Suppressed 3a-hydroxysteroid may be the cause?


Do you have problem sleeping ? If so get yourself some Alprazolam prescribed.

They remove anxiety, help you sleep, but most of all they restore sex drive, sensitivity and erections.

It’s artificial and doesn’t last after quitting the pill. But in my opinion, the first few months your body will shift wildly as it’s trying to find its balance. During this period, it’s better to be on something artificial that will let sex drive, erection and sensitivity part of that balance. Later, you will be able to take supplements and do things that will raise your 5ar, your androgen and lower your bad estrogen. This will increase sex drive, sensitivity and erection in a more natural way. (but you have to stabilize first). I’ll answer questions if you have some at that point.

Important: I would get on a ketogenic diet as soon as you can, with lots of saturated fat (and extra virgin coconut oil). This simulates fasting, triggers autophagy and destroys unhealthy cells. Saturated fat provides plenty of material to fix the brain, the central nervous system and the hormones. Fasting is also good, but who can fast 7 months ? (I was ketogenic 7 months). Google it. It’s VERY beneficial but tricky to get on. Once you get the pace, it’s easy to stay on (especially when you get your symptoms refunded when you deviate. Ha ha !)

Eat lots of meat. I prefer beef as pork is harder to digest and chicken is full of phyto-estrogen. White fish is good but avoid salmon, tuna, sardines and mackerel as omegas are 5ar inhibitors.
You can take 0 carbs pure whey protein isolate shakes on top of that. It messes up the ketogenic diet if you take too much, have to be careful, but provides you with lots of amino acids to build up your body.

Start some weight lifting and sprinting on a regular basis. Sounds trivial but it’s actually quite efficient in raising androgen.

When you will have stabilized, there are amino acids and supplements that can be taken to remove the last symptoms. Again, I’ll be available if you have questions.

Just as a note, I had the same sexual symptoms as you, plus plenty of neurological and physical ones. At one point I considered having to stop working, driving and taking care of my children and I thought about dying (it seemed like an easy way out, but out to nowhere. Thank God I didn’t do it) That was June 2018.

I suffered a month and a half before going on the ketogenic diet, after which almost all symptoms disappeared or got better. Today, 9 months later, I’m 100% sexually, have no neurological or physical symptoms and sleep is improving although it still needs some work. (As mentioned in this thread)

It’s a hell of a ride, but in the end, I feel better and I’m more fit than I’ve been in the last 20 years. My brain is faster and I have more confidence while being calm and assertive.

Accept the cards life have dealt you and play the game according to what’s in your hand. You can get out of this if you chose to act and do something about it. If you don’t, your body will stabilize in an uncomfortable way and you can stay that way for years (and decades). So I suggest you act upon it.

You can look all the links I put in this thread. those are all I tried and describes precisely what, how much and when I took supplements.

Work is keeping me busy and I haven’t completely solved the equation yet. But as soon as I have time and when my sleep issues are fixed, I will write a complete protocol to become 100% symptom free. Time will do the rest.

So hang in there. You can beat this and become better than you were before the day you took that poisonous pill.

Disclaimer: I am not a certified health practitioner. All my suggestions are based on my research, experience and trials. Although I believe they could be helpful, there’s no guarantees.

I remain available should you have any questions.

I wish the best to you (and to us all)



I’ve been reading your posts. You took dutasteride, which has an extremely long half-life, so the problems from cessation of that may very well be quite different from post-fin problems (which has a much shorter half-life and therefore sees an astronomical rise in DHT levels in a very short amount of time). I may actually make a thread directed at Post-Dut patients, just to get a better understanding of the similarities and differences between them and post-Fin sufferers.


I can’t seem to find it unfortunately - I do know that what was central to his recovery was a 2-week water fast, resistance training and HIIT, and avoiding depression/anxiety. I remember him stating that it took between six months and a year.

I’m sure the thread’s buried somewhere on this site, but it was old. I know his recovery took place prior to 2010.


How long did you have the neurological symtoms for? Do you ever cheat on your diet?


yeah but after a month of quitting it seems as though my sexual sides all mostly recovered, while neuro stayed. and it hasn’t budged since.

not sure what to make of it tbh, i doubt ill improve much more than this.


