soft erections, light penis, wrinkled penile skin, and soft penis head


i haven’t used finasteride before, but i had used alpha lipoic acid from GNC for 3 weeks, and i started to have same symptoms as Propecia.
now my penis is very soft when it is flaccid. it was firmer before, even when flaccid. there are wrinkles on the penile skin, and there is a loss in girth. also, the penis feels rubbery, and my erections are not hard as they used to be, now my erections can be bent, and the head doesnt get hard as before. i used to have rock hard erections, now i have soft erections. my flaccid penis is lighter, like it is empty. also my beard has gotten thinner, weaker, and it grows slower. do you think i will get better?

Penis feels very light
Penis feels very light

Considering you didn’t take Finasteride, odds are in your favor.


Alpha Lipoic acid from GNC contains also riboflavin…
is 5 alpha-reductase inhibitors…