Is all in my head!


Thank you Noprop!
I’m sorry but I’m not an English mothertongue.


Noprob. Having questions is a good sign.


@noprop we miss you :persevere::persevere::persevere:


He got banned, look at his profile.


I know and I’m sorry, banned up to 3018. He will already be dead and we too. WTF? I understand that he has not respected the rules but we should all be united. He is like us. I’m sorry.


He didn’t get banned. Wasn’t he saying that he is better now and won’t be on here anymore or was that someone else?


I do not know but it has been banned.



Neither are my business also, but I’m sorry since it’s like us.


I spoke with him often, now I no longer have contact. :slightly_frowning_face:


you don’t need contact with him bro


And why, sorry? He one of the first people I met in the forum.
As far as I’m concerned, we’re all brothers, he too, bro.


He posts quite a bit on the pfs foundation Facebook page also…


The page is it noprop?


The pity of Noprop is that he was really well-prepared about this subject (from my point of view). He was very active in the forun and he did always a good contribution and interesting point of view on the discussions. I really dont know what it happened to be banned…


I agree @Andrea123. I do not even know it, and I’m sorry. It’s like us.


Yeah I miss @noprop as well. He seemed very knowledgeable on all of this stuff, he even analyzed my blood work for me and gave me lots of advice. I wanted to ask him more about it but sadly that isn’t possible. I checked over at solvepfs but I think he’s banned there too cause he doesn’t show up on the Members list despite other people quoting his name.


Noprop was banned because despite being told repeatedly that he could not attempt to incite violence, he continually posted to that effect.

When one of our members was posting that they were considering suicide, Noprop’s response was not to be supportive but was instead to tell the poster repeatedly that if he was going to kill himself then he should kill his doctor first.

Noprop was warned about this more than once and started posting in a language he thought the admin staff wouldn’t understand and then claimed that he didn’t mean the poster should attack his doctor, merely that he should give the doctor “a present.”

As I said, he was warned repeatedly but would not stop this unacceptable behaviour so was banned. He is not welcome to return.


@Greek disagree and I oppose this decision and I want to explain why. Start by saying that the person to whom @Noprop said this thing is me, it’s me. Read my post. I said that I wanted to commit suicide and Noprop wrote me about the “gift” (“regalo” in Italian) to do to my doctor. I myself wrote that I wanted to kill my doctor and I’m sorry if I tell you that I still think because it has DESTROYED my life and all my dreams. You should have asked me. I understand that it can go against the rules, but let’s face it myself and probably even Noprop we have been derided and humiliated by the doctors. Noprop I miss it, and also to other users, and the position taken of the ban I do not consider it right and because the person who said this thing is me. I would like it to be evaluated to unlock it. Because you make me feel guilty too. Ok, I do not want to change the rules of the forum, but the fact remains that it is like us. Thus he is marginalized. And our doctors meanwhile laugh. No sorry, I do not agree. He’s part of us, do you understand? It’s not right.


Readmit NoProp please.


wow, pfs has soo little people, each one of us is precious in finding the root of the problem and better yet a cure. I dont see why you would ban someone , especially for something so stupid as above… its like me telling you to kill your cat if your dumb enough to do it , you will do it.