Rb26dett Story with 5-HTP

Protodioscin is the main saponin in the tribulus terrestris.

protodioscin achieves this primarily through causing an increase in androgen receptor immunoreacivity, meaning it increases the concentration of androgen receptors in cells, causing the organism to become more sensitive to androgens like testosterone and DHT.

This mean that when i took tribulus, i increased immunoreacivity to androgen, so my immune system started to fight my androgens.

The theory about PFS like autoimmune disiese is not BS.

This would also explain why when I tried testosterone gel, I had a steady further deterioration.


Mate I’m so sorry what you’re going through, I saw a neurologist a few weeks ago he was dismissive at best been cc’d in to the letter back to the referring doc today. Basically it summarises everything as physcological despite me advising I’m suffering from what you’ve pointed out above. I provided physical evidence of dramatic changes and showed him photographs from less than 3 years ago. This is what we’re up against. Id suggest taking scientific papers to carry weight for any future appointments. I’ve now set the ball rolling in making a complaint against the NHS for their continued door shutting. An advocate has been assigned. I cannot take this lying down were all suffering from medical neglect and need to make a stand against the closed establishment. sorry @Rb26dett i didn’t mean to comodere your post but needed to get this off my chest


So sorry about your symptoms man, this is a rough list. Although I also have many of these myself, yours is really devastating. My list is also long but I could live with the most at this point but slow gut motility/constipation is really killing me. My hormone profile is low all so I’m gonna go with TRT + HCG and see what happens. If I go worse, then I go worse.

Have you find anything that helps your constipation?

the following is a personal opinion

@LazarusRy, My brother, it seems absurd to me that after decades of this syndrome no one has tried to finance studies oriented towards an autoimmune theory, which apparently would be the most logical. I suspect that someone is deliberately focusing research on some inconclusive aspects, only to receive more and more funding. It’s shabby, but someone profits from our suffering.

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No, I haven’t defecated in a week

@Rb26dett nothing short of criminal what is happening to us. The suffering is beyond what most people would comprehend. The immune system is a big part of this I have no doubt. It’s like self cannabilism of the body, the organs and the brain. Nothing is left untouched/unattached. Being this I’ll we should develop colds etc but nothing so it confirms to me that the immune system is malfunctioning. Try to stay strong my friend

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Do you also feel better in the evening? My symptoms are better in the evening My mood becomes better.

Yes, during the evening I feel a bit better

Why do you think we are better in the evening? Is it something with hormones?

I have not idea…

Because testosterone declines during the day and is lowest in the evenings…same for me, I see my testicles and penis always looking much healthier than in the mornings, when T levels peak…

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How you worsened your situation?

U are correct. Maybe in mornings our receptors are way too much sensitized and as the day goes on, the androgen declines and receptors may lose some sensitivity. Our androgen receptors are fucked and a complete restart of receptors is needed. Is anybody doing any research on receptors??


Do you think the receptor sensitivity is fluctuating?

Mine certainly do. Lots of factors hormone levels, what I’ve eaten, what I’ve done physically all come into play

insane what we suffer from, pure living hell man


Yes mate its absolute hell. Every second of every day. Don’t know how we do it.

and its hard to cope with this complete lock down by covid. Cant go to gym, nor to drink with friends on a weekend. Only stayin home and see my balls leftover muscles slowly disappearing … Sorry Rb26dett dont wanna hijack your thread

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If u look at this theory carefully, we classic pfs sufferers feel very bad when we are encountered with very high levels of androgens. Whenever i exersice with heavy weights, i feel little bit good for few hrs and after that in next morning, i feel way way worse, this wasn’t the case before pfs. Some scientists should read and try to understand this above theory of how did @pal recover from overloading his body with dht. What was the actual mechanism behind it. I don’t think our cure is that tough, it’s just that no one is willing to take us seriously. Protocols like these must be tried on rat models.

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I don’t believe in @pal story.
You are too gullible and naive.
That guy is clearly a member who joined the forum with a VPN and made up this story to get the naïve to test his theory. It doesn’t take long to figure it out.