Success Stories Compilation

Yes I am. 2 pills a day, and I change herb every week. This has gotten me back my body odors just some 2-3 months ago. That means a puberty hormone got activated again. And I can have body odors without the herbs now.

(this is the only forum we can brag about stinking and balding again !)


How long have you been cycling for? I was hoping to do this without taking supplements

Over a year. You can try without it if you want.

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Apologize if it has been posted already in the thread, but what are the doses? You do a 1 week of trib, stop, switch to horny goat, stop switch to pine pollen?

I take one of those 2 times a day, no break days:
(1) Pine Pollen 3 gr Or (2) Tribulus Terrestris 500 mg OR (3) Horny Goat Weed. 50 mg I Cycle one every week.

Although I officially take no breaks, in practice of forget to take the pills often.

Here there is other story of recovery.

I saw his first posts, and they were very scary, and when I stopped seeing him on the forum I thought he had committed suicide, but no, 11 years later he comes to say that he recovered 2 years later from the crash, he could get married and have 2 children, but only returned to the forum 11 years later to say that he recovered but that he now suffers from another rare disease due to clonazepam.

When we recover we must continue to live as naturally as possible because we learned that people react very differently to substances.

But at least leave the hope that this shit can be resolved, it is sad that many people recover and do not bother to leave the message of their recovery and give hope to the community.

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He never really recovered to begin with he still said he had all the full blown sexual side effects like tissue changes lack of erections ect.

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I think his writing is confusing, nobody is going to say that he recovered 90% and lived his life to the fullest, with all sexual sides.

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The recovery of english, give a lot of force and hope

and the history of 123456 is good, because apparently she suffered a lot, she was very suicidal, but now it’s fine


Also you can see the thread del chi, it’s very long, its like diary, but finally, he get recovery


Thanks guys for your contribution. It’s greatly appreciated !

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Dude recovered with HCG and Chlomid.

Again 2 types of PFS the responders to Hormone therapy and the none responders like myself. Do I think if one has been suffering for years they should try HRT? Yes but there’s always a risk you can get worse, luckily in my case i came off of TRT after 8 months with no difference in my situation.

Sometimes I wonder if I would be a responder to clomid but from everything I’ve read on here I’ve been too scared to try

No one feels good on Clomid. Well, almost no one. I wouldn’t have high expectations if you do try that route.

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It’s about how you feel when you get off of it though right?


You mean mentally, physically or both? I am on Clomid, I feel better… Clomid helps kickstart HPTA. Anyone low on T should definitely try Clomid. After my first cycle it improved my T baseline from post crash 200’s to 400’s.

With my latest prescription Clomid helped improve the sperm parameters after 3 months. I will get off it soon but works to increase sides from Low T or anyone trying to have a baby.

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Any improvement in sexual symptoms?

Not much difference, it didn’t heal my ED, still need to rely on cialis.
I am past the stage getting depressed about.

Please what about libido? have you felt any difference from clomid? thanks