Using steroids in the right combination has brought me back to 90% within a week (UPDATED)

Any updates for those who are currently trying topical dht?

I tried it, doesn’t do anything for me.

I’ve used both proviron and topical DHT in the form of androhard.

How long did you use it for and at what dosage???

Jeez uh, the androhard 1-2 pumps a day. Just made me exhausted. And the proviron I went to 50mg twice a day, even sublingually some times. The proviron def had body changes like slimming down, but actually gave me anxiety

Thanks for sharing your theories - found them very interesting and consistent with some of my own experience. You reference coming off cycle and doing PCT - a few questions about that:

  • How long are your cycles and how long do you remain off-cycle?

  • How are your symptoms during off-cycle periods?

  • Are you taking anything to elevate T or DHT during your off-cycle periods (e.g., herbal supplements like tribulus) or are you completely off all therapies (both medications and supplements) during those periods?