Methylation inhibitors potential treatment if over methylation is our problem


Drugs like 5-azacytidine and Decitabine are used in leukemia and hematologic disorders. They inhibit DNA methylating enzymes. I wonder if they could help our condition as well.

I do not encourage anyone to just pick up these drugs and try them. They weaken the immune system, can lead to anemia, and hypokalemia. They’re very powerful drugs.



There’s already a massive thread about this. I personally think our problem may be related to methylation but I don’t think it’s hypermethylation of the receptor gene but rather hypomethylation. Which would ultimately change the expression of many other genes.

In regards to you man, I seriously think you do not share our problem. I can’t even take clomid or I will be put in the hospital. I would love to be in your position. I would continue to follow your physicians orders considering you are feeling better and making improvements.

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Why don’t you think I have your problem? Because I can stomach clomid and you cannot?

I have many of your symptoms, even the physical ones. And this was after taking a DHT blocker. I even have the same physical symptoms as the members on here.

I believe many drugs can lead to the constellation of symptoms we have. You yourself are here because of arimidex. I could easily say to you “you don’t have what everyone else on here has” because you’ve never taken finasteride.

Either way, I’m trying to positively impact this community and have donated money, tried to initiate efforts for awareness, and have plans for more.

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I don’t think I have PFS, so I’d agree with you if you said I don’t have what everyone else here has.

But no, I don’t think we differ because I can’t “stomach” clomid and you can. And as an aside: It’s much much much more than stomaching. I have taken clomid in massive doses before and had no adverse effects. It only did what it was supposed to do which was block ER in the hypothalamus and breast tissue.
Now, if I take it, I lose massive amounts of muscle, hair, have gastroparesis, psychosis, absolutely zero libido, impotence, and about 15 other symptoms I never had in my life.

There are several reasons why I think we don’t share the same issue, that’s my opinion, and I wasn’t saying it to be a dick. I was trying to make you feel better because I wouldn’t want anyone in my position. It’s a living nightmare.

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I see, brother.

I really think you do have it worse than me, man. I hope you improve soon. Hang in there.

Have a good thanksgiving.

And your reactions to clomid seem terrifying, man. I can’t think of any reason why they would happen to you.



Yeah I wasn’t trying to undermine what’s going on with you, it’s still tough to deal with whether it’s as bad as my condition or not. Hope to see you improve on your new protocol.

I am pretty sure I know exactly why I get these reactions to anything that binds to the ER, just like PFS guys get such reactions to anything that binds to the AR. But I still need evidence to prove such a theory.

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I see, man. DMAE makes me worse for sure, and I used to take that regularly. But it’s not even remotely anabolic or hormonal.



No way really? I used that without any issues what so ever. Maybe is has to do with the fact I’m on TRT. Just guessing here

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me and another sufferer will be trying azacitidine by the end of this summer most likely
if u want to jump on our train or discuss details u can PM me

plz ignore gents cause he thinks he has biggest problems and suffers more than everyone

regarding azacitidine u can look at the link below

decitibine wont work cause of mechanism of action reasons that it only works in cancer affected cells
azacitidine might plausably work thru inhibition into RNA

im willing to do at least 2 cycles and more if i see improvements



I won’t be hopping on the train, man, but I respect your decision to do so. Be careful, there are a lot of lifestyle changes I’m sure your aware of you need to make on this drug. Like avoiding crowds, no exercise, etc.



yeah,thats while u are on the drug though
i wont be taking it forever
just few cycles till demethylation happens in the gene expression that it should

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never once did i say i have the worst problems? there are people suffering far worse than i am that have PFS.

you’re persuading someone who may not have definitive epigenetic issues to take a drug that has the potential to induce extremely aggressive side effects.

you are an absolute loose cannon if you ask me, i ask everyone here to proceed with caution before taking this kids advice and “knowledge.”

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im pursing no one i said i will try it myself first



@zadig777, You do realize that if you go ahead with this, you are more likely to only experience increased toxic effects by using azacitidine instead of decitabine due to RNA incorporation of azacitidine?

This aspect of azacitidine doesn’t increase its efficacy as a demethylating agent.



And according to what I know about epigenetics. It would make sense that our receptor gene is HYPOMETHYLATED = Increased expression, not HYPERMETHYLATED = Decreased expression. So these drugs willl probably only make your issue worse.



We really have no clue. Hypomethylation is usually associated with increased expression, but we don’t know it that is driving a driving force behind PFS. Lack of ligand or loss of autoregulation can cause receptor overexpression independently from methylation status also.

Agreed that this could worsen the condition.



i already said what happens and why i use azacitidine i wont repeat myself
u can check out my previous posts regarding this matter



Does anything work ?
I can give you an enormous list of all the things ive tried to no avail but i can’t list one thing that actually works

Weight training makes me feel better about myself and keeps me actually eating something.
Steroids give me a sense of well-being
viagra makes my Dick work but obviously does nothing for my memory or anxiety.
As for anything and everything else it may aswell go in the bin.
I think you have to basically make do with what you have make the most of it and wait until someone scientific finds the reasons behind everything.



You don’t know what pathway you want demethyliation, so you need a global demethyliation agent