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Among the most devastating consequences of this disease, the worst of all is undoubtedly the sexual side. One of the main symptoms of PFS that we suffer from men with great discomfort and suicidal depression is the shrinking of the penis, often accompanied by a darkening, loosening and numbness of the skin as well as impotence is lack of sperm and anorgasmia ie without any orgasm or pleasure. I have read many posts regarding the shrinkage ranging from 2-3cm. In my case, probably more serious or in any case in relation to my androgenic activity very high and my ex-penis measures higher than normal I can say I have a dramatic penis narrowing and I mean precisely -6cm in length and -2.5cm in circumference in a flaccid state. I think I’m the only one. I’m not kidding. My healthy penis in a flaccid state measured the beauty of 15cm, in circumference 12cm. I had a beautiful skin, light pink, uniform, firm, perfect! My penis after 7 days of Oxerutina, given to me by the bastard doctor of Genova, has completely collapsed, that is it has shrunk dramatically, the skin has become dark and loose, veins prominent and other loose, it is totally insensitive as the rubber and feels very light as if it were empty! The color of the glans has changed, a stain has appeared and it is constantly wet from what is not understood and became small and soft. In erection the thing is much worse because I do not reach it so I practically remains little more than flaccid even with the use of viagra. I am completely powerless. In erection he measured 21cm measured from the back and 15.2cm in circumference. My penis in erection raised so much that it touched the navel and was as hard as the steel! I always had strong erections, even for a long time during the day, I was hypersexual and I had huge ejaculations. It’s just a distant memory. My penis is now completely gone, the smooth muscle is gone, extremely thin, the furrow has remained in place of the spongy body! In other words, my penis is completely gone, besides everything is empty, light and completely insensitive, with loose and dark skin. Testicles have been reduced a lot. Libido totally disappeared! I can not even get an erection with a visual stimulation, olfactory of a pussy or masturbating me or even using Viagra-Cialis-Prostaglandine-VD. Nothing works! And the doctors come to say that I have nothing to the penis that is all in my head! I do not invent anything!

All this has been denied to me, yet the evidence is clear, just compare my pre-post-pfs ultrasound, for example. In other words I played a full 21cm of a simply perfect penis! The oxerutin acts in a dose-dependent manner as an anti-androgen, I was given a very high dosage, we are talking about 1500mg. Basically I have a dramatic narrowing of the penis and denying it is simply crazy! The penis has therefore totally changed its appearance and seems corroded or old. This drug, this cursed doctor and who directed me has destroyed my penis! I would like to clarify that the general condition above all sexual worsened after the use of Vitamin b1 Thiamine 300mg given to me by the endocrinologist. My penis has totally disappeared!

I have to be honest, I was not the kind of guy that went with all the women, no, I had a chosen woman and so I did not have the chance to enjoy sex or make love and enjoy the pleasures of life in the last few years. For me, love is sacred. I have been abstinent for a long time for sentimental causes. But I always masturbated, it was still nice. Then I fell in love again, hoping for a completely happy life, but I had a total failure in love and I was abstinent for another time and I was treated cruelly by the woman I love and gave me this damn nightmare while she enjoys the pleasures of life and has taken my own. My only fault? Love her deeply and want to share moments with her, make love, live a dream and be near. It was my moon and I the sun, that sun was totally turned off. I’ve been like this for so long that I’ve lost count. So, I was without sex for good principles, waiting and wanting the woman of my dreams and now I was completely deprived of any future possibility because life was taken from me. I hope that the woman who made me this is happy to have completely destroyed my life, my happiness, my manhood and my sexuality and joy of life. Everything is up to you doctors come later. This syndrome, this damn disease had to happen to me to show me how I wasted my youth and the beauty of life for the woman I love, the most important person in my life and I did not want to lose anything in the world and I loved to a love beyond the stars. He trampled my feelings and was the cruelest woman in the world with me. The disturbing thing is that it totally abandoned me even to the disease. This was terrible for me. He totally devastated me. I hope only that when he makes love with someone, at least he thinks of me. Because I can not do it anymore.

