Tactra penile prosthesis

I have no information about this, but i wouldn’t get a prosthesis omg! No… better to experiment with drugs and trying to recover than getting a penile surgery! Ughh i can’t even think about it. I think a right touch on the hormones and the right dosages can cure us. It’s not that impossible.

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How long have you had PFS? I have it since 2008, and I tried all sorts of treatments to no avail. I don’t think there will be a cure for this.

I decided to put if off as my insurance wouldn’t cover it and my wife was concerned with (1)me having it and (2) paying $20k for it.

If you get a good surgeon you wont have to worry about losing size. Dr Kampman, Dr Eid, and Dr K, and Dr Perito are all top notch. Plenty more too. You are looking at a revision in 10-15 years, but those are supposed to be fairly simple.


Boys if it’s gonna cost that much

I think you’re better off working with stem cell therapy for the same price and best part is No surgery…once they put the pump apparatus in there’s no taking it out if I’ve heard correctly unless technology has improved.

I’d work with medication, supplements and stem cell. Especially if it’s the same price
But that’s just me giving you something to consider

OR read the research in what Wake Forest is doing…sounds crazy but they are literally growing dicks. It’s insane and I have no idea when they’ll become available to guys like us. But I’d go that over a pump
I can’t believe I’m typing this shit :man_facepalming:

Wtf happened to my life…so fucking depressed


Oh man, thats a long way with pfs. What have been/is your worst symptoms?
Have you had gut symptoms this whole time? Numb and dead genitals?

My worst sypmtoms are ED and shrinkage, I could have sex using pde5i in the first 5 years of PFS, then I got shrinkage overnight sometime at the 5th year, and sex became impossible. My other symptoms include testicle pain, facial tissue loss, insomnia, muscle wastage, straw hair, some other minor stuff…

I’ve already tried stem cell therapy (once injected inside the penis and IV the other time), drugs, supplements, hormones, water fasting, etc. None of them worked, not even a little bit. You can find my posts about all these in other threads.

I believe whatever fin did to us is systemic, our whole bodies and brains are effected, so even if you were to replace your dick with a new one, it still won’t work. The idea of a prosthesis is as scary to me as it is to you, but I’m all out of options.

Penile Implants stories form guys who had PFS




Thank you moonman1, that really helped clear some of the questions in my head.

Do you know if you insurance covers it? What surgeons have you considered?

Well, I’m from Turkey and the healthcare system is different than the US here. I have a few doctor friends and relatives, I’ll ask them to find the best surgeon. I’ll post the whole experience here if I decide to go through with it.

Is your genitals numb and non-sensitive? Im just on the beginning of this journey (2,5 years since crash) and if I would think an implant, that would make no sense to me because of the lack of sensitivity on the penile skin. So I could just cut the whole thing off and it would make no differ.
How long did you take fin?

I took fin for about 6-12 months, around 1-2 mg doses a day (I don’t remember the exact details because it was so long ago and I never thought I’d have these problems after quitting so I thought of it a bit like taking vitamin pills).

My genital sensitivity is pretty much normal, and so is my libido, it’s relatively high, almost like pre-fin, therefore a prosthesis would probably be a good solution for me.

Ok now I understand. And you dont have any gut issues? Whats your hormonal profile with these symptoms?

Well, I have too much gas, but that could be due to the things I eat, I eat a lot of protein, 2 grams per kg of body weight a day because I work out, and protein bars which contain artificial sweeteners.

It’s been a long time since I had blood tests so I don’t know my hormone levels nowadays, you can check out my main thread about the treatments I received, hormone levels, etc. here:

Btw, out of all the treatments I ever received, my strangest experience was when I received a 100 mcg triptorelin shot the first time. One week after the shot, I had hormone tests and all my sex hormones were near zero, I thought I was fucked, that I destroyed my HPTA. Then I started having tingles all over my spine that came and went a few times a day.

At the 3rd week I had hormone tests again, and all my hormones were at perfect levels, high testo, great SHBG and estradiol levels… but my symptoms remained exactly the same. Another week later all hormones went back to PFS levels.

I think we have permanent and either systemic or tissue specific inhibition of 5ar (depending on the person), which supresses the HPTA, when I had triptorelin it reset my HPTA, but it didn’t stick and went back to PFS levels because of 5ar inhibition.

I go with tissue specific (5ar or AR malfunction). I have lots of beard and body hair, but penis is numb and doesn’t make a tent in the morning

Have you tried HCG, Clomid, Proviron and things like that?

Yes. Check out the link to the thread I posted.

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I get the picture that your dopamine and serotonine pathways (and their ratios to other hormones) are working quite ok but your HPTA is messed? Main thing might be getting your testo-estradiol ratio closer to your personal sweet spot and your systems might work at some level?
Based on those I would have guessed that low dose monotherapy AI would have helped you. But apparently it didnt? What AI’s have you used, what dosing and how long? And also testogel did nothing?

I used anastrozole, letrozole, exemestane, at various doses, and with other drugs as well. I don’t remember exactly which and at what dose, I’m sure I’ve written all about it on the forum, you can click my username and check my other posts…

Testogel did nothing, nor did anything else do anything. As I explained in my previous post, there was no difference in my symptoms even at that time when I had perfect hormone levels. If PFS was somewhat fixable by playing with hormone levels, some doctor would have done it long ago. Unfortunately PFS is nothing like a regular hypogonadism which can be fixed with hormones.

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