Left testicle shrunk

Does anyone here have a testicle that used to be bigger and hangs lower than other one, but now has shrunk and hang higher or even sometimes on top of the other one?

For me it’s my left. Used to be big and kinda lumpy, also used to hang lower than my right one. Now it’s small, lifeless and sits on top of the right one. Gets even worse at night time.

Anyone here experience something similar?
Or used to? Find a fix?

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Look, I’m exactly like you.

Both testicles and scrotum have become smaller. Also, scrotum has lost most of its elasticity. It doesn’t well stretch when pull it with my hand.

I have the same. Left used to hang lower, now it’s higher and smaller. It’s also always a bit sore, and sometimes a pain comes and goes. I don’t think there is a fix for it unless a cure for PFS is found.

Mine changes in size and sensitivity

I have the same problem with the right one. Trying to stay sane…

Do you guys think HCG would help? Have any doctors been able to explain what has happened? Or do they just say “looks normal…” like my lazy doctor said

HCG didn’t help in my case, nor did anything else. It’s worth a try if you haven’t, but remember to have your estradiol checked because it can increase alot while on HCG, in which case you may have to use an aromatase inhibitor… or just ignore it if it doesn’t bother you too much.

Did HCG change your testicle size at all? What doses did you try?

If I remember correctly, it was 5000 iu eod. I tried HMG also, which was 75 iu eod I think. Both increased my T level by alot, and estradiol too while using them. Testicles stayed exactly the same though.

Any improvement to libido? Or anything?

My libido is generally ok, I don’t have much problem with that. HCG/HMG made zero changes or improvements in any of the symptoms. You can check the treatments I’d tried in my thread here:

For the ones that had testicular shrinkage, how is your T level? Have you gone on TRT?
How are you coping?