Reversing silenced AR signal with demethylating agents - A promising treatment option?


SO nobody recovered with this method?

I am going to try 6 grams C3 Curcumin a day with resveratrol and EGCG


I had this experience.

First injjeciton of testosterone cured, then faded away.

First injeciton of masteron cured, then faded away

First tablet of clomid cured, then faded away then arimidex brought cure back then faded away

First tablet of clomid cured, then faded away then progesterone bought cure back for 3 weeks then faded away and crashed with 50% more androgen insensitivity (then recovered 4 months later to pfs baseline)


I have depakote(valporic acid) but i read that it’s also a anti androgen, I’ve only taken when they made me go to mental hospital for suicidal intent and only took it a few times.

It made me have trouble with speech, like I was slurring. But I still have a script for it, might try it again.


'5-aza-2’-deoxycytidine … /cv112.pdf


SIRT1 activation -> Increases DNMT1 -> Reduces 5AR2 protein expression.

Maybe decreasing SIRT1 helps?

SIRT1 Deacetylates the DNA Methyltransferase 1 (DNMT1) Protein and Alters Its Activities
DNA methyl transferase 1 reduces expression of SRD5A2 in the aging adult prostate.
Procainamide Is a Specific Inhibitor of DNA Methyltransferase 1

Obesity -> Reduces 5aR2 expression.
Age and Obesity Promote Methylation and Suppression of 5α-Reductase 2: Implications for Personalized Therapy of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia.

Trazodone PSSD 3pills

just posting here that a member, IMMO, tried 5-azacytidine, vidaza, for 5 days, after which he stopped since he got sick (i think from the drug).
he says no improvements except he says it helped with alcohol and drugs. he says now he now can drink 200ml and get drunk but before he would drink 1liter and stay the same.
he’s still got every other issue.
Says viagra makes his size 100% but i dont know what was his response before. maybe no response.

what does this mean? has he restored allopregnanolone?

Methylation inhibitors potential treatment if over methylation is our problem

anyone have contacted this member or has e-mail adress or phone or anything?
i want to contact the user IMMO
can anyone help me?


Try on to contact Immo


Hey guys, there is a discussion related to this going on at PSSDForum. There is an exciting new study that shows citalopram causes epigenetic changes. See here:


ANYONE having e-mail or contact of any kind of the user: [xptriado]

plz pm me on this site or email

We are going to trial azacitidine so we need some info about this

They should have manufactured an anti-pfs pill already

Have you tried contacting him with a pm here and have you messaged him on solvepfs as mentioned above?


tried both with no success
i rly need this info though
only 1 person in the history of pssd/pfs tried this out of 5000+ sufferers or how much they are

if someone finds info contact me


Can I ask who the “we” is in that post?


its another sufferer from pssd forum
he is going to trial first actually


Just two of you? How are you recording the information? Is there any medical supervision?


the procedure will be done under medical supervision most likely this summer

i asked for information about these 2 guys who posted here

if someone has info ok

if not,this thread is not about that

thank you


I posted in his log on solvepfs and he responded to me, maybe you could try that. Good luck with the trial.


Haven’t been here in months but I just logged in because this sounded so dangerous when someone else messaged me about it,on solvepfs, that I just had to login and leave a message

you will be trying a very harsh drug and the current evidence for it in pfs/pssd is null. this drug is very risky, I would never do it. IIRC you can get permanent bone marrow problems.

Remember you took a drug, supposedly benign and you got sick. With this drug it’s is already acknowledged that it is likely it will cause you very serious problems. So think carefully about what you’re doing.

I don’t have any more info than what I posted above some years ago nor have I researched further into it. I also don’t have IMMOs contact, we used to just PM on solve

Re solve: Only Enden can approve new accounts on solvepfs so you’ll have to wait that he logs in…


Hi XP, I thought I hadn’t seen you on here for a while. It would be good to have your input on things over here if you can.


I agree. The only thing I’m willing to try is diet, exercise and natural food supplements. I’m doing it for two purpose:

1-To reduce the symptoms
2- To keep me busy while the scientists are studying the problem.

Many of us have made themselves worst, some to the point of killing themselves, with different experiments using dangerous drugs. For me, the path is clear: I will try to remain drug free as much and for as long as I can. Drugs are harsh and all of them throw the body off balance.