Using steroids in the right combination has brought me back to 90% within a week (UPDATED)

I don’t believe symptoms will get better with time without medication. This post will be a very descriptive of a steroid stack designed to try to cure my symptoms with explanations for each

Testosterone: 300-750mg per week ( you have to experiment to find the right dose for you)
Masteron Prop: 300-500mg per week
Aromasin: (VERY IMPORTANT) dose is dependant on you; start with 10mg EOD and adjust

The reason for the test is that it is what creates libido in the brain. It’s also aromatizes heavily especially for us. Estrogen absolutely kills dick function past a certain range.

I believe that for us the margin of error with estrogen is much slimmer than normal people so we have to find the right dose of asin.

Adex doesn’t work for us I think. It’s harder to find the perfect dose and the rebound is very harsh. I’m either at crashed E or too high with Adex. Asin has no rebound becuase it’s a suicide inhibitor so it’s easier to dose and find the sweet spot. Also, it can’t be displaced from the aromatase by Testosterone like adex can

I believe Mast prop gives a huge increase in libido, is basically synthetic DHT. Helps managing estrogen symptoms and shifts the body from estrogen dominance. Also strengthens the Smooth muscles in the penis which are weakened from years of finasteride induced ED

I believe it’s the whole approach together that’s important. You can’t use TRT doses and expect results

BTW Estradiol has been clinicaly shown to downregute androgen receptors. I believe finding the perfect range for estradiol leaves in combo with the right amount T and DHT is the key to solving my problem.

High E ED symtoms:

  • fluffy soft dick
  • hard to get erect
  • hard to maintain erection
  • never acheiving maximal erection
  • premature ejaction once getting near maximal erection, ie loss of ability to control and strenght of pelvic muscles responsible for orgasm

Low E ED symptoms:

  • Tight, thin dick
  • difficult to stretch (kind of like what happens when taking stims)
  • Very difficult to get bloodflow into dick, harder than when high E
  • wet noodle effect, dick not responsive to stimulation
  • One it gets hard you can momentarily achieve a very hard erection
  • Erection almost alwasy goes soft after getting hard, before you cum that is

My theory is that almost all of us have high E ED and thats the common effect of finasteride

I was experimenting with all these and at one point I got insanely hard erections, harder than I’ve had in years but it would fade away kinda quick. Then I crashed my E a little too much and I couldn’t get any erections AT ALL

I think chronic fin use increases our bodies aromatase production of activity. I have triple the ref range of E on 300mg of test while most men don’t need any AI at that dose

The most important hormone here is estrogen. We have to manually find the sweet spot which is around 24-28 pg/ml

This needs to be there in combination which high dose of test and a synthetic DHT for our bodies to return to normal I believe.

The hardest part of this regiment is finding the right Asin dosing to put you in that sweet spot. Ideally you would have a sensitive assay E test weekly after starting this protocol and adjust the Asin dosing as it comes

If anyone wants to try this with me ur more than welcome. I’ll be doing this for the coming weeks and I’ll keep you updated

This is my bloodworkd on
50mg Test P ED
0.2mg Adex ED

as you can see estradiol is sky high. Most men on that dose of AI with that dose of test would have low E. I am above the reference range and way above the ideal range


Hello @Hemingway and welcome to the forum. Would you mind making a member story? It helps everyone here to get to know you a little better and to understand where you’re at with regards to when you used Finasteride, when you crashed etc

Just to let you know, your post and title were slightly edited to make it clear that these are your beliefs and something that you are looking to try. This is in line with our rules regarding theories and is nothing personal. Please do give the FAQ a read.

I used finasteride at 16. For the first 2 years I had no side effects. It was when I switched to dut I had sides, I switched back to fin but things only continued to get worse.

I’m 22 now

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I’ll be watching , good luck @Hemingway

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Btw do you have normal blood values or is anything off?

I updated the OP but I could only post 1 image so Ill put this here as a continuation

but then I upped Adex to 1mg ED and my E crashed

At this dose I still had gyno symptoms. Somehow I was aromatizing in the nipples while my E was totally tanked. This is why I dont beleive Adex is the right choice for us

Damn your T was insanely high

1.5 days after 25mg asin, crashing my E

E is slightly coming bakc of. I did a jerkoff to see how the funciton was, at one point I got insanel hard then went soft again. This is typically a sign of low E

but when I get hard during low E Im getting harder than I’ve been in years. I’ll keep you updated

btw such dramatic changes within days just through manipulating estrogen are why I am convinces this is mostly a problem to do with Estrogen and T to E ratio

300-750mg per week? That’s a huge dose. What are your DHT levels? Did you add Proviron to the mix?

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My post was edited by a mod. That was a dose range I reccomended to cure/treat pfs. A higher test dose would give higher libido and a better sense of well being but managing E will be more difficult

anyways I meant to post this this morning but I was not allowed to post

Woke up with mornng wood for the first time in years. this wasnt happening till i added in the asin

Day 3

woke up with morning wood again today again

just to be clear i was doing the same and more amounts of testosterone for weeks with adex instead of asin and had no morning wood.

my mood is starting to get pretty good now, feeling confident, stable, and generally positive


I am back to 90% function. The anti estrogens were helping etc, the testosterone was helping, the proviron not really, masteron not really (i didnt use a high enough dose) but what was really the BIGGEST FREAKING GAMECHANGER was topical DHT

I believe its 10% in DMSO but cant remember for sure

I had some of it left which i bought of a certain website like 4 years ago and given up on. I decided to try it and I applied it to my balls, penis, and gooch area. I kept doing this and on the second day I got a spontanious erection in the daytime without stimulation. Something which hasnt happened for like 4 years

Its been 3-4 days of me using it now and my erections just get harder and harder every day. My dick sensitivity is back but in a wierd way I have way more control of when I cum now; no more premature ejaculation symptoms. Also orgasms are way stronger

Also, while the proviron and masteron didnt do this, topical DHT has allowed me to greatly reduce my dose of AIs while preventing gyno symptoms

Probably wont post here again unless I run into future problem

BTW this goes without saying but if you use this without a test base or HCG and crash your natural testoserone production and thus your estrogen too it probably wont do much for you. When I used before when i was not on steroids it did very little for me so I never thought much of it


@Sibelio what are your thoughts on this? ^

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This is cool and all but does that mean we have to rub dht cream on our junk everyday forever? Also seems not so good to do long term


That’s what I’m thinking to, true the results seem great but can you come off is the real question without reverting back. And also is this strictly helping only sexual sides and not other ones like fatigue, brain fog, joint pain ect?

Beggars can’t be choosers. I can’t tell if I will have to do the for the rest of my life or not.

But if I had to it would still be a million times better than living with limp dick


What topical dht are you using

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I’d post the source but that’s probably not allowed and the mods have already banned me for a short term once before

If I post it pretty sure this thread might get deleted and I’ll be perma banned. Some of you might even accuse me for being a shill. Just look online for topical DHTs, I’m pretty sure you will find it. I’m not using medical grade I can tell you that if you’re wondering; not andractim. I have nothing against it btw, it’s just not what I had on hand. I’m not sure whether or not it would work.

Just remember, bare minimum you need hcg while using topical DHT. Especially in the gooch area it has very good absorbtiom for some reason lol. It’s a very strong androgen and will suppress you

Time to order some dht gel

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Dm me if you find a source