Rb26dett Story with 5-HTP

If there is one thing I have learned from this syndrome it is that there is never a limit to the worst.

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There’s a problem were people giving advice are not well themselves but somehow feel okay whit dispensing advice…

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Mu friend, trust me, PAL is just a troll that want someone try his crazy theory.

I already used Proviron. And im going to try pals protocol if my second long cycle won’t work.
@Rb26dett He may or not. But his theory makes sense to me.


Do you have any digestive symptoms? I have digestive symptoms and when they are bad my neuro sides are bad. Sleep deteriorates, inflammation goes up, skin gets bad, zero emotions, zero drive. I’ve tried everything too, nothing works. Sorry to hear you’re not doing well. I recently returned from a warm vacation away where I soaked up a lot of sun and relaxed. It helped a lot with almost every symptom. I know that isnt attainable for everyone but if you can I suggest getting away for some rr.

Just checking in, how are you doing bro? All of this sounds terrible.

Oh man, I’m still in the hell…
All symptoms are worsening. I can’t understand why. If I try any protocol, I don’t see improvements.
I tried fasting for a week, I passed out and I gone to the er.
I tried Keto diet for 1,5 months, but didn’t work.
I tried to go vegan for almost a month, but I felt worse.

I’d like to see your SHBG and ultra sensitive estrogen but You need testosterone! Your free T is shit. Gel doesn’t work for 30% of people and it’s certainly not going to get your free T to double. There are injections. Most people inject once a week. I inject smaller doses every other day to keep my estrogen down. If you go the injection route stay away from anti estrogens. There is no scientific evidence that you need it. Most who fail in TRT take the Gel, pellets, or inject along with aromasin or HCG or take too noche or too little or frankly just don’t give it long enough to work. It takes 3-4 months just to begin seeing changes and it can take a year to figure out your dose. Now days you can just inject into your belly fat like insulin with tiny needles. People spend years here cramming vitamins and herbs and potions into their mouth but they don’t do shit. There is anecdotal evidence that one or 2 people fixed themselves taking Herbs and pills but There is no scientific evidence except some man posting on a forum that he took some herbs and feels better … that’s insane science. There are thousands of stories of people without PFS who have fixed their lives on TRT with similar blood tests as yours. Either get your doc to prescribe injections or join one of the many online clinics that will mail order you testosterone legally. It’s pretty simple and $100 a month. I get mine shipped every 2 months.

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That’s all good advices my friend. I do agree all whit the exception testosterone is made for Intramuscular injection and not Subq.

My facial subcutaneous tissue loss has gotten to the point where I can no longer hold my face against the pillow, as it feels like the facial bone is about to pierce the skin. Also, the bones in my face hurt from the inside. Certainly the loss of bone density did not stop. The absurd thing is that doctors keep denying that I’m sick.

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@Rb26dett I have the same it feels like im lying on concrete. My eye sockets and cheeks bones are always painful, yours too?

Yes, is the same for me

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Our ER are gone…

Estrogen receptors? Getting headaches and seering eye pain too?

Yes, costantly

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It’s unbelievable what a few of us are being subjected too

My course of the disease has made me understand a few things about this syndrome. About 10 months after my first antidepressant incident, I had a much more serious second incident on tribulus terrestris. Since then, my decline began progressively, without ever stopping. Today, I have a lot of physical sides that I never had in the first 10 months (penis shape change, shrinkage, dry skin, very fast aging, insane hair loss), but what is arguably more disabling is the neurological damage. . I say “damage” because now, after a year and a half, I have never had a moment of improvement, just keep getting worse. So I learned one thing, reading the experiences of different members on the various forums: there are two types of forms of the syndrome, the first has a stronger onset, with physical, sexual, neurological and psychiatric symptoms all together, but which begins to improve / stabilize over time, the second begins with less violence, but the worsening is progressive, it does not stop and any effort you make could only make things worse (exercise, supplements, herbs, diets). Unfortunately, in the second case there is nothing that can be done and one is doomed to suffer more and more. He was in this state douglasmich, Konflict, Demon, AnhedonicApe … Unfortunately I am too. I’ve always wondered why these brilliant kids didn’t leave a letter before they left forever, then, living their situation, I understood it: you get to such a level of despair that you can’t think of anything, not even greet others. Guys, stay away from drugs and supplements, self-medication can only lead to drastically worsening. Respect your body and try to wait at least 18 months before poisoning yourself with other substances. I love you.

