Propeciahelp site news and feedback thread


I cleared out my cache and now my “F” block is red.

Also, discussions which I have read are no longer showing up as unread.

Thanks for your help.
BTW, I am using Chrome on an Android phone.

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Hi all,

Patients have repeatedly asked for stricter moderation around therapeutic discussions, as unfortunately self-medication has repeatedly caused significant harm to some members. However, it’s important for patients to be able to report their experiences, both positive and negative.

Starting soon, staff notices will be added above threads or (in some cases) posts that contain therapeutic discussions and member thoughts that are within the rules but the moderators feel require feel an additional note of caution. This could be due to theories, or that a discussion surrounds or involves substances that other patients have reported a substantial worsening of their condition after taking. You can see this notice above this post.

This is simply intended as a word of caution in the hope of keeping patients as safe as possible and easing the burden on the staff, so please don’t take offense if your post is labelled. This is a matter of policy and I’ve asked the moderators to use this frequently.

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Hi guys,

Given our increasing workload, I’m pleased to say @Sugarhouse is now on the moderating team. Please join me in thanking him for his time and commitment. He is a long term member and previously his username was msab1990, however I asked him to change it to something that’s a word or a name given he’s joining the site staff.




Another “house” username :smiley:

Thank you @Sugarhouse

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It’s great to meet you all, officially, and contribute to making a difference. I’m a great admirer of all the work you’ve all done so far and keen to help however possible.

Let me get up to speed on the mod guide, the chat and put together a few thoughts on how I can help.

It’s amazing how far this place has come.


Hi all,

As participation and demand for the site continues to increase, we now request that you post a member story after joining so the community can better understand your personal situation, symptoms, and reasons for participation.




@awor @axolotl
Would it be possible to add a block user option to the forum? Currently we only have ‘ignore member’ for a temporary amount of time but that does not actually hide unwanted member threads or posts, just puts a placeholder message in their place.

I am not aware of any such feature.

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Hey all,

Just to let you know @SkinDiesel has joined the site volunteer staff to help out with internal projects and community management. If you need help or have an issue he is now an additional point of contact.



Users which are still using Internet Explorer 11: Please note that our platform will no longer support IE11 after June 1 2020.

Our software relies on current, evolving web standards as it is developed. Microsoft is no longer updating IE11 to support modern web standards, they are only providing security updates and support.

Good alternatives are Chrome and Firefox, and to a lesser degree Edge.

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I’ve been lurking on this site for a few months. I’m a 67-year old woman who took prozac in the late 80s to help me through a time when I was dealing with chronic childhood sexual abuse. After stopping the prozac I started suffering severe sexual dysfunction, and was not able to find support for many years.

I’m wondering if there are other women on the site and how I would reach out to them. I’m not experienced in navigating social websites, so if the answer to my question is obvious please forgive me.


Hello @RubyTuesday,

I am sorry to hear you have been going through this awful experience, you are certainly not alone in this. There are several other PSSD sufferers on this site whom are experiencing similar adverse effects after stopping prozac or other similar drugs, who I’m sure can identify with what you have described.
I have sent you a personal message detailing a few instructions that we have for all new users, if you would be so kind to follow those, that would be great.

Thank you for reaching out to us, and welcome.

Nice username! Ruby Tuesday was the name of 1 of my favorite restaurants when I was young. Is that restaurant why you chose the username?

A list of links of usernames and stories of other women as you requested, and the drug/supplement they took in parenthesis. This list is not necessarily complete. There might be and probably are more.

@Lady86 Hi, I'm a Woman (saw palmetto)
@Seekhelp22 Same story as you, even as a woman (finasteride)
@Tsu_Maranai The risk I took wasn't calculated... | My deterioration in progress (multiple)
@Thunder Thirty Years of Misery from Lupron (lupron)
@Knifli Knifli introduction (antidepressant-sertraline)
@sckylie Post Accutane damaged (accutane)
@Maria Maria's story! As I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I take a look at my life and realize there's not much left (accutane)

None were brought here by prozac though. Some have been inactive for awhile and are unlikely to respond.

Hope this pleased you and hope you make new friends, especially hoping you find symptom relief.


I’d guess the name is a reference to the 1967 Rolling Stones song. The lyrics are fitting, I think.

Ha, that was my thought, too. That song is one or even two generations before many here were born! Jim

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Thank you so much Taw. To answer your question – I never heard of the restaurant. Ruby Tuesday was an old song by the Rolling Stones.

I appreciate the links you sent me; I’ll take a look.

On the bright side, my symptoms have slowly improved over the past 30 years, but they are still a bit of an issue. I look forward to learning more here.

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Thank you so much. I will read the instructions you’ve sent.

Extras at your service.

@Gavia Escitalopram induced severe PSSD (escitalopram)

@Pittielady Post-Drug Syndrome Survey FAQ. Survey NOW LIVE - Please Participate (unspecified)

@Sopgirl Sopgirl introduction- PSSD from sertraline (sertraline)

@Ella95 Brain Fog From Just 1 Pill (unspecified)

@Marlena454 Lupron Victims please participate in survey (lupron)

@sara Pssd Story sara (multiple)


Note: This only includes those who have completed the post drug syndrome survey. Most members have not done this. Everything is under-reported.


did u have muscle loss? this sympston stopped in 30 years?

Thank you so much. I will check these out.