Ultrasound on my penis


Hello guys. This morning I had an ultrasound on my penis. Something strange has come out that the Medicines do not understand what it is. Really crazy stuff!

"Examination performed only under basal conditions. Not images of structural alterations of the corpora cavernosa and of the spongy body of the turtles. Not evident calcification plaques of IPP; between the two corpora cavernosa in median center and it spongy body of the millimeter urethra not grouped calcifications."

I do not know that “doctor” is Perelli Giacomo Mario, but to state that “there are no images of structural alterations of the corpora cavernosa and of the spurious body of the urethra” is totally false.

Here is the photo of today’s ultrasound:

This is look how it was 7 days before taking the drugs (Reparil Gel and Oxerutina) the ultrasound. (notice fucking skull smile! :scream::scream::scream::skull::skull:)

Let’s compare them for a careful visual examination …

Fuck! It is no coincidence that if I say the penis came “empty” and “flat”. It really is!
Perhaps the smooth muscle tissue or blood does not flow. Fuck!

Still ultrasound of June


There is something strange about the cavernous bodies. Like a necrosis.!

Here’s the ecodoppler in June, before drugs

" Penile ecodoppler: Normal morphology of the cavernous bodies and the tunica albuginea. The systolic flow at the level of the two dorsal and cavernous arteries was excellent, being respectively 32 cm / sec (vn> 15cm / sec)"

Let’s compare with today’s Doppler

The blood seems to be there but weaker.

Viagra does not work,
Vacuum Device Does not work!
Nothing works!

I have:

Penis narrowing
Loss of muscle tissue
Scrotum and loose penis
Darker skin of the scrotum
Skin melted on the penis
Veins prominent on the penis
Deadweight penis (collapse)
Burning of the penis
Feel the light penis.
Empty penis inside.
Flat penis
Penis to the touch of rubber
Insensitive penis
Consistency gelatinous penis
Sometimes he feels fibrotic
Glande small
Orange glans
Glande wet
Sparseus empty body
Often yellow semen
No ejaculatory jet
Total impotence
Two-junction urination
Weak urination

Weight loss (10kg)
Loss of body sensitivity
Gummy skin like the penis
Pain in the hands
Muscular pains

These drugs have destroyed my penis, but I’m doing a research on Reparil Gel (Escin, diethylamine salicylate) there is something very strange. It is used for hematomas! Fuck is acid!

And they said it was all in my head! Fuck!!!
The problem that doctors do not know what I have!

This is a damn nightmare
My dramatic change sexual

Thanks for sharing these results, however personal. That’s fantastic you had a “before” too, which obviously most of us don’t. Please ensure you take the survey when it’s ready.


Yes my friend :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:


I will update on the situation and research of the Gel- In the meantime I will show the pecialist the echographic and ecodopler reports. Absurd that the doctor says that there is nothing, even to the naked eye we see that something is wrong. Fuck doctors!


Thanks for sharing this, its one thing to read your posts but its another thing to actually see it. Not that I didn’t believe it, but now you actually have something to work off of. Besides Viagra and the vacuum puml, what else have you tried? Supplements, aminos, medication, etc?


@Damon - how does your doctor explain the difference between the ultrasound images?


My penis took the same shape as yours, before and after i can feel it, too bad i dont have ultrasounds like you


did he provide you with an end dystolic outflow number? (you only provided inflow numbers above)

I also passed a number of dopplers (and failed 1) I think what the doctor is saying is that your blood flow is within normal parameters and shouldn’t impede a normal erection

In my view (im no expert) this supports the theory that there is a neurosteroid issue at play here and that the hardware still works


I think Eskimojoe maybe onto something here
Problem is the doctor will probably say the problem is psychological which would be the next perfectly acceptable under normal circumstances but finasteride side effects are not normal circumstances.


@Pete1989 I tried arginine did not do anything. @Scotsman not able to explain it, indeed, wrote that there are no alterations! He is crazy! @kon93 Yes, he told me you have the same problems as me. The tissue of the penis has disappeared. @eskimojoe No numbers were not provided, which is absurd. Absolutely, I agree with you with your theory. We hope that there is a cure to reverse!

Skin Sensitivity Low Entire Body?

My cock just got worse, disappeared altogether.