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@Rb26dett hang on in there mate. I’m also in this very unfortunate group. Every day brings renewed suffering however some have recovered even years after cessation and its not clear which group they belonged too. Time seems to be the best healer. That’s what keeps me going. Stick it out for a bit longer, you’ve come this far and try to believe you will get better continued deteriation just breaks ones spirit etc but imagine what we’d be like coming out the other side. We’d feel superhuman and wouldn’t even blink at what Joe average complains about. Keep hope. I look to God for help, believing brings some calm at times. It’s what we have left, but it’s the most powerful. Give it a try it’s good for the soul. None of us deserve this inhumane suffering. Don’t allow those criminals in Merck to have another victory. Looking over you’re older posts I can also relate with the abandonment from those around you, we’ve been stripped of our identity and who we once we’re. You’re not alone in this there are others in the same boat. You haven’t come this far for no reason. Take :heartbeat:


After more than 18 months since I tried tribulus, for three weeks, the worsening has never passed, in fact, it has only gotten worse. Below, I will list my symptoms after tribulus terrestris 98% saponins:

. Sudden change in the consistency of the muscles, they have become more deflated and soft, they are also always cold and blood circulation is absent, even after training
. Loss of joint lubrication, resulting in crunches with every movement and pain
. Complete loss of sebaceous production, my skin (always tending to be oily) has become very dry, with even spots where it flakes
. Sebaceous loss on the scalp, even if you did not wash your hair for a week, it would not get dirty
. Extremely dry and dull hair, which breaks, falls out, flakes, in some places it has lost color
. Abnormal hair loss, as if in one year I had lost the hair that I should have lost in 15 years. To date I have a receding hairline and I gained over 2cm in front
. Change in beard growth that grows much slower and is much sparser and full of patches, and has also changed in texture
. Changes in body hair growth, they grow slowly, but strangely they are thicker
. Loss of subcutaneous tissue, the skin has become thin as a sheet, even more transparent, moreover it is as if there was no longer the adipose layer that separates it from the bone
. Pain spread throughout the body, even if only to the touch, it is enough for someone to lean on me, to feel pain, almost as if it were tearing me, sometimes even holding the face on the pillow, it seems to have it on a concrete block
. Change in physical constitution, before I had shoulders wider than the pelvis, now it’s the other way around, it’s absurd, but I can guarantee it
. Constipation
. Change in the consistency of the penis, with loss of tissue in the corpora cavernosa, change in shape and widespread pain
. Constant weakness and fatigue, even walking the dog, could knock me out.
. Change in body odor, I have lost my smell, I sweat very little and in the morning my skin is increasingly dry

Surely I have omitted some symptoms, but cognitively I am a disaster, therefore I will also pass to the list of neurological / cognitive symptoms, the ones that are making it impossible for me to even live in the home:

. Reduction of depression and negative thoughts, in fact, despite being cognitively worsening, negative thoughts have decreased compared to when I was physically better
. Reduction of anxiety, also, although it is getting worse, tends to be lower and lower, sometimes absent
. Anhedonia, unfortunately I can no longer listen to music or enjoy it, it is horrible, none of the activities that I found satisfying (driving, video games, TV series, mechanics, music) affects me
. Extreme visual processing problems, it is as if the brain cannot process the information coming from the eyes in time, making everything difficult to do, especially actions such as driving or walking near obstacles
. Extremely altered memory, sometimes I don’t recognize familiar people anymore, like my mother or my brothers, it’s an absurd feeling to explain, but I’ll try. It is as if I know who I am, I know that I love them, but looking at them, they do not seem familiar to me, as if I were seeing them for the first time and even on an emotional level I feel nothing, I can’t wait for the moment to end, because it is devastated
. Difficulty, sometimes inability to follow a movie or play a video game
. Difficulty coordinating the movements of the hands and tongue, which are stiff and painful, especially the index fingers
. Hand tremor when resting, even if I am relaxed
. Tremors of the muscles, especially when lying down and mainly in the lateral thigh muscle
. Problems in swallowing food
. Widespread numbness of some parts of the body, for example half face or side, which last a few days and then return
. Dots that move in front of your eyes, as if you were looking at the world from a glass during the rain
. I often find it difficult to perceive the depth of things, it happened to me more than once to hit the car for this
. Sometimes my vision is doubled, while I look at the phone and hold it with two hands, for example, it is as if one hand were further away from the other
. Impossibility and I mean IMPOSSIBILITY to remember how I am dressed or combed. Even at this moment. I cannot mentally process the surrounding space. It is extremely difficult to explain this symptom, but it is equally difficult to bear
. I easily lose my bearings, even in familiar places, such as my neighborhood, to the point that I find it difficult to work out the path to get home
. Total insensitivity to alcohol and benzodiazepines, even in higher doses, would have no effect, only worsening fatigue

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When you complain about not having a decent erection, think about what risks you run when you play experimenting with substances in your body. You have no idea how bad it can get. I tell you this to invite you to enjoy life and the moments that come, because, even if it seems impossible, life is beautiful even without sex … If only I had realized it before …

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