Reversing silenced AR signal with demethylating agents - A promising treatment option?


its obviously not null since user IMMO got improvement regarding alcohol response and drug response…

and he didn’t use it full cycle and only 3/4 cycle while he should have done at least 3-4 cycles…

he got sick cause he should get sick on this drug…


have you then tried Procaine?
What results did he give?


Hydralazine DNA demethylation.

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Excuse me if i repeat a question that had been answerd before, but do you think that also PSSD and other dysfunctions related to other drugs can share the same mechanism you are proposing for PFS (epigenetic changes)?

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Yes Absolutely


That’s the popular belief here. It makes sense going by the shared symptoms of PFS/PAS/PSSD/etc, and because the drugs that cause our respective conditions all have an anti-androgenic effect on some level.


Again, one more time, the problem is what pathway do you want demethlylation, with a chemotherapy drug? lol
My opinion is that you need a DHMT1 inhibitor, right dosage, right protocol under a professional supervision, Anonymus got recovered using an immune suppressor.


Anonymous1968 was uncertain of what caused his recovery, stating that “time and/or luck” could have been at play in his original topic title before it was changed at his request. He later said that he believed methylprednisolone had nothing to do with his recovery.

He also said his libido returned prior to the methylprednisolone:


Are we really sure finasteride cause demythylation in human brain?

We saw on it on animals but I have seen few PFS people who made brain MRI commenting on forums their test where negative.


You’re thinking of demyelination, a loss of the protective sheathing around nerves that acts as an insulator for electrical impulses.

Part of the discussion in this thread is demethylation and methylation, a modification to DNA that prevents it from being copied into RNA.


If this “methylation” is indeed what’s causing our problems, which makes total sense, I bet each person’s individual case of methylation of gene promoters is different.

For example, some poeple have severe physical symptoms / bodily changes such as gyno and fat gain, while others such as myself are able to put on muscle and have 12% bodyfat, and also normal beard growth among other things indicating partially working AR signaling to some extent, but have no morning erections and lowered libido. If there are multiple different DNA/ RNA signaling pathways affected for each person and hence the pathophysiology of this condition is unique, I wonder how we’ll ever be able to associate a universal root cause / solution because there’s no universal effect on the exact same genes.

Also, on the AR over-expression topic which has often been labeled the root cause of this issue, i bet this was merely from when the body tried to adapt to lowered DHT and not the root at all. The AR’s might even be continuing to over-express ATM, like trying to turn up the voltage (Androgen Receptors) to power a number of unique dead lightbulbs (different genes). The dead lightbulbs I believe are the issue, not that voltage is too high. Not a scientist at all BTW, this is all noobie speculation…


nice find

hydralazine restored androgen receptor expression, with upregulation of its target
p21 in DU145 cell line.


anyone tried hydralazine ?


Its so hard to find Hydralazine, maybe someone have any advice where to buy it ?


they all there with prescription…


but I am not responsible for the quality of these medicines


Well, if someone tries this, it gets repeated by others and it works, I might try.

But beware. this drug main use is to lower high blood pressure, it elevates heart beats and has plenty of side effects. It is usually taken with 2 other drugs just to counter the sides.

Most likely, de-methylation is a side effect. So how much low blood pressure and high heart beats do you have to endure to de-methylate your culprit genes, and is the effect durable or just like most thing people try, you get better for a short while and then you get worst and it takes time just to get back to your baseline.

I’ll be looking for a more gentle way to achieve this., if there is one.


you have tried sulforaphane already, thats the best “natty” thing there is i believe

i don’t know any other way to go other than DNMTi/HDACi and the hydralazine/valproate combo seems on par with decitabine/azacytidine as far as demethylation rates go if you look up on pubmed, while also increasing longevity

first day i took 200mg and my bpm was crazy high, now i know 75mg is the sweet spot according to a study, after that demethylation decreases
also I’m a fast methylator so thats my limit

valproate im taking 1500mg but going to increase after first week


You mean Sulforaphane is nasty ?

I cycle it and get good results from it. I’ve been having uninterrupted good nights of sleep for 3 weeks. Best result in 3 years, including 2 years of taking fin and 1 year of pfs.