Sage Therapeutics Clinical trial of SAGE-217 (Zuranolone)

If I may add my two cents, I think he is saying that there is a prevailing mentality or philosophy that if a treatment doesn’t offer “the cure” then it isn’t worth considering for your health management. In my earlier days, I personally used to think this way about treating PFS because I had not yet accepted that PFS was going to be a very long term ordeal that just doesn’t have a silver bullet cure right now.

Now rather than looking for “the cure”, I have accepted my circumstances, and I try to make the best of them by treating my symptoms since I’m not expecting to completely reverse my condition.

Putting a bandage on a wound is better than leaving the wound exposed, even if the wound is still there. For example, Viagra obviously doesn’t cure my PFS but if it can help a few guys manage to have some sex versus none, and in my opinion you should work that into your life. If you are really depressed from PFS, anti-depressants won’t cure you, but they may help make your life less painful. As we all know, anti-depressants carry their own risks, so that is a personal choice. But honestly, mental health is one of the most important things to fix.

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Does anyone have an idea or a realistic prediction about how much Sage 217 will cost? or if there’s any other drugs targeting similar mechanisms in development?

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Sage 217 (Zuranolone) will be the first in its class in pill form. Marinus was working on a similar drug, still might be, but they’re trailing.

We won’t know what it costs for awhile and even then it will depend on your insurance plan.

Thanks for the reply, I don’t have insurance as I live in the EU so I’m curious if it’ll eventually go generic, hopefully it won’t be too much for people to afford, otherwise it’ll be another drug for the rich I guess.

I don’t really know how it will work in the EU with nationalized health care, assuming your country has that. Drug patents last for 20 years in the US but hopefully there will be some way to get it.

The Marinus drug is called ganoxolone and they developed it before Sage but they’re behind in clinical trials because they’ve failed some of their tests for other conditions.

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As this drug seems to act on Allopregnanolone, I’m wondering if anyone has had tried 5a-dhp which also increases Allopregnanolone? Seems like there are at lease a few PFS guys having success with it over at the ray peat forum. Although I’m sure the mechanisms are much different, might be worth a try.

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ive tried that. its garbage.

ive read the threads where the dudes got some benefit with it. it all works for a bit, and then stops working.

sounds like placebo to me as well. i highly doubt some random website makes legit allo.

@lakehouse How do you know it just didn’t work for you? It seems a lot of things benefit some and not others.

I made this conclusion by tracking the progress of the people that took it.

Can’t remember 1 guy who said it kept working.

Prep on the other hand i think benefits some people and not others.

That 5-dhp however imo is junk, but go ahead and try if you want and let us know if it works

Guys how do we know this Sage drug can help us? Many other drugs just made us worse and worse. So why this one? I want to stay optimistic of course.

@lakehouse so you tracked them on every other forum and not just this one? Cuz it seemed like there were a more than a few people that had some success with it. I tried prep. Didn’t do jack except give me diarrhea.

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Yes I said “the people”. There were multiple on that place and another forum.

But go ahead and try it if you want, that’s just that conclusion I drew.

Prep didn’t work that well for me either, I was just using it as an example.

We don’t. It just a theory that replacing a neurosteroids we are low in will help us

People always think that somebody will gibe them the pill of the cure as easy as it sound.
Nobody will.
If you want to cure pfs, in my opinion, you have to try something on your own.

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Anyone know much about the timescales for getting a drug approved for UK markets? Zuranolone / Sage 217 doesn’t seem to be on the radar for UK.

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Sage 217 replenishes the neurosteroid allopregnanolone which is blocked by 5-AR inhibitors. Melcangi published a study showing a small group of PFS patients had undetectable levels of allo in their cerebral-spinal fluid so hopefully replenishment will be helpful to PFS patients. I am not sure how it would benefit accutane or SSRI sufferers but allopregnanolone supposedly regulates mood and sexual functioning. Theoretically it is promising but we’ll have to wait and see if it ends up working.


Yes replacing will surely alleviate the brain fog. SSRI completely cured my brain fog due to its known mechanism of Allopregnanolone upregulation. If this could provide a safer route I’m all for it.

Yes without a doubt

I am curious how it is metabolized? Would it affect liver?