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Found something interesting:

When the microbiome is wiped out by antibiotics, for example, consuming an exogenous source of butyric acid has been shown to restore the microbiome to health in mice. While this effect is difficult to test in humans, researchers believe that butyric acid may be helpful to restore normalcy to microbiomes which have been altered by external factors. Furthermore, butyric acid contributes to microbiome health regardless of whether the microbiome has been recently damaged. The reason for this is that butyric acid acts as a chemical signaling molecule which tells the immune system of the gastrointestinal tract that all is well. When the immune cells encounter a molecule of butyric acid in the gut, they become less likely to cause inflammation and less likely to recruit other immune cells to generate inflammation. This means that consuming fiber indirectly leads to a gut which experiences less inflammation in the absence of threats to the immune system.


Go carnivore for 2 weeks then if you want switch to Keto diet. (All decision is up to you, there isn’t anything harmful about this diet, although moderators of this forum “warn” me when i recommend this benefit proven diet for members, which is weird because people have been recommending all kinds of dangerous drugs in this forum…) Yes Ghee is safe and healthy. Im on carnivore diet too and improving. Im hoping for better changes.

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Ketogenic diet allows for soy product which boost estrogen, 5-ari inhibitor food like chocolate and nuts and all kind of inflammatory food.
It uses almond flour to do bakeries and it’s full of L-Cysteine and should be avoided for pfs.
I also don’t recommend it. (and I tried it)

The best is carnivore diet with lots of animal fat. A Russian user on this forum saw a Moscow doctor specialized in epigenetic diseases and got prescribed to eat meat only. He’s getting better.

After 6-9 months, sexual symptoms have good chances of improving in my opinion. Don’t deviate for at least a year. Adding water fasting after 3-6 months in the diet should, in my opinion, accelerate things.


Your sexual symptoms are getting better, correct? How close to fully better would you say you are?

Erection, 100%. Sensibility 80-100% (it varies). Sex drive 70%.

At my worst I had no morning erection, zero sex drive (don’t know if I could have erections, I didn’t try because of zero sex drive) and sensibility was like 10%. Often I could not finish.

Prefin, at 28 yo, I had a sex drive of 10 times a day. I’m 52 and I’m Ok at once every 2 days. It’s hard to put a percentage because of my age. I took fin 20 years.


Here, there are other 2 stories more about recovery, first was a PSSD member, and second about PFS but i don’t know why was baned.

Was more intresting if we created a new thread with only stories of recoverys and don’t lose the line speaking about more teories.

@Ozeph can you tell me the suplements that used @MOONCHILD? i know only butyrate, but i don’t know abour BHB. i sended PM to @MOONCHILD but he can’t answer me, he should create his thread of recovery.

I wish everyone a lot of strength to continue until recovery.

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Thank you for the success stories.

You’ll find plenty here:

I can’t find the one I’m using. I took one with the least chemical. You have to look the ingredients.


Could we make a thread with list of success stories similar like on pssd forum ? I

By all mean, feel free to do it. This one is my attempt at doing just this.

It did evolve in finding solutions based on the success stories, and finding solution was my goal, as well as giving hope.

Boy does this thread need tidying up

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Here other story :slight_smile:

My favorite success story is on the PSSD forum: CURED

Thanks for contributing more success stories.

Also thank you. The more we have, the better.

Why is it your favorite?

Because she was very active on trying to resolve it for ten years, then obtained a clear resolution of it, and now continues to follow up on it reporting lasting results. It’s the most overall convincing and credible one I’ve seen.

Not to be a downer here but read the story in its entirety and you’ll see it’s not a recovery story the way you’re thinking

Why do you say that? I did.

one story