Using steroids in the right combination has brought me back to 90% within a week (UPDATED)

Would using something like tribulus with hcg maybe have a similar effect?

I am glad to see that a third person, to my knowledge, has found topical DHT applied to the genital area to greatly improve sexual function.

For those trying that, I would recommend not to put it on the scrotum. As far as I know, the testicles have no 5ar so they may not require local DHT. I also get testicle pain even if a tiny amount gets there.

Obviously one needs to also be aware that DHT apparently has pro-proliferative effect (i.e. potentially cancer causing) on androgen dependent tissues.

I am going to continue the account of my own continuing experimentation pretty soon. One of the points I am going to argue is that excepient/vehicle (gel vs. cream, etc) makes a difference as different tissue concentrations are achieved.

A short response to some questions above - it doesn’t appear that this DHT application has any long-term curative effect in me. When I stop applying I go back to PFS baseline.

Fatigue, I believe, is a function of lack of libido. This is considered a controversial position which I am prepared to defend elsewhere. If and when libido is improved, motivation and drive will improve, in my opinion and experience.

Joint pain is strongly affected by the systemic amount of DHT in my experience. This is in fact the main reason why I started using it. My joint pain is in check for as long as I use it and returns immediately if I reduce the dose.

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@Hemingway, could you please post a brief explanation of your symptoms and usage in the Member Stories category.

If you want to state the specific product you used, go ahead.

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My DHT serum was from a website called russianstarpeptides

he has done some shady marketing strategies in the past and Im not sure I beleive him in the dosage used, I think its probably much lower than 10% concentration but idc because the product really worked and wasnt really expensive either

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I would guess the testitcles defitly have 5ar because my sperm was definitly much thicker white before finasteride than after finasteride. I also produces more sperm volume

the testicles do contain aomatase, so its highly likely they contain 5ar too. the only androgenic tissue dht can increase the chances of caner in is the prostate or the semanic vesicles iirc. My prostate has defitely gotten bigger since starting dht which i dont really mind becasue it was very small before

but now that I know it works im going to experiment with the dosage and location of application


Hemingway, would you attribute any increase in libido to the dht transdermal?

A little. I haven’t used it for even a week yet so it’s hard to say. Testosterone at 300mg per week created a much bigger spike in libido though, it’s just that I had no dick function on it.

With DHT my dick function is SO MUCH BETTER and now I have a heightened libido from test. My libido now is the highest it’s even been probably. So they compliment each other in their mode of action.


300mg of testosterone?
Are you on HCG?

This is a lifetime commitment. If you go on it and it works you’ll be using it for the rest of your life. Once you ar off it you’ll revert back into PFS

I’d happily be on trt for life if it relieves symptoms. Who wouldn’t…

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I wonder if a small amount of test cyp, and dht cream would be enough to work?


This is not nessarily true. Maybe the deep AR activation from DHT can fix what was caused by long term low DHT

Anyways we don’t know any of this to be a fact. I consider this to be a break through becuase I was kinda shocked and broken when 200mg of proviron wasn’t making a dent in my ED

Small as in 125-150mg per week sure

I’m about 4 days into testogel. It’s a start, but, I’m sure I’ll be changing things.

This is topical DHT not T. Theres a huge difference

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Yeah I want to switch to injection soon and add the dht cream eventually.


Anybody know where to get the DHT cream?

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Smh do you guys not even read

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200 mg of proviron daily?

@Sibelio and who has had sexual improvements through topical administrations to the genitals, could you please inform RxISK with details?