I wanted to post photos to all of you, but it was not recommended by the admin for some reasons, so I did not do it. Furthermore a survey will be launched soon. It 'still possible to see my photos privately, as I have already done, I also leave on my facebook post-comment (only for a short time for those who have me friend) a link of Google Drive with photos attached pre-post drug and I would like to see them especially she sees the show that it caused me. I have nothing else to add to to this damn nightmare. All of this is really horrible and disturbing for a man. PFS is truly the most total hell. Soon I will publish scientific articles that demonstrate the antiandrogenic properties of Oxuterine and invite anyone to stay away from any flavonoid or isoflavone. They are dangerous.



I know that the change you are talking about is dramatic - I can confirm, I’ve seen the pictures, you were very well “endowed” - could have worked in porn I guess you would have been successful with Italian MILFs;) and I do feel very, very sorry for you, we were affected so much by this shit, it’s unbelievable.

Especially that you can understand how I feel - I turned ugly in a couple of months, when I was quite cute, with some potential before, how can one age at such a rate that people don’t recognize you in the street, and your dry skin aches when you put on clothes - my grandfather has these sensations at 70 :sob: Should I visit doctors and file for disability claim? Why don’t you want to work? I turned old, ugly and unhealthy after the drug and I’m devastated…Jesus, just the sound of it…

However, I would ask you to remain calm; you have a very honest, poetic soul and you tend to act spontaneously. I think you should focus your attention on yourself and not the woman, you focus on her too much - there is no perfect woman, there is no “soulmate”, first you need to love yourself, mature bangable people meet and they decide if they want to build their lives together or not, that’s it and right now your health should be your priority.

So what that she doesn’t care about you right now? Well, in a couple of years she will be old, this is her story, her life, her choices, and you have to focus on your recovery and maybe one day you will have a family on your own or achieve business success and travel the world. Think about it!

Another thing is that I cannot believe how doctors can deny these simple facts, what do they say when you show the Ultrasound and your pictures?



Ciao @Asia! :kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart: Thank you for witnessing me! It’s so incredible that doctors do not see change, it’s just absurd! Si ahahahah if I entered the world of porn I was successful, and you Rocco Siffredi just dodge! hahahaha I can say I brought 21cm with honor! I wanted only one MILF the woman I love!

Thanks for your sweet comfort Asia, you know that I’m sorry that you too are going through hell, we have practically the same problems. We do not deserve it. This situation is really terrifying, you feel totally alienated from the world and powerless to do something. :pensive::pensive::pensive:

Keeping calm is really difficult for me. Instead of loving myself, I wanted to love her. She has not yet understood what I’m suffering for her. He could change everything and above all take care of me, as I had of her. No, she does not care of me, or she does not know how to behave, I just know that I received an ugly bang that almost killed me. The perfect woman exists and it’s her, it’s no accident if I chose her. Unfortunately my health situation is only getting worse but I hope to improve it, I want her to come back sweet and good back with me. No, I do not think I’ll ever have a family or have children. I love her.

The doctor from Genova who told me this said he was “all groundless”, another doctor from Alessandria told me that it was all in my head! The ultrasound said that the machines were different, WTF! I know my penis, it is not the different car and the photos are proof of this. Your head does not completely restrict your penis or make you completely helpless! They’re shitty doctors! I hope they will all suffer like sons of a bitch! Only we know how devastating it is to live with this damned shitty disease. It is nightmare.

Ciao Asia :kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart:



I hope you don’t take this offensively, because it’s something i appreciate about you and look forward to, but the way you speak English is theatrically amazing.

For example, you just thanked someone for witnessing your dong, and that is hilarious to me. Sending you the best vibes.



Front line doctors don’t want to believe it and they can’t explain it so it’s significantly easier to say it isn’t happening or weasel out with explanations for what is obviously a remarkable difference in @Demon’s enlightening scans. Not many of us with this devastating change have before/afters, including myself, sadly.

