Mianserin reversed numb genitals and brain fog

This is from the “surviving antidepressants forum”. The user, (LouisSyfer), had PSSD from SSRI use which has similar persistent side effects (depression, extreme anxiety, derealization, brain fog, NO LIBIDO. GENITALS NUMB).

Hi members of Surviving Antidepressants forum !

I had a very bad PSSD and I’m free now from it since the last year. I used to be a part of PSSD forum. I wanted to claim worldwide that I at least got rid of PSSD, free from depression and I did it. But the sonny’s forum has closed. I wanted to post my story on the paxil progress forum, and it’s closed too (!!!???). I hope this one will survive !!

How did I recover ?

Below my first post on PSSD forum :

"Hi everybody.

I’m a french guy from Nice (South of France) who used to have a very bad PPSD.

I’ll try to resume my story.

I should have taken Seroplex for depression in september 2012. And it was the beginning of the nightmare.

Deeper depression, extreme anxiety, derealization, brain fog, and, of course, ABSOLUTLY NO LIBIDO no more.

I was wondering what’s happening to me. I asked my psy why my libido had disappeared and he replied that it was one of the consequence of depression, not the effect of seroplex. But when I began to fell depressed, it still had my libido. The problem was seroplex, not depression. I guessed it was bullsh*t, but where was the cure ? How long I would undergo this side effect ?

After about four month of treatment, my doctor wanted to give me another antidepressant. Because my depression didn’t improve ; it was worst and worst day after day. So I took cymbalta. Did nothing to me. Then I was hospitalized, and the psy gave me anafranil. After six month of treatment, I felt a bit better, so we stopped anafranil to see if my libido would come back. According to the psy, sexuality is supposed to be back after two or three weeks. But one month later, I was still bad. Depressed, anxious, with a big brain frog, and f course, no libido no where.

For I and my psy, I was still depressed – and my libido couldn’t come because of it -, so he gave me Ixel to try to cure it. But I knew that the solution was elsewhere. Some gave me poison (SSRI), and I had to find the cure myself if I wanted to survive.

Then I started to make deep researches on the Net. In french, I found nothing interesting. But when I began to search in english language, what I discovered was amazing.

I had PSSD. And a very bad one. And there’s no cure known. I believed it was the end of my life.

I stayed hours and hours in front of my computer and I saw there were so many things to try I didn’t know what I was really supposed to do. Then, I found an U.S. article about Buspar, bupropion, mianserin, D.A., and so many other drugs. I tried buspirone and bupropion, for example. Buspirone did nothing to me, and bupropion drove me crazy. I tried mirtazapine as well, with no result. I was so desperate that I stopped everything.

But the more I was waiting, the worst I was felling.

For example I couldn’t sleep more than three hours a night. And I was so anxious, that some days I started to drink alcohol in the morning. I felt better drunk than stressed.

I saw on the net that mianserin makes sleep. So I asked my doctor to give me mianserin. 30 mg/day.

The treatment began the 15th february of this year.

The possible side effects of mianserin are rare : you fell drowsy, you sleep better, you can get weight. It’s very sedative.

The first month, nothing really special happened. Then the second and the third month, I started to fell better.

Step by step, I was felling that mianserin was fighting the disease. Gradually, miaserin has destroyed depression, annihilated the extreme anxiety, erased the brain fog. I could focus of my problem, thought about life and did my job without fear. It was like if someone put a light on in my brain.

About libido, I should have wait four months to see some results. It was strange the first time I felt I wanted to have sex. But it was up and down. One week my libido was coming back, another it’s gone away. Until it came back and so on. In July I was very excited, and in August, the libido was down.

So what’s happening now ? We are in october. I’m still taking mianserin but 10 mg a day. Sometimes my libido is so high that it’s almost uncomfortable. I’d sodomize a goat if only I could fell better after that.

My sexuality is back. PSSD is gone.

I was fighting to get an erection and now I fight to NOT HAVE an erection.

I feel my bollocks full of sperm. And I CAN FEEL MY GENITALS AGAIN.

Mianserin destroyed depression, deleted anxiety, suppressed the brain fog, and gave me back my libido.

Mianserin saved my life.

(The end of treatment is set for the 15th november. I will let know if something wrong happen.

If you try mianserin, don’t worry if your libido is up and down during the cure; that just means that your brain is being fixed.)."

Now i’m still free from all the symptoms. I’ve stopped taking Mianserin the 15th november 2014, as quoted above.

If you have any question, just ask me.

Take care !!


Anyone else try this drug?


I have and still taking it. 60 mg gives curved erections and a lots of sweating, like working too strong. 30 doesn’t give sweatings and curved erections but the problem while on 30 sleep is worse but without it had been much worse. What I noticed is a more enriched lifestyle with 30 mg mianserin makes that I can feel the blood rushing through my brain. It’s very promising because the beardgrowth speed comes back and other symptoms reverses nearly completely then like insomnia and the natural sleepy feeling like before and libido. I believe this medicine can have the possibility to clean up a lot but I would recommend to not begin from less than 30 if you give it a try. Not lower and not higher than 37,5 due to my own reactions and readings and have some patience. But its pretty limited data on this… I am going from now to have a more active lifestyle with work (I have been quite house bound and unemployed after the crash) because it’s necessary to have some people around and stimulate the brain if the medicine should have a fair chance to do it’s work I have noted.

It doesn’t give weight gain for me like mirtazapin. From my experience mianserin seems to start brain cleaning and mirtazapin only threat symptoms

I’m actually very surpriced i haven’t seen more users of this medicine.


it helps your brain fog too?

but gives you bad sleep?

I don’t feel brainfog is a part of my pfs .

I meant sleep is worse on 30 mg than 60. But 60 is too high, for me atleast.

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My word. Very very best of luck to you there and please please keep logging and updating! :slight_smile:

How long have you been taking it?

Please keep posting



The above post showed a small study of 17 men with libido loss during SSRI treatment in which 15/17 improved sexual symptoms with Mianserin at low doses of 7.5-15 mg for three months. Seems like hopeful data! As always, I suggest caution and I am not recommending you all go popping this stuff. Just reporting the data.

On the other hand, if you look online, people have tried this stuff to cure their PSSD and got mostly disappointing results from what I see.


These men didn’t have PSSD though, they were still taking SSRI.



Actually one year but one mistake is that I have exercised the first 10 months. When i paid attention to it it seemed to prevent what mianserin builded up, like libido and exercising gave me too low blood pressure… Walks since two months and it seem to be better. waiting on my work to take place on Tuesday. Hopefully improvement with this combined. Libido is better on 30 than the higher dosage I had before

Regarding the study I readed a thread on pssdforum some time. Them who took like 10 mg hadn’t success or hurt themselves. Higher doses like 45 to 60 didn’t seem too promising in the long run. And many failed to report dosage. So we don’t have many trials on the most interesting dosage 30 mg which Louis who cured himself (according to himself). The dosage is very important! And not an indoor unenriched environment lifestyle.

Take care so long☺

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Mianserin appears to exert its effects via antagonism of histamine and serotonin receptors, and inhibition of norepinephrine reuptake. … As an H1 receptor inverse agonist with high affinity, mianserin has strong antihistamine effects (e.g., sedation).

There also seems to be a strong relationship with histamine and sweat production.
This older class of antidepressants (tetracyclic) were strong h1 receptor antagonists.
There could be some type of rebound effect with histamine as well.

Shouldnt we still be cautious of mianserin/ mirtazapine causing depletion of androgens via the many fold increase in 3a-HSD akin to SSRIs? I wonder if this mechanism is no more than theoretical guesswork espoused on this forum or if its actually been demonstrated in studies.

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I don’t know about mianserin but mirtazapine and ssri raising 3a-hsd has been in lots of studies.

I know that it does. But please point me to literature that shows it leads to rapid depletion of androgenic substrates and thus to PSSD.

How is it going fr you???

Never heard of such study, probably just theoratical guessing.
Doesn’t makes sense to me anyway cause post mianserin/ mirtazapine cases aren’t really a thing.

Though apparently rare, It does happen. There is a user on this forum, @Dtch, who only used Mirtazapine