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No research results are shown. What’s the problem?


Can you describe what you are doing?
What search term are you using?
Since when is it not working anymore?
What browser/os are you using?
What is the result?
Perhaps provide a screenshot?

We are not having a generalized problem regarding search, it is working perfectly for myself and others I know of. Did you try clearing your cache?


The same goes for me but i found a work around on my chrome app on Android, if you search any term it will say no results, but just refresh the page and it shows results.


Hmm, is anybody else experiencing a problem with search? @Devolution and @noprop, can you please answer each of the questions above?
To be on the safe side, I updated our software stack to the latest version, just in case we’ll need support. It is the problem still persisting?

Edit: Ok, I think I see that there was a problem with multi-word search, while single word works fine. I temporarily corrected, please let me know if search works for you now.

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All fixed for me now @awor thank you :grinning:


Had also the problem with no search results, fixed now.


There is still no donation banner on this forum. Are you guys still working on that or not? I think its a strategic mistake not to present the rational alternative to throwing money down highly speculative rabbit holes (the alternative is funding the foundation of course).

RE my 23 and me results. I am currently spending every penny on a new company I am building. As soon as more cash becomes available I will do the test. Currently donating monthly to the foundation through paypal though.


We will be putting more focus on calling for donations once Baylor comes out. I am hopeful that this study will be quite revealing, and provide a better direction for next steps. Unfortunately, the current funding opportunities are not much more than rabbit holes either. I am not a believer of doing things just for the sake of doing “something”, but rather of doing the right thing at the right time - specially given that our financial resources are very limited. I am confident that we will have a clearer picture of what the next steps should be in the foreseeable future. At that time you can rest assured that @axolotl and myself will voice our clear opinions and do what needs to be done to encourage funding of studies that make sense.


Well setting up a monthly donation comes with the expectation that the foundation only funds worthwhile projects. So I dont see how the current lack of worthwhile projects has anything to do with my request to encourage donations through a banner on the forum.


In preparation for the upcoming survey launch, we need to perform an upgrade of our database server. The upgrade will be performed this weekend (Nov 24/25) and will result in a longer downtime of the main website and helpdesk system.

The forum will not be affected and will remain online under the direct url


you mean November? hahaha


Looks like it was fixed :slight_smile:


brain fog :roll_eyes:

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The upgrade and all maintenance work is complete. Site operation should be normal again.


Hey Stupid question - but is there an easy way to find someones member story? Or do i need to search through all his/her activity?



At the moment you unfortunately have to search for it. Use search term for “PLEASE FILL IN THE FOLLOWING TEMPLATE” and then select member stories category and person you’re looking for in “Posted by” on the Advanced Search pane on the right. We’ve got plans to improve this, but have other high prio tasks we need to finish first.


For some reason mails are currently not going through to Hotmail/ accounts. If you would like to receive email alerts from us (for new private messages, etc.), please add the following email adress to your contacts:

How to do this:

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3
Add the following email address to your contacts:

Click “Create” and you’re done. You will now receive our emails again. I hope Microsoft will resolve this soon.


Hey guys

Please see the following post announcing the new Coping and Connecting categories, along with the new integrated map feature:


Hey Axo!

Could you inform the forum in any way of how many unique members have created accounts on here? I think it’s important data, but it’s really hard to estimate because there are many lurkers and nonposters, or people that have stopped posting.


Hey, sure. There are nearly 5000 registered, including posters who are currently inactive for varying reasons. Propeciahelp has been in existence for over a decade now, and with prescription of these drugs increasing, unfortunately it’s needed more than ever.

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