The FAERS data I have discussed before shows a clear failure at the clinical level in that physicians are woefully under-reporting the condition of their younger post-5ari patients (despite a much higher incidence of lasting disabilities than older men reporting sides, who are a much smaller group to begin with). It should be noted that ordinary doctors are just people who have a training in known etiologies, which this is not, so it doesn’t make sense to them prima facie . The rarity, lack of biomarkers, and ostensible impossibility in terms of currently accepted medical problems creates a perfect storm. I would suggest bearing that in mind @Demon and not wishing ill on people who had as much idea that this could happen to you from the use of rutin as you did. It certainly isn’t just doctors, after all; Thankfully it’s lessened over the years as the widely variable profile has become clearer, but you’ll still find even here people denying symptoms they are lucky enough to not have or insinuating others symptoms have psychosomatic origins because it doesn’t make apparent sense to them. In my opinion it’s sensible to rise above it to not be any further upset.

Also lol, I agree with @SmallBallsBigHope - you have a very entertaining turn of phrase. As @Asia said, a poetic soul :smile:



@Asia is the first who saw me hahahaha! :joy::joy::joy: To tell you, it’s smarter than a doctor! @axolotl if you are a competent urologist doctor and you know that Rutin is strongly antiandrogen pro-estrogen, inhibitor of No2 and which reduces the reproductive system and changes testosterone and dihydrotestosterone levels it is not prescribed for a sexually active young boy! It was completely avoided. Thanks, I’ve always been a poetic soul :blush::blush::blush:



whats going on in here? LMAOO

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Some good old fashioned debauchery and a @Demon appreciation thread. I can’t imagine the communal debauchery we’ll all partake in when we’re cured. My pornhub search query will be so shameful, I might have to pop fin again :joy:



i look forward to making fun of your porn hub searches

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Right, but that’s the whole point. Various substances with a clear common denominator of antiandrogenic action are causing this in us, a subset of the population. In cases like you and I, exceptionally severely after a very short exposure. We knew it before it happened to you. Others knew it before it happened to me. Most people - including most doctors - do not know about this niche problem nor the (very up to the minute) science surrounding it. Until the bigger picture here is clearer, your urologist wouldn’t have a clue regarding the risk of this, and from his responses, he didn’t and doesn’t. One of the scientists we’re in touch with, Traish, wrote a very significant paper as it clearly recognises this aspect of what we call “PFS” right from the title: Clinical manifestation of drug induced epigenetics due to endocrine disruption.

Also on the subject of appreciation I liked that you mentioned making hardstyle and dragon ball as your interests wherever that was. Your case is important @Demon so do me a favour and keep being strong, and fill in the survey next week :slight_smile:



Yes my friend :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:



No worries here - you won’t have to pop fin again, all that is enough is to look at me now and no fin needed…Really, I don’t know if I should :sob: or :rofl: at this point…



If you search me you can find me on Pornhub ahahahahaha



By me the same i hav it Quit for 7 Years, my Penis is destroyed, my Brain
and Allergies without end…
Headache burning skin…



Yes, completely destroyed us…



I’ve been coping with this problem since early 2009. I suggest you do everything you can to get better sleep, but please avoid all drugs that are supposed to assist you; mostly, they just end up causing more problems, but FYI, opiates and benzos are not much of a problem with PFS. Erection drugs, taurine, SSRIs, all types of muscle-building decoctions and herbs for “male” power will eventually disappoint you.

Try getting better sleep however you can without drugs aside from benzos and find some hobby or intellectual interests that do not involve sex.

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I would avoid all drugs recommended for sleep --and avoid the recommended amino acid high dosing or even herbs like valerian. I doubt GABA will help. Name a herb or supplement, it probably will not work long-term and is likely to even cause greater misery.

My top recommendations are to get sleep anyway you can, at any hour you can, sometimes using a benzo (like alprazolam) or something (ie. chamomille tea) to calm you down and help you sleep --whatever that may be, find hobby/activity that has little or nothing to do with sex, avoid all sensory over-stimulation, watch your diet and avoid intestinal gas problems diarrhea/const. etc., then eventually pick up a good exercise routine. Exercise will get easier with time, but if you’re in the early phase of PFS, it will take some time to adapt to an exercise routine again.

Just remember that when you try some supplement or drug that supposedly can help you and you end up WORSE than before, either make a journal entry or remember how that experiment went badly AND think carefully whether you want any further, similar experiments based upon how well you “recover” from said experiment with any drugs/herbs.

I use alprazolam (aka. Xanax) sparingly; not every day. I use it when needed to calm my mind and relax when absolutely needed.

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