Resistance training restores 5α-reductase expressions


I was very severely affected by fin. In my many years since (almost 6) the only times where I felt confident sexually has been during those up periods where I consistently work out. Strangely gaining muscle has not been a problem nor holding onto it, but I do feel much weaker in the gym than I used to and I lack the drive I once had.

Definitely im much better off with consistent exercise but I’m just not consistent enough otherwise I honestly believe I would have gotten over this by now

My libido before fin 100%
My libido immediately after 20%
My libido during bouts of training 70%
My libido on a regular day now 45%
My Libido on proviron arimidex and wellbutrin 70%

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I did vigorous exercise for 3 months and nothing happened for me. (PAS)


Have you ever suffered muscle wastage after taking fin?


I believe for the first few years my body composition changed, yes I lost some muscle and gained fat, especially on the belly but I’ve always put this down to lack of motivation to exercise and a very bad diet. I’ve since forced myself to have bouts of dieting and got my weight more in control.
I’ve since maintained reasonably above average muscle mass


Thanks for your reply. It gives people hope that with time and persistence they can once again attain a body composition that resembles pre-fin. I’ve suffered from some muscle wasting issues, stiffness, muscle fatigue and I’ve also gained weight but it’s only been two months and I haven’t tested myself by lifting again yet. I hope it’s all reversible for me.

Did you do anything else besides progressive weight training?


You’re right, it should have.

Here’s a recipe:
1- Resistance training
2- High protein diet (meat and protein shake)
3- High Saturated animal fat (and extra virgin coconut oil)
4- Less than 20gr carbs a day
5- Extra amino acids to address specific symptoms that remains after all four above.

I’m doing resistance training as well as taking 10mg pregnanolone (which produces many hormones including DHEA) and 10mg DHEA per day.

Resistance training is an integral part of my protocol, as well as almost zero carbs, high saturated fat, high protein diet with lots of extra amino acids.

I’m having excellent results, 7 months after crashing.

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I had visited a doctor who put me on high doses of testosterone, a very good long estered compound called nebido which really worked wonders because it stabilized my mood and did increase my libido. Had to use with a very low dose of arimidex.
I didn’t want to stay on testosterone injections so I came off.

I believe it had a permanent positive effect.

Whenever I have intercourse now I use dopa mucuna which really helps alot with desire.

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do you mean mucuna pruriens bean @Trini_youth ? or l-dopa the prescription drug? i thought about buying it too


What is resistance training exactly?


@cooper :wink:

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Now Foods
Dopa Mucuna, and contains mucuna pruriens


so just supplements ? no prescription drug ? @Trini_youth