Things I've tried so far

I’m seeing a new urologist now, after finding out about him in the PFS foundation website. He gave me a papaverin injection to test my erection quality, he says my erection is down to %80 of normal. He told me that recovery from shrinkage is possible unless erection quality dropped below %60.

He gave me Arginmax (3 tablets 2 times a day) and 5 mg cialis everyday, 300,000 UI Vitamin D every month for 4 months. Also, he said he might give something to increase testosterone a little bit, very low dose clomiphene and aromatase inhibitor maybe. I’ve been using arginmax and cialis for 2 weeks, erections are much better, harder, bigger and lasts longer, close to normal.

I highly recommend using these to keep your penis healthy if you have ED or shrinkage, I think it’s a must and I wish I started using them before.

When the urologist says that recovery from shrinkage is possible, what does he mean by that? How would you/he describe your shrinkage? Is it permanently smaller/thinner/shorter, or varies? I ask this as there seems to be varying accounts as to what shrinkage actually is. My own shrinkage appears to be tissue loss to the shaft, rather than something variable, and I would be both surprised and comforted if a urologist said that this is something I could recover.

You can recover it, but only if PFS is cured/treated. If you havent recovered after many years, you need a medical intervention.

He means that it is possible to increase penile cavernous capacity back to it’s original. He also said that since we don’t know which neuropeptide (there are like 3000) that finasteride effected, it’s not possible to actually cure PFS yet. The aim of this treatment is to keep the penis in healthy shape so that if one day a cure for PFS is found or the body heals by itself, I’d have a working dick.

The penile doppler I’ve had done a few months ago had shown some loss of cavernous capacity. My penis has a slight axial rotation to the right when flaccid. When erect, it’s softer, smaller and bendable upwards. It’s like the limit that it can be filled with blood has been lowered, even when I used high dose viagra/cialis/levitra. Also I have pain at the right side of my penis.

Two weeks after using arginmax, cialis and high dose vitamin D there is now a %5-10 more fullness, and when I ejaculate it shoots much farther than before.

I spoke to my psychiatrist today, and he agreed to prescribe ECT to me. I have no idea if it could help with PFS symptoms, but I thought it’s worth a try since we know that finasteride effected our brains. ECT causes changes in the chemistry of the brain, and receptors in the brain. I haven’t decided yet if I should do it or not, I’d appreciate if people share their opinions on the matter, to help me decide. Here’s some info about ECT: … c-20014161

i have sent a PM, vanquish.

Update: I had stem cells and prp injected inside my penis one month ago, the doctors didn’t give any guarantees, and the stem cell doctor told me to contact him a month later and tell if I felt any better. There has been no changes, so I’ve sent him a message and he said they could inject stem cells intravenously or intrathecally, inside the spinal fluid, so that they can effect the brain.

I’ll have to stay at the hospital if I decide to have intrathecal injection, since it’s done like surgery. I haven’t decided yet, it takes a few weeks till they prepare the stem cells, but I think intrathecal injection seems like the better option, since the few studies published about PFS point out to a problem with the brain and central nervous system.

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Vanquish, I hope you have not tried ECT. It is the worst thing you can do as it will destroy your brain. If you have, please come back to say you are OK.

I did, and I’ve felt terrible for a while. I’m fine now, like pre-ECT (still got PFS though).

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Is there any online pharmacy you can use without a prescription for these?

@vanquish do you have any updates ?

Well, I’ve given up trying to find a treatment. I’ll have to get an implant sooner or later I think, I plan to wait till I’m 40, which is 2 years away.

Sorry to hear that brother,
How are you holding up? Going worse or stayed same at 80 percent quality. I think you did not use Intrathecal stem cell transplants.
May I asked have you checked pudendal nerve potentials ?
Thank you for your quick response @vanquish

I’d be glad if you share your urologist with me from private.

I didn’t. I feel pretty much the same, I’d decided to wait for Baylor release before I proceed with doing anything else, but that seems to be stuck in limbo. I might visit my urologist again when I feel like it, but right now I just want to focus on other things.

I can share him here, in case anyone wants to visit him too:

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Thank you for sharing brother i do not want to take any action before measuring pudendal nerve and ultrasound my genitals. All the urologists thinks that my problem is brain related 2 of them said definitely finasteride related.
I wanted to cover all the bases before taking any more drastic matters.

Have you ever tried these gut treatments on yourself? Andy improvements on your symptoms?

Hello @vanquish
I think I have read almost all of your posts.
Indeed your story is completely similar to mine, with 10 years difference.
In a few words, taking finasteride over several years. Then PFS for 5 years where I was able to counter my bad ED with ipde5 without failure.
For 8 months, my condition has deteriorated, I am no longer able to have a good erection despite high doses of ipde5.
I see a few short periods of improvement.

You yourself wrote in April 2016:
"I can have and keep a good erection if I don’t fap for 3 days or more. »
And in September 2016:
"I’ve been using arginmax and cialis for 2 weeks, erections are much better, harder, bigger and lasts longer, close to normal. »

Have these periods of “recovery” continued for short periods in recent years?
Do you still have pain? Are they located only in the penis or in the entire pelvic region?

In the past 10 years, have you been unable to have sex?

Thank you very much for your answers, I could see that you had nevertheless tried everything.

Hi Nicot. I still have ups and downs but erections are weak most of the time. Very rarely I can use a small, 5 mg dose of cialis and get a pretty good erection which (I think) could be adequate for sex, other times it can be very weak even with high doses. Also it’s very easy to lose the erection even when it’s good, if I lose a little bit of focus or just change the position of my body.

I still have pain that comes and goes in my left low abdomen, left testicle and the shaft of my penis. I think the last time I made an attempt to have sex and failed was about 8 years ago, I stopped trying ever since because failure’s gotten very depressing for me, especially since I know that the chances are very high that I won’t have an adequate erection… Nowadays I try to focus on other things in life rather than PFS, etc.

You’re welcome. I’m sorry I couldn’t be of much help.