receptors. Isn’t this just doing the same again?

That’s a theory, but I don’t think we know that DHT production resumes after discontinuation of finasteride…

We welcome open discussion of people’s subjective experiences with treatments.

On the other hand, words of caution against undertaking risky treatments are also welcome.

Bottom line, let’s please keep the discussion civil.

PS- Edits were made! If anyone is unhappy with how their post was edited, feel free to delete, or re-edit them into something that reflects what you wanted to say originally, minus any insults .

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To make everyone aware here, a number of posts have been edited and one deleted for flouting the rules regarding civility Everybody here is free to express their opinion on the feasibility or wisdom of the OP’s approach in his story but please remember to keep it respectful.

My own view on some of the conversations taking place in this thread: we are an incredibly vulnerable patient community, some of whom have been left in a shockingly damaged state by this disease. Despite suffering from such a devastating physiological disorder, with its remarkable symptom scope and levels of severity, we are not only all but abandoned or dismissed at the clinical level, we are extraordinarily attacked and smeared as delusional and having personality disorders in peer reviewed, published articles. I cannot think of many other patient cohorts who face a similar set of conditions.

Given these conditions, it is understandable that people here are eager and excited when they hear of somebody claiming to have recovered from the disease, particularly when it’s from “doing something” and something relatively simple in application. I would warn that speaking of “sensitising/desensitising” AR receptors is a very simplified way of describing very complex biological processes and manipulating one’s endocrine function in this way could have many unintended consequences and leave patients in a worse state. Just because it apparently worked for one person, it obviously doesn’t mean it will work for everybody (I think people here know that anyway).

Like some in this thread, I think it’s healthy to be skeptical when somebody joins the forum with no previous history here and has one post claiming that something they did cured the condition. As a moderator, I see the amount of times I and others on the team here see an account turn up from the same IP address as an existing account but the person behind it presents themselves as an entirely different person. These accounts are quickly deleted and so the community never knows it’s going on. People should be aware that it’s not unlikely that somebody with PFS could claim to be cured from a treatment that they theoretically suspect could resolve PFS but don’t want to be the guinea pig to try it. Or that somebody from outside the community with an interest in it could post their theory (masquerading as a patient) and wait for real patients to try it to see if it is correct. A near-100 thousand subscriber Youtuber recently released a video on PFS and a “reversal” protocol on his website which was very keen on using Proviron for endocrine manipulation (I’m not linking it here as it isn’t credible and potentially dangerous to patients). I’m NOT saying the OP is doing that by the way, just asking people to be cognizant of these things.

It is not right to be only cynical either however, so with that said, welcome @pal and thank you for sharing your story. It is good to hear of somebody who had the condition for so long is now free of symptoms.


I don’t want to side track the discussion, but I would be very curious to see whatever paper scribed our genital numbness etc to personality disorder. It would be interesting to see their claim exactly and what personality disorder might possibly be correlated.

Blood DHT means nothing. DHT is produced locally and used locally. Anything in the blood is just a tiny fraction thst leaks out. It’s like a drop of water compared to a full bucket

Your knowledge is really primitive. Topical DHT was and is amazing for me. Proviron not so much


There is a paper by Trüeb in an obscure journal that looks at a single PFS case, speculating based on “circumstantial evidence” that it may be a delusional disorder related to an underlying histrionic personality disorder. The paper’s title is sensational and irresponsible because it doesn’t indicate that it’s a single case report.

Trüeb wrote another paper which I would call crackpot material: “Saint Rita of Cascia: Patron Saint for Women with Frontal Fibrosing Alopecia?”

The PFS case report is not worth anyone’s time, in my opinion.

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You are agreeing with me. That was my point. Our blood DHT levels are not only normal but also irrelevant. So people who think that just taking some Proviron might make you feel better both misunderstand the nature of our problem and overlook the fact that that hasn’t worked for innumerable people on the forum across over ten years.

This idea of using Proviron to instead REDUCE our DHT levels is different, and it’s critical that people realize that rather than just going and popping Proviron the way so many here seem to be eager to just start popping whatever other pill thinking it will be so simple. That’s what people here have mostly been doing over the last 10 years. Reading somewhere that X herb is good for libido, that TRT is good for libido, that exercise is, fasts are, whatever, everyone doing the same dumb things over and over and over, meanwhile 10 years go by and all that’s been accomplished is more complaining about being victims of drug companies, virtually zero progress on science.

Yeah that would irrelevant unless we continue to act like a bunch of lunes who can’t do anything except sitting here bitching. As long as we sit here wringing our hands and theorizing about conspiracies we are in the same category. Until we get some science to back up our stories then we are just as lunatic fringe as anyone else and have no basis for complaint when treated as such.

Half of the people in this thread haven’t even filled out the survey. They want to talk but can’t be bothered to contribute the smallest little part to getting research done. Meanwhile the admins are spending thousands of hours and basically devoting their lives with no thanks in return.

This is the first time I’ve seen that, and it breaks my heart.
I don’t believe in fairytales, in God, in acupuncture, in astrology or in any other sort of bullshit quackery. I may have a history of depression but I’m not delusional. I mean sure, depression is awful but it’s absolutely horrid to live with erectile dysfunction as a 29 year old guy… And to be dismissed as a hypochondriac for it on top of that is just evil. Not being able to have morning or nocturnal erections should at least indicate it’s a physical thing and not between my ears? I hope supporting the researchers who are conducting real research on all this will prove fruitful soon. I am truly heartbroken.


I can understand feeling that way. It’s an obnoxious title and seems like an effort to undermine credibility of people with PFS. The good news is that this one crackpot is far outnumbered by many other researchers around the world who are giving serious attention to PFS. A bibliography is here:

The scientists who have done valuable work include: Abdulmaged Traish at BU, George Zakhem and colleagues at NYU Dermatology, Steven Belknap at Northwestern, Michael Irwig at GW, and Roberto Melcangi and his group at U. Milan. Read those papers and forget about this one-off which adds nothing to the effort to understand and treat PFS.


You probably know that the journal where an article is published is part of how scientists judge its credibility. Journals have an “impact factor” to evaluate how influential they are.

Skin Appendage Disorders, where Trüeb published the article, doesn’t appear to even have an impact factor. In the greater world of dermatology and urology, it is totally ignorable and unimportant.

On the other hand, the other authors I mentioned have published in journals such as JAMA Dermatology, whose impact factor of 7.99 makes it “the highest ranking dermatology journal in the world.” (See ‘For authors’ page)

The Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology, where another PFS paper appeared, has an impact factor of 7.1 making it the #2 dermatology journal. (See JAAD home page)