Reversing silenced AR signal with demethylating agents - A promising treatment option?


its obviously not null since user IMMO got improvement regarding alcohol response and drug response…

and he didn’t use it full cycle and only 3/4 cycle while he should have done at least 3-4 cycles…

he got sick cause he should get sick on this drug…


have you then tried Procaine?
What results did he give?


Hydralazine DNA demethylation.


Excuse me if i repeat a question that had been answerd before, but do you think that also PSSD and other dysfunctions related to other drugs can share the same mechanism you are proposing for PFS (epigenetic changes)?


Yes Absolutely


That’s the popular belief here. It makes sense going by the shared symptoms of PFS/PAS/PSSD/etc, and because the drugs that cause our respective conditions all have an anti-androgenic effect on some level.