Rb26dett Story with 5-HTP

I didn’t say we should believe him or not… why am i gullible! I am never going to do this protocol. I Just wanted these types of protocols to be performed by scientists in rat models and see whether there is some sort of mechanism where androgen receptors gets resensitized again. It’s obvious no one should try such protocols without knowing its mechanism, but these types of theories can be helpful to scientists for finding some cures for us.

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interestingly im not sure if im worse after weight lifting. what i can say, 1-2h feeling more fresh after, but severe fatigue (which i have since pfs) returns with vengance after

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I can relate.

Today is the third day of water fasting. As I expected, I have no improvement, on the contrary, the dryness of my skin has increased and also the weakness. The mind seems even more clouded. This confirms the theory that all these crazy attempts to improve can only work on mild cases, for severe cases there is nothing feasible. Douglasmich was right. He was one of the smartest people who ever wrote on this forum. I would like to be religious, at least I would have believed that he is in a better place …

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@Rb26dett well done it’s not easy you might get an improvement anytime soon. Don’t give up mate you’ve come this far how long are you planning to fast?

I think I’ll eat something tonight, because otherwise I risk fainting. I feel weaker and weaker. I’ve gotten drastically worse in the past few days. I believe my damage is irreversible. Maybe only chemotherapy and then stem cells could help me

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I’m so sorry to hear that. A few of us are on the brink. Its a horrific situation. I fasted for a few days weeks ago and felt faint, dizzy, weak, headaches and nausea etc. However I ate a lot when
I gave up.
I felt slightly better for a couple of days. Hopefully u get s bit of a lift

I’m pretty sure that my situation is an autoimmune disiese. Now, read this

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I’ve seen this before. One or two believe chemo would help us and im in agreement unfortunately we’ll never get our hands on it. Some may think it’s madness but when your at the point of complete and utter desperation!!!

After the fasting period, I started eating only in a paleo way, so meat, vegetables, potatoes and fruit, excluding pasta, bread, sugar, gluten, eggs, legumes … Unfortunately I don’t get better. I keep getting worse. Now I can no longer recognize my room, I feel disoriented, I do not recognize myself in the mirror. It’s terrible. Apparently, the diet only works in milder cases. Also I have very severe pain in my knees and tighs, I feel like my legs are going to break at any moment, due to the weight they are holding.

Why is all this happening to me? I don’t want to die.

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Jeez @Rb26dett this is horrendous it really is. I don’t know what to suggest sometimes it’s been a day or two after fasting to feel a slight improvement for me. Hang In there lots of water :heartbeat:

I think joking around with fasting and dieting messed up my situation further. I feel terrible, I can’t get out of bed, I can’t organize my thoughts. It seems to be just a spirit, as if you are not in the world. I can’t talk to anyone. Talking makes my headache worse.

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@Rb26dett sorry to hear this. I hope things lift a bit for you soon. I’m sorry I have no advice or suggestions other than to wait it out, time always seems to be the only answer which will bring round a degree of stability. Hang in there mate it will return even though it’s shitty at best

Unfortunately I continue to get worse, now I find it hard to even read the threads on the forum, they must also help me write this post.
I tried other neurological visits, but I just wasted my last money.
I think it doesn’t take long before I lose track of who I am and who surrounds me. This disease has completely devastated me. I’ll try to hold on, but the brain damage is unfortunately irreversible, I’ve never had a better day than the last.

I continue to pray for you, especially for @Tzinkman .

The world is a beautiful place, but inhabited by horrible people.

Hugs to all.


Please, stay away from hormones manipulation, it isn’t the right way, is very dangerous.


Keep your faith @Rb26dett :heartbeat:

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Read this @Rb26dett don’t give up just yet

Hey I hope things may have improved for you.

That info you posted on Protodioscin is really really interesting and answers my question on how Tribulus has messed me up further.
Granted I only took two capules but it was lethal enough to cause some carnage.

Reading your post 100% backs up my belief that I am suffering from an autoimmune related issue/condition

Before Tribulus I could and was taking both Vitamin D and Boron both of which stimulate androgens but now if I try take them I get a dreadful inflammatory response, my immune system treats them as invaders.

For example taking Boron for five days resulted in me doing chiro for my spine for six weeks. Thankfully recovered from the spinal and neck pain. And that was just 3mg daily

In three weeks I have an appointment with an endocrinologist here in Ireland who acknowledges PFS and I am going to put the autoimmune angle to him and show him the Protodioscin info in your post.

I’m back to bring some updates, also because I’ve read in the mail that more than one person has been worried about me and I’m infinitely grateful for their interest.
I no longer log into the forums because my condition is so terrible that I no longer know if mine is PFS/PSSD or it has turned into something else.

Unfortunately my condition has worsened.
To date, I weigh just over 51kg and are 1.7m tall. Before the disturbance I weighed 63kg.
Still struggling with muscolar atrophy and joint pain, even my tendons and ligaments hurts. I’m very skinny, but I still regularly eat way more calories than I can actually consume. I try to take at least 5000 steps a day and get regular sunlight. I keep busy, as much as possible, as I struggle with dementia. I continue to struggle, but it seems more and more useless.
I feel desperate because, despite everything, those around me don’t realize anything, they just tell me to eat more because I’m losing weight and that I’m too stoned; or to sleep more because I have ‘certain dark circles’, or, even worse, that I can see that I’ve reached 30, because I’m getting old all of a sudden.
My family knows it, but plays it down, almost as if to turn away.

I read about @Grey_baron and I’m so sad. He were suffering like me. Hope he doesn’t suffer anymore.

I live aware that it’s only a matter of time before it’s my turn too.

Love you guys.

Stay strong.


It’s maddening when they say that because as a fifty something who recreated with 70 somethings I can say the advanced aging symptoms brought on by PFS are things that active and fit people don’t see until their 80s or beyond. 30 isn’t an age where you should see any musculoskeletal degeneration.