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Hello. I’ve been following the forum for about two years now, and decided it’s time to join. I’m 34 years old from Istanbul/Turkey and used propecia 2mgs a day 7 years ago for about 6-12 months (I don’t remember the exact time). I have muscle wastage, facial changes, pain in my left testicle and lower abdomen and ED. My total T is low normal and I have slightly elevated SHBG and estradiol. The first 5 years I could get great erections with very low dose viagra, cialis etc. Now since 2 years I can’t even get hard enough with 100 mg viagra, and I got penile pain and shrinkage, both of which happened this last 2 years. I tried gonadorelin, testogel, clomiphene, various aromatase inhibitors, 100 mcg triptorelin, human menopausal gonadotropin so far with no effect.

I’m thinking of doing a high dose sustanon 250 cycle like body builders do for about 10 weeks, and then do a triptorelin pct. I wonder if anybody tried something similar and had any results?

Please let me know, any questions and/or advice are also welcome.


dude stop taking all these medicins to fix your hormons. I believe pfs is an auto immune disorder. Your autoimmune system is attacking your body to keep your testosteron low. Anything you do to increase any hormons, your body reacts harder and you get worse. My advice to you, start working on gut issues with a natropathic doctor or nutritionist. And stop any and all the medicins that work on your hormons.
when you try to increase your hormons, your auto immune sees that as an imbalance and developes antibodies against your own hormons. The harder you try, the harder your ai system is going to hit back and you get worse. Just work on diet and multivitamins and mild to moderate exercise. Nothing else.

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Thanks for your reply but is there any data to support your idea? If it really is about the immune system then taking immunosuppressants should make us feel better… Btw, my main problem is penile shrinkage and ed which keeps getting worse, the first 5 years i could get great erections with cialis. I started ED1000 therapy last week, no changes so far… … on-ed1000/

I have a sports hernia which started about the same time my erections got much worse, docs keep telling me hernia won’t effect erections, but I’m not sure if I can trust them anymore.

I received a private message from a member but I can’t reply because I don’t have enough forum posts yet…

Denediğin ilaçları kim yazdı? Bana yazmıyorlar?

Sorry u have been in this so long. Just like me.

High dose t did almost nothing for me. Made my hair fall out and grew ore body hair. No effect on muscle or libido.

It seems most dont have much luck with any of this stuff. There are only 2 guys using hormones/drugs to treat things here one is using growth hormone the other was using nandrolone but quit.

Have you had your testicle checked? Do you know why one side hurts? Are there any bumps?

Thanks vincentv. Sorry to hear hormones don’t work for you either. When I tried 100 mcg triptorelin, one week after injection all my hormones dropped, I thought I crashed completely. Second week, hormones started to increase somewhat. Third week I had great levels, but felt no different. LH: 4.73 IU/ml, Total T: 8.38 ng/ml, Estradiol: 28.96 pg/ml, SHBG: 23.96 nmol/l. Fourth week all my hormones dropped back to PFS levels… I’m thinking of trying 14 days water fast and triptorelin shot right after, I’ll consult my endocrinologist about it.

My experience with triptorelin makes me think that my body can reach normal hormone levels, but it can’t preserve those levels for some reason, I’m thinking its either the receptors are wiped out or there is still 5 ar inhibition going on.

No bumps on my testicles although there is little calcification in left testicle and it hangs higher than the right so there is some testicular atrophy I think.

PS: I have facebook but I want to remain anonymous…

Bakırköy Sadi Konuk devlet hastanesi endokrinoloji bölümünde doçent doktor Meral Mert var, ona görün. Beni o takip ediyor ve hastalık hakkında bilgisi var.

Can you feel the calcification?

The problem is even with normal hormones we still seem to have PFS. I can send T sky high and feel very little.

It’s not felt to the touch but is visible in ultrasound. After consulting with my endocrinologist, I started 14 days water fast yesterday, I might go up to 21 days. I’ll have 100 mcg triptorelin injection once fasting is over.

Short update about my condition:

I’ve had a 100 mcg triptorelin injection at February (my second one so far), and I now have better baseline total testosterone. Estradiol and SHBG remain about the same, which is a bit high, so I’m now using exemestane to lower those. I’ll have another triptorelin shot at the beginning of June. I’m also using vitamins, minerals and amino acids, and I do weight lifting every other day. I can have and keep a good erection if I don’t fap for 3 days or more.

Triptorelin injections are helping I think, when I first started treatment, my total T was 2.5 ng/ml. My latest test results are as follows:

Total Testosterone: 5.35 ng/ml
SHBG: 30 nmol/l
Estradiol: 34 pg/ml

I recommend genuine pharma grade 100 mcg triptorelin injections for anyone who wants to try treating hormones. You can have a shot once every 4 months, I wouldn’t recommend doing it more often, since it’s very strong and can be suppressive when done often.

I’ve been taking half a tablet exemestane (12.5 mg), after 10 days my new test results are:

Total testosterone: 7.08 ng/ml (2.19-9.05)
SHBG: 26.67 nmol/l (13-71.7)
Estradiol: 24.8 pg/ml (<62)

These are the best levels I’ve ever had since I got PFS in 2009, 2 years ago my total T was 2.5 ng/ml, and estradiol and SHBG over 30. I should feel normal, or at least better, but I don’t. At least I’m no longer hypogonadal and I believe if I keep these levels or higher, after a while my body should recognize increased testosterone and heal. I’ll do another 100 mcg triptorelin shot at the beginning of June, which should improve my levels further.

I had my 3rd triptorelin 100 mcg injection yesterday. I’ll do blood tests 1 month later, at the beginning of July. I’ll update if there are any changes in the meanwhile.

I think we can conclude that PFS is not a standard issue with hormones. Too many take hormones improve their hormones a feel little better. Many of us have bad hormone levels but we just don’t know what is causing it and why hormones often seem blocked.

I know, but still, bad hormone levels is part of the problem, and triptorelin has helped me so far in that regard. As I’ve said in my previous posts, my testosterone was borderline low when I was first diagnosed, and now I have a much better baseline after two injections (mid level). I’ve tried other things before (clomiphene, etc.) and the only thing that has given me better baseline is triptorelin. I’ll try to increase baseline to over 7 total T, and if I still don’t feel well I’ll look into other things than sex hormones.

For me I injet 250mg of TRT and have 0 muscle gain and 0 libido… I do have low free T now.

Well, triptorelin isn’t TRT. It’s very different than directly injecting testosterone into your body. Triptorelin is GnRH, which is the initial step in the hypothalamic–pituitary–gonadal axis. It tells your body to start producing all sex hormones, think of it as the top of the hormone chain, whereas testosterone is near the end of the chain. … ng_hormone

hope you are aware that it will stop your T production
During the treatment of prostate cancer it does cause a surge of testosterone (an initial uplevel of testosterone levels), known as a flare effect. In men a reduction of serum testosterone levels into the range normally seen after surgical castration occurs approximately two to four weeks after initiation of therapy

It only stops T production IF you use Triptorelin pamoate (3.75 mg), which is the high dose depot version of the drug. The triptorelin I use is Triptorelin acetate, an extremely low dose (0.1 mg) of the drug which causes an increase in T production WITHOUT causing the chemical castration effect like the high dose of the drug. Have a look at this:

I had new tests done today, 2 months since my last triptorelin injection. Results are:

Total testosterone: 4.15 ng/mL
Estradiol: 24.19 pg/ml
LH: 6.37 mIU/ml

Both estradiol and total t are lower than before. I don’t understand how the hell this could happen. It can’t be the suppressive effect of triptorelin, since LH isn’t lowered (high dose triptorelin suppresses LH production, which in turn lowers T).

I’m out of ideas now, I may do another 14 days water fast, but to be honest at this point I just want to end this life, it has become a complete torment for both my body and soul.