Rb26dett Story with 5-HTP

I think the problem’s root ain’t tribulus or any other supplement , the root is the drug which triggered your condition , in a PFS person some supplements may make the situation worse but they’re not the cause , i crashed on zinc 8months into PFS and it made things worse for me too @Rb26dett

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I’m a mechanic. I love my job, but I forgot a lot of things about the work. I can’t work anymore.
Before tribulus I was still able to work.
I can’t understand.
I want my brain back.
I don’t care about orgasm, at the moment.
I just want be able to work.

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Which brand of tribulus did you take ? things will be back to normal for you , try to do an intermittent fasting to boost your recovery , many users on here were cured from their neuro-sympthoms through fasting @Rb26dett

Tribulus does no more damage than SSRI. You are simply too much damaged, so your body is sensitive/paradox to such substances. Tribulus actually gave me a good time in terms of libido and well being, but I could swear that it made me feel worse after I stopped. My baseline regarding libido was not good as before, maybe it was also the Ginkgo (5HT1 agonist), I took them together.

It would be enough for me to go back to my pre-tribulus level and take my life back into my hands. Now, however, I am completely disabled.l

I think you should consider water fasting , it has helped many people on the physical/mental sides of things @Rb26dett

I already tried it. Doesen’t help.

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You need to try something , did you read the thread i started about the hcg protocol ? check this

I don’t believe that HCG can help someone with real syndrome. Maybe it is dangerous. If someone has just low T, it works, but in our situation, you just risk to worse the situation (like me with tribulus).

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The user has been suffering from pfs for years like us , he thinks that a long cycle of HCG alone help the body and the endocrine system to rebalance it slef

We haven’t a problem on the endocrine system.

Do you think ? the drugs we’ve crashed on all have an impact on the endocrine system , fina , saw palmato , accutane all are 5ar inhibitor , they block dht and the damage/dysfunction start from there , i don’t believe in the genes damage thing , if it was the case then no pfs user would’ve ever recovered , we’ve seen people improving just by taking herbs

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5-ari just start the immune response. Is a trigger, not the cause.

I know it’s the trigger but what do you think the problem is ? do you believe in the genes damage thing ? personnaly i don’t

You don’t want to believe it, but you really fear it. Unfortunately, the theory of genetic damage is much more plausible than that of the endocrine disorder. I have a transsexual friend who told me about his process during hormone medications and confirmed that although he suffered, he didn’t come close to our level of suffering. I think ours is a multifactorial disorder, with an autoimmune matrix. Almost as if my body were attacking all kinds of androgenic activities. Every time my testosterone levels increase, I get worse. Tribulus (which has done me more damage than antidepressants) contains protodioscin, the latter increases the autoimmune response of the androgen receptor. I have never taken 5-ari and yet they are one of the most serious cases.

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I don’t fear it because i believe that whatever the cause is it’s still reversible (since many people have recovered or improved ) , i think transexuals’s case is very different to ours and we can’t draw any comparison , they took pure hormonal stuff whilst we took powerful drugs who crosse the brain-blood barrier , i believe that our issue is down to a neuro-androgenic disorder , hence why many people respond positively to differents herbs and hormon therapies , also i think that the condition didn’t affect us all in the same manner that’s why we respond differently to differents things

Ey @Rb26dett I saw this video an immediately thought about you lol (no homo) check it out
That guy had a free test of like 30 pg/ml. Very similar to your 45pg/ml. And got way better whit androgen therapy.
Keep those theories of androgen insensitivity out of your mind, spread it by some users that dont know any better, they have done nothing but poisoned peoples mind, making people develop fears and believes about certain things that keep them from doing what actually would work.
Everyone wants to inject T once and be cured, you rarely see people on a constant T protocol for 2 or 3 months before changing and quitting. In order to work takes months before you notice positive changes. Reconsider androgen therapy again man.
Best ot luck

That’s a good message. I wish i got pfs at this age. 21. What about me who took accutane at the age of 16? I can still recover but i won’t get my potential penile and body development ever again. Accutane damaged my penile development, i never got that strong erections since 16. Even if i recover, deep inside, i will know that i would probably have much more bigger penis and much better physical shape… So, my problems won’t end even if i recover fully. Im fucked up on all fronts.

I’ve already done androgenic therapy. It made me worse.

TRT is really bad in all aspects but low doses HCG may be beneficial for you , you can try joekool’s protocol , you’ve got nothing to lose @Rb26dett

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