Reversing silenced AR signal with demethylating agents - A promising treatment option?


Some men may have antibodies against 5ar2, some men may have them against DHT, some may have them against both.

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If we do in fact have an auto-immune condition towards androgens (antibodies against DHT, test, or 5ar) wouldn’t this have been found out by now? And if we do have such an auto-immune disease, we’re pretty screwed. Forget trying to be cured.[/quo

We shattered life.


And some men may have antibodys against “keeping things on a topic”


I’m not a microbiologist either but as far as I know of, any possible institutions that have lined up to investigate our problem not one of them have entertained the idea of some autoimmune disorder. Now, this is after very careful consideration of all the side effects and presentations of PFS by numerous PhD’s of various disiplines. So, getting overly worried about that possibility right now is pointless.

This was an interesting discussion. There are plenty of threads on autoimmune issues. Let’s keep this on topic please.


Boston332, you cannot seriously be suggesting our problems have already been narrowed down to one possibility???

The only published works on this problem are from Dr Irwig, Prof Traish and Dr Goldstein. They have never, ever mentioned anything close to this ‘AR theory’. And they know about the various ideas that have been suggested and proposed research. In fact they all strongly suggest its a neurological problem.

Remember, Epigenetics would never have become involved if it wasnt for Awor. By that same token an autoimmune endocrine disorder requires a researcher of that field to become involved so it can then be ruled out - which has not happened.


The answer to those questions is likely best handled by the PFS foundation. I am only commenting on what’s been made public at this point. I’m not dismissing anything personally. I’m just trying to keep this on topic for easier access of information as we already have threads for discussions about autoimmune disorder. Thanks.


I am willing to bet that the root problem to are situation has been found, I am sure ready for the theories section to be closed that way we will stop chasing are tails!!!


There are treats about autoimune. So please, keep this on topic. AS everbody can see in the headline, What is the name of this treat. This treat is nor for discussion about any theories. I realy dont know why some members of this forum uses every treat to for letting everbody know what they think about awors theorie. Honestly, I dont have the time for jumping in a treat about autoimun and rip a part, I focus more of finding a cure for us all. But, The more and more I see, what some members are doing here, I will stop this and take time to show, why it is not a autoimun problem and what is all wrong, was some members are claiming here. It is simply just annoying that every treat is used to attack others.


I thought this was a interesting article on our problem, with maybe some hope for us. … 708958.htm


I don’t know a lot about what irwig, traish and goldstein say, do they really think pfs is a neurological problem?


I have found that since starting work and having long hours my symptoms have actually on the most part improved somewhat. In fact when i have time off like now i symptomatically get a bit worse especially with energy levels and sexual function.

I suspect that sleeping too much it is pushing my testosterone levels up and as a general rule increasing testosterone brings out negative symptoms in most of us. When i rest too much my mind gets more cloudy, i get a bit lower in mood and tired and libido is less good. Its a tricky balance though coz other areas need the sleep to rest. I would recommend not over sleeping though.

I’m still taking sulphoraphane, niacin and on occasion vitamin A and isocort. I’m playing the long game now and not looking for a quick fix epigenetic agent. Having said that this regime has abolished 90% of the time my prostate pain and my semen, erectile strength is much better. Still have problems maintaining erections but it fluctuates alot. On good weeks i am finding 1mg of Cialis helps for 1 week - which is not bad.

I still believe my p300 idea is a potential cause (explained a few pages back) but there is too much risk in taking more aggressive action before appropriate research. I am waiting on finding out what exactly is happening at the androgen receptor level. Research… I suspect due to downregulation past the point of the receptor allopregnanolone and neurosteroids are downregulated. I do not believe it is the cause of all problems but merely a symptom. I suspect the research presented in Feb will show they are and some people will speculate it is the cause.

It may well be as we get older and our testosterone levels naturally drop we will start improving. I really don’t think TRT is a good idea.


In fact people like ogadwolverine


and people who restarted finasteride which reduces DHT in previous posts have improved.

Reducing testosterone has more positive effects overall it seems. Why this is exactly is still unknown and unproven.


taking propecia doesnt reduce testosterone however, it increases it.


Yes it increases testosterone but decreases DHT significantly which is infinitely more potent. They both bind to the same receptors.


I get that but taking finasteride again increases testosterone, decreases DHT. Why would decreasing DHT be better by going back on the pill? My DHT is alreay extremely low off the pill.


2 months after stopping Finasteride I had a blood test done that had shown my testosterone levels were in the range of women.


Very interesting thread. From personal experience and continuous blood testing i found that when my adiol g levels went from 4-5 to 10-11 i had restored sexual function. Libido was improved too. Sleep remained dysfunctional as it has nothing to do with adiol g. Amother interesting point is that i can feel the dht in my body rising as my hair looks different (might be a cortisol issue also), nose is more oily and i scratch my top of my head more often. I sense that the activity of the 5ar2 is controlled by the brain. It might be a negative feedback issue like body senses a problem in the receptors and brain commands decrease of hormone metabolism. Also i still do not understand why the adrenals are so stressed during this process and i do not mean acth or cortisol which rise due to extreme stress but androstenedione and 16 oh progesterone. Maybe a chain reaction from 5ar2 not allowing allopregnanolone/progesterone conversion.


In my previous blood test I had high DHT and an out of scale 3-Alpha-Diol G (the highest my endo has ever seen), nevertheless my libido was very low

Test | value | range
DHT | 70 | 16-79 ng/dL
3Alpha-Diol-G | 3067* | 190-900 ng/dL

Low DHT can be a byproduct of PFS but it is not the main issue


What are your other hormones like?

I’d be interested to know if anyone one here has normal Testosterone, Estrogen, SHBG and DHT.


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