Looking for help with my case on a receptor/autoimmune angle I'm trying to figure out

I am one of the many on here who made my situation far worse by taking supplements.

I am trying to establish what Tribulus did to me and if I can fix it. I think it is an autoimmune issue or possibly over expressed receptor.

Before Tribulus I could take Vitamin D and Boron with no issues, both stimulants, the former boosts testosterone and latter DHT

Last year I took two Tribulus with high protodioscin content and a Pandoras box opened.

I now get an inflammatory response after three days if I take either vit D or Boron.
Stiff neck, knee pain, spine pain, fingers cramp.

Below I have linked a post which suggests Protodioscin can increase in androgen receptor immunoreacivity

The question I have is, is my receptor now over expressed causing the problem or am I getting an abnormal response from my immune system and can I fix it?

Here is the link from another poster

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Just too add, the dose of vitamin D supplement would be around 400-1000 units daily and be either tablets,drops or cream all of which I had no issues with before Tribulus

Now in the summer especially on holidays I would be getting multiple times more units of vitamin D from the sun or sunbeds with no problems so could it be the sun UV is a natural immunosuppressant and therefore may suggest Tribulus has triggered an autoimmune condition in me?

I really don’t want to rely on the sun or sunbeds for vitamin D as my uptake from food is quite poor.

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