Suppressed 3a-hydroxysteroid may be the cause?


You believe in scientists and doctors, I don’t. I’m a business man and I know if a cure cannot be patented, it’s thrown to the trash even if it works.

The best treatment to patent is something that doesn’t cure but eliminates symptoms for as long as you take it, making you take it for life. That’s what pharmaceuticals are after.

You 're allowed to your opinion and so am I. I’ll continue my hocus-pocus. So far it has resulted in more progress for me than I have read any doctor achieve. I’m 98% symptom free and in better shape than in the last 20 years. That’s evidence, not speculation. Can you show me evidence of a doctor achieving this much ?


You get Glycine in much larger quantities in your food. It’s 30% of collagen which is the most abundant protein in the body.

I’m also taking 1 gr a day before sleep. I don’t think it does much but It doesn’t hurt either.

Here’s the formula to produce ALLO:


Ps: I’m being told by the system I’m writing too much on this thread. So ironically, if you want to know if supressed 3a-HSD may be the cause of our symptoms, you’ll have to follow me on Amino Acid For neurological symptoms


I got the same type of brain fog. Feels like I am high, like I’ve been smoking weed. I had it resolved until last week, I took L Glutamine and man, the brain fog came again, then I stopped the glutamine and all went back on track… Strange.


@Burt_Kocain, I have something of a break through.

But first I need to ask you a question, and to all who will read this as well: Did your sweat stopped smelling bad under your arm pits after the crash ? I mean stop smelling like a man should ?

Mine did. I went on putting deodorant because I did it most of my life and a few months ago I noticed that I didn’t smell like a man anymore. I wouldn’t put any deodorant after a shower, went to bed, woke up, not shower, went to work riding a 700cc motorcycle in Bangkok traffic at 38 Celsius, go home and still not shower until 7pm, my armpits wouldn’t smell anything or smell like the soap I used last shower.

I have three boys. one is 15 yo and started smelling like a man a few years back so I bought him deodorant. the two others are 11 and 2 and don’t have man smell under the armpit yet. Looks like it’s triggered by hormones somewhere at puberty and goes on for life.

But I stopped having stinky sweat after I crashed 9 months ago.

So where’s the break through ? Well after two days of taking Sulforaphane (40 mg yesterday, 100 mg today) and for the first time after 9 months of not sweating, I smell like a man ! I mean I stink like a man ! Lol. Never thought I’d be happy about that.

Something have changed and it’s the same kind of change that happened to my boy during puberty.
It certainly have something to do with the hormone system rebooting itself, or at least it’s one more piece of the puzzle put in its place.

I don’t dare thinking Sulforaphane may actually be working !

I’ll keep you guys posted !


Do you know what fixed it originally?


Oh, I can only guess bro! Too often masturbation tends to increase it, but if I abstain from that for a couple of days and do it once it clears my head. Some stuff help me too like LCLT and Acetyl L Carnitine, these do help definitely. But L Glutamine fucks me up big time. My body does not function properly anymore, that’s for sure… Cheers!


So the same symtoms you had as me cleared by not masterbating? I think our issues are different. I’m literally in a bubble. Nothing helps. How long did it take to clear?


I had one period when I stopped SP on the 3.5 month mark I had my brain fog completely gone, then when I hit 6 months after SP I crashed hard, ever since then the brain fog is appearing and dissapearing all the time, last 3-4 months is mostly gone, but as I said, excesive masturbation appears to worsen the situation. When I started taking LCLT and Acetyl L Carnitine it took my like a month to drastically eased up the brain fog. My bubble is different than your one though… my joints are fucked all along and nothing helps in this department. Cheer!


What was your bubble like?


I said that my “bubble” is the joint issues :slight_smile: figuratively speaking. Everything else tends to ease up but not the joints. Cheers


Ah okay man well I wish you luck!


I took L-Dopa in the past by itself and nothing happened.

I did not take it with 5HTP.

So the L Dopa is permanently depleted? Cause my sides haven’t come back to baseline.

How can I restore this?


I don’t think it’s depleted. It could be low if you have anhedonia (no feelings) and low motivation, prone to procrastination. It does not affect brain fog (Tyrosine is more helpful for that)

You can try it, L-Dopa from Mucuna Pruriens 95% extract, 350 mg, if it feels bad just stop it, if it feels nothing give it a week or two. Take once in the morning first, twice a day if you feel nothing.

I take it twice a day. As soon as I wake up and again after lunch. It doesn’t fix all symptoms, from what I can tell not a single thing can fix it all. But it brings back emotions, motivation and gives a general good mood.

It may work for you or may not. But once again, I believe in an overall approach, not in a single pill approach.
And I think diet is the most important thing, then exercise and androgen boosting supplements.

Those single aminos are for fine tuning specific symptoms once the majority of them have been taken care of by the diet and exercise.

Those are suggestions based on my experiments and research, not professional medical advise.
Sorry for saying that each time, I’ve been asked to do it. Plus it’s the truth anyway. I’m not working as a doctor and I don’t have the diplomas.


I stopped taking Saw Palmetto in Mid February of 2018, the next day my beard growth slowed dramatically and my underarms are completely ODORLESS!!!. I can wear the same shirt for a week and it will not smell no matter how much I work out or exposed to heat… Nothing has changed 1 year later.


Same here. When I used to wear gym shorts, they would smell like balls after a single workout and my junk would sweat like crazy too. Now my gym shorts smell like flowers even after 10 straight workouts.


I still smell like balls after a workout and I got most symptoms on here


Same in regards to body odor. Skip deodorant? Doesn’t matter, I still don’t stink


So I’m not the only one with smell less armpits. (And I have stopped bothering about wearing the same shirt two days in a row !)

This is interesting. It’s a symptom I haven’t heard people talk much about. It’s a pre-puberty state with regards to something we used to produce, but don’t anymore.


lucky you guys :smiley: i get natural body odors


Some interesting info on the apocrine sweat gland…

“The sweat only attains its characteristic odor upon being degraded by bacteria, which releases volatile odor molecules. More bacteria (especially [corynebacteria]eads to stronger odor. "
'They are inactive until stimulated by hormonal changes in puberty”