What are your neuro sides? How long has it been. Apologize if you have a memeber story


I took fin 20 years. I had increasing insomnia, irritability and anxiety in the last 5, plus headaches and stomach ache, gastric reflux almost everyday… but especially insomnia.
After I crashed I had all of that and more multiplied by 10. I couldn’t even lie down, gastric reflux was so bad my stomach would empty into my throat and I would choke. I had to put pillow and try to sleep at an angle. But it lasted only a month a half because I went on the diet at that time. The diet eliminated all neurological symptoms, plus headache and stomach ache in three days, except insomnia.

I also exercise and take lots of supplement but the diet is the single thing that helped me the most.

In the first 4 months I couldn’t cheat at all. 3 peanuts gave me 3 hours of anxiety, 2 chocolate truffle gave me 3 days. But after 7 months, my body changed and I can cheat with anything: ice cream, pancakes, Burger King, pizza etc…

If I cheat in the morning and spend my day burning lots of energy, I may be fine. But if I cheat in too large quantities of carbs or for too long and stay in front of my computer, sleep degrades, headaches stomach ache and anxiety come back.

So I stay on my diet when I’m at home on my daily routine, and cheat when I go to restaurants with friends. I choose the plate with the most meat, less carbs, and I’m fine. I don’t drink shit like Coke and Sprite. Only water.

I believe there will come a time when I can eat normally, but to tell the truth, I’m 51 and I lost my belly pot for a six pack, can climb a rope using my arms only and I’m still exploring the possibilities of this new body. It’s like being 28 again. I won’t trade that for ice cream.

So only insomnia remains and I receive Sulforaphane on Monday, along with Creatine, Tribulus Terrestris and Boron. I’ll be able to play with my 3a-HSD and 5ar levels and adjust as needed.

Let’s see what happens. I’ll keep you posted on this thread and on my regular thread Amino Acid For neurological symptoms


yeah i made one and you replied in it.

emotional blunting, lack of ability to be “present”, short term memory, slight derealization, sometimes insomnia.


Apologies - brain fog I guess. I have the “being present” symtoms a lot. It also provents from being able to picture the future or picture how I feel in certain situations.


Have you tried aminos to fix it ? I mean both of you ?


Ok. To day I start Day 1 of Sulforaphane experiment to boost 3a-HSD and try to get some ALLO pumping.

Considering 3a-HSD also destroys DHT, I’m taking Boron 3 mg, Creatine and cycling herbs to boost testosterone and 5ar.

I’m starting to load up of Creatine today. 3th of March: 12 gr for 10 days after which I will do a maintenance dose of 3 gr a day.

The herbs I’m using are Pine Pollen, Horny Goat Weed and Tribulus Terrestris. I cycle every week, taking half dose on first and second day, full dose on day 3,4 and 5, half dose on day 6 and no dose on day 7. Then I move to the next herb.

As for Sulforaphane, I’ll start with 10mg, which is 5 drops of the Liposomal solution I bought, and I’ll increase the dose by 2 drops a day. After a week, I’ll be at 22 mg and after 2 weeks at 36 mg and at 50 mg after 3 weeks. I may remain at 50 mg for a while or increase depending what effects I get from all of this.

This should throw me off homeostasis, for better or for worst. I’ll post as often as I have time and duplicate my posts on Suppressed 3a-hydroxysteroid may be the cause?, Amino Acid For neurological symptoms and Ozeph Regimen and Supplement

Wish me luck !


I totally agree. I’m putting all my efforts at boosting 3a-HSD production.


i was trying certain things but 5HTP made my emotional blunting permanently worse so then I just stopped everything


I take every amino you reccemneded :(. No disrespect and I’m not trying to downplay other’s problems, but I am experiencing a type of brain fog that I believe is different from most. In fact my cognition and memory and fine, but I’m literally living life like I’m on some sort of lsd drug. And I’m not exaggerating. It’s as if I’m in the matrix and my brain cannot process what my eyes are seeing. I also have this constant feeling of not being able to “settle” into my body. All while I have what feels like the worst head cold. I describe it like a 24/7 extreme runners high. Like when you go an an exhausting hike and everything around you seems distant and slow. It’s a complete shift in consciousness. Similar folks describe the same thing who have brain damage for illegal drugs like lsd and mdma. It’s also been 9 months for me without a single day of clarity. Every day is pretty much the same.


Stay away from 5-htp. I have CFS, PSSD and prostatitis due to 5-htp. We already have too much serotonin in our body. Better not to play with it.


Everyone has to find what works for him. My advise is to increase slowly when you try something new and stop if it makes you feel bad, or reduced it if it first made you feel good then you increased and now you feel bad, in which case you may also have to stop.
Many amino acids deplete another one. So they have to be taken in combination.

@lakehouse: 5-HTP depletes L-Dopa which is responsible for good mood. They have to be taken together and along with Tyrosine. Do you or did you take L-Dopa ?

@Mcbbould you should choose to stop or reduce, or change the balance of what you’re taking. Did you take Tyrosine ? Usually works good on brain fog. Too much of it can deplete Phenylalanine which can also be taken. I don’t take it, it makes me feel bad.

@Rb26dett in your case, you definitely have too much serotonin. You took 5-HTP while still having SSRI in your body. You increased serotonin without the ability to eliminate it and ended up overflowing your body with serotonin. 5-HTP is not for you. Those who took fin have more of a problem with 5ar, 3a-HSD, the transformation of DHT into 3a-diol-g and the transformation of Progesterone into Allopregnanolone which regulates the GABA receptors. Many end up with hypogonadism.

I will continue to document what I’m doing. But it doesn’t mean doing the exact same thing will bear the same result. After the crash, for many of us, our bodies we unstable and the hormone balances shifted all the time until the body found the least uncomfortable compromise and stabilized that way. Most of us are in a different state. Considering this, taking the same aminos I take will make some people feel worst.

In my opinion, the amino acid supplements are just complementary to the ketogenic / carnivore diet. The diet is the main cure. Saturating your body will all amino acids present in meat and protein shakes makes it difficult to lack one. Saturated fat provides all you need to fix the brain and the CNS and gives material to make hormones with (as well as a better source of energy than carbs). Cutting carbs to less than 20 gr a day prevents food allergies, inflammation and if not taking too much protein, can begin the process of autophagy which eliminates sick cells and replace them with healthy ones just like fasting do.

My opinion is based on my own experience and other people’s testimonies. I’m not a doctor. As a matter of fact, my job has nothing to do with that, I just happen to have a background in chemistry and biology. I’m writing here mostly to document what I’m doing and the result of it. I hope it will inspire people to be pro-active and take an overall, natural approach instead of trying one or two things at a time.

I do wish the best to all of us.


correct me if im wrong OP. So youre saying supplementing glycine to up 5AR is coupled well with something that boosts 3a-HSD because itll produce an equilibirum that produces allopreg? compared to supplementing glycine or something that incrases 3aHSD by itself


Also supplementing glycine for a long time hasnt done any negative for me? is this because its used for many processes ? how long can i supplement glycine (1g before bed)?


Thanks! I also notice my temporal veins bulge like crazy now. Especially when my headache/pressure is bad. Anyone else notice this?


While I don’t intend to dampen enthusiasm, but this is all ‘bro-Science’. All speculation. No evidence. The human body is a complex machine. Making it sound like its a matter of tuning a car, or optimising software is a dangerous notion. The human body is supremely complex and we know very little about how the thousands of processes interrelate. The tendency of people who keep trying to ‘tweak’ their homeostasis by taking 10+ supplements simultaneously to speculate on the instantaneous chemical balance of their bodies, and use it to explain why they are feeling marginally better or worse are barking up the wrong tree big time. And to expect to improve a complex condition we don’t even understand through this childish play?
A little humility, please!
It’s hard enough to treat medical conditions we understand thoroughly with cutting-edge medicine.

I encourage members new and old to wait until more research is conducted and published before wasting precious money on nonsensical hocus-pocus.