Is all in my head!


Exactly, it’s very stupid.


@Greek, we waiting an answer…
In five ask for return of Noprop.


rules should be respected, but we can not shoot ourselves in the foot.


Im from Italy and probably in my Country we have a diifferent mentality that doesnt mean is better, simply its different.
Anyway one day I created a topic in which I asked to the Italian guys présent in this forum (I know thare are different) to contact me becouse Prof Melcangi in Italy will start a new reserch and he needs people to test.
My post was deleted becouse I broke the rules asking to be contacted.
I wonder myself: these rules are for us or against us?..


nice post andrea i agree with u


Infatti Andrea. Anche io, da italiano, sono daccordo con te.


Prof Melcangi asked me to recruite the most possible number of people and the obstacle for me have been just the rules of the forum of Spf.


Instead, to me, as you know, Melcangi told me something disconcerting.
Beyond belief. I do not even know whether to tell other patients.


u should tell to truth to everyone whether its good or bad
its ur moral obligation to do so and not hide reality


I will do a post about it.


do it before u change ur mind :smiley:


@holyhead I await your answer.


I have read about melcangi talking of epigenetic changes to ar enzyme which is possible and he has definitely stated that dht no longer functions in the body as before taking finasteride…It was my understanding that this was supposed to have been researched during phase 2 of his study which published but no mention of it…

Then I heard the foundation would be making an announcement but then the solvepfs closed down which is disgusting and disgrace itself after we raised all that money there for melcangis last study with no explanation…


I do not change my mind, but I have to think about it.
It could be a trauma for many of us. :frowning_face::frowning_face::frowning_face:


Yes. I only say that many of us Melcangi does NOT consider us.


He also went on to say whatever it was it was completely unknown as to why it doesn’t function and is something no one has ever seen before and was amazing situation…Atleast he talks…


Oh if you mean about noprop look on the last several Facebook updates the foundation has posted and he has left several comments there about the research and melcangi…

ALso melcangi didnt say that dht doesn’t function but that it doesn’t “function as before”. Or in other words normally…Which he doesn’t have to tell me it’s like you are two different people with two different bodies before and after pfs…


I do not find, friend, write to me in private, thank you.


This other guys saying he says there’s no hope, what’s gojng on?


It’s another uglier thing in my opinion.