Is all in my head!


I was at a doctor today. My penis is in terrible condition, for my doctor I have nothing is all in my head. A psycho-sexologist advised me! Cursed shit doctor, I have total loss of feeling, gummy penis, loss of considerable size, loose skin, empty penis, how can it be in my head ??? !!! I’m seriously thinking about committing suicide I can not take it anymore! Shit life, shitty world!


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I’m going crazy I do not think anymore I have fog in my brain


Nothing comes out of the Doppler


Today I wanted to kill him, I came out of the studio I punched a car and I hurt myself all this is unfair! They ruin you and still humiliate your the doctors instead of helping you!


I told you what you can do. I somehow had my penis back in girth and length. I got it within days. But I don’t know how. I will try two things and check what it is.


? So he said all is fine? Tell him you want the images / screenshots.

Go to another uro but don’t tell what you took.


Hm, I am not amused, guys. If you hide every post re mentioning docs who prescribed that fucking poison you are defending that inhuman and devilish behaviour of docs.
I won’t accept that.
If M.wants us to shut up by distracting us from the reality that it is not sure whether a cure will be found some day, I won’t shut up and let me castrate once again.


Noprop wrote:

I told you what you can do. I somehow had my penis back in girth and length. I got it within days.

Noprop, can you please repeat in brief what you did?..
Thank you!!


I don’t know what triggered it. I thought how on earth did I do it?

I must elaborate it. I have a guess.


Okay Moderators. Someone can say I will kill the doc but I cannot say things like giving a present?

AS long AS I have this impression, it is better not to give any helpful hints anymore to anybody.

I am quite sure it is no problem for you.



Don’t absolutely give up @Kitsunebi88!!!
I know it’s a SHITTY and AWFUL situation but trust me: it’s not a permanent condition.
Also my exams (and also doppler) find nothing.
My dad said that is not a permanent condition because I responded greatly to treatment (I regained completely my penis size and strong erections for about a week) so there is an impairment with metabolism not correlated to androgen plasma levels.


You need nitrit oxyd running. By eating red meat who is added with Nitrit salt. Or youth spinach 200gr a day could give you enough Nitrit.

Or try progesterone - it reduces dht and converts. As your AR in the penis are upregulated and partially shut down progr could help opening those AR.
But I stop giving any advice anymore. Cause this platform has difficulty with the truth.


Come on @noprop, i like to read your posts. Please stay participated in the forum. This platform is realy alive now since the new design.
Even if we are not always all on the same line or have other ways of thinking, we are all in the same mess.
As long as everybody respects each other and that nobody gets rude everybody should express what he thinks and share his experiences.

Best z.


And stop the talk of murdering doctors because you’ll most likely end up on a list


I am on a list. That’s why the doc gave me pfs on purpose. They even treated me incorrectly re radiation. They know that I know it. And I know a bit more than that. I don’t invite anybody to harm others. Out here.


Hi @noprop,

In regards to your question: No, they can’t. The forum is mainly reactively moderated and thus the moderators may not see everything until it’s flagged by users, as several of your posts were. Don’t be insolent please - your metaphor wasn’t opaque. You’re free to use another platform, but if you want to use this one then please read the community guidelines. Incitement to self-harm or violence towards anyone wont be tolerated or debated.

Like zodiacs said, I would ask you to consider very carefully the benefit of participation here both now and in the future before any knee-jerk arguing with this simple request, and I hope you’ll choose to abide by the terms of service by which we provide this site. It isn’t much to ask and the moderators have previously given you a polite warning. Thank you.


Doctors defending drugs that other Doctors another has prescribed
It’s not the doctors fault really they didn’t make the stuff they were told it’s safe like all of us problem lack of awareness along with some ignorance and poor education of the side effects due to the medical world keeping the lid on things.
We all know that doctors make huge amounts of money for forwarding drugs too which can hinder the issues coming to the table.
Also Let’s be realistic if they admitted the problems lawsuits would come flooding in through the doors from thousands of guys. All in all its another story of one mans gain is another mans loss. Literally…


Docs know what is going on with antiandrogens. They would never touch this shit themselves.
And AS I said, my doc gave it on purpose.
Docs are not stupid. But they have the licence to kill in some cases.
You don’t need to defend docs.


Sorry Noprop, can you please tell me what AR means?.. Thank